Allez, Randy!


Greetings from the finish of Stage 7 here at the 2009 Tour de France from the small, picturesque country of Andorra. We?ve had a great time chasing the Tour since we left Monaco a week ago, and you can follow along all the way to Paris at, but that?s not the point of the story I?d like to tell you today.

My travelling companion is my good friend Randy Day. We met three years ago through Team LIVESTRONG as he joined us to ride across Iowa at RAGBRAI and spread the word about the LIVESTRONG mission, just like another 100 or so folks are getting ready to do again this year. Randy, a veteran of 15 RAGBRAI?s, has also raised over $6500 for the fight against cancer, and it?s a fight he takes very personally.

We spent the day yesterday high up on the final climb on a mountain called Andorre Arcalis. It?s cycling tradition to paint or chalk messages on the road to help inspire your favorite rider. ?Go Armstrong!? or ?Allez, Contador? for example. But Randy took it a step further, as you can see in the video below?

Last night at dinner I couldn?t help but note just how emotional the experience had been for him and asked why. ?Six year ago I had no idea who Lance Armstrong was. But then I found a lump on my neck, went to get it checked out, and was soon diagnosed with advanced lymphoma,? he said. ?My doctor suggested I read Lance?s book ?It?s Not About the Bike? and being a recreational cyclist I also started watching the Tour de France.? He went on to say that the book inspired him to fight his disease ? originally thought to be incurable ? and that Lance?s performance in the mountains showed him the fire that a cancer survivor could produce no matter what the odds.

Randy never expected to one day actually be on the same mountain at the same time Lance was once again racing, and this time Lance?s doing it to spread the word about making cancer a global priority and on behalf of the 28 million cancer survivors around the world, including Randy.

?I wanted to leave a little of the LIVESTRONG message here on the mountain for friends of mine in Iowa who couldn?t be here because of this damn disease, especially for Vern, who?s entering hospice. He?s just 45?? Randy said, tears forming in his eyes.

It was a special time on the mountain yesterday, Lance showed everyone he?s still among the top cyclists in the world and Randy got a chance to give a little something back to the man who inspired him to fight on behalf of some very special cancer survivors ? LIVESTRONG!

PS ? and today is Randy?s 57th birthday ? Allez, Allez, Allez, Randy!


  1. Phillip Kelley says:

    Dear Lance,
    What an inspiration watching you ride with the kids and shareing you message to the world. Your our true team leader well past Paris. LIVESTRONG and God Bless.
    Viva la Lance.


  2. Clayton Leonard says:

    Keep going strong. In memory of Jack Hlot

  3. Sissel says:

    Keep going & Livestrong! The book “It’s not about the bike” is a true inspiration & this is what “you need” when fighting cancer – knowing that someone has actually fought and survived.
    I would also like to recommend the “Livestrong – Inspirational stories from cancer survivors – from diagonisis and beyond”.

  4. Mirella says:

    Whether or not you wear yellow in Paris, watching you ride sharing the Livestrong message is a true inspiration. In the first place for the many many people fighting cancer at this time, for the cancer survivors. But also for those with loved ones who unfortunately have lost the battle. There’s a clear message of hope and encouragement to all of us. THANKS!! And Lance, YES you can!!

  5. suzanne reece says:

    Dear Lance Armstrong – It’s beautiful day in Denver. I’m so glad you’re pacing yourself. That’s what counts. rockies played today at Coors Field and won in the bottom of the 9th inning. You will win too – it’s all about the final lap that counts. Be well and bike hard. You deserve it! Suzanne R.

  6. Derek Cavens says:

    Big Bad John Hartson
    Hi guys I hope I’m posting this in the right place…having been a massive fan of Lance since I first saw him in the Tour, and having cried my eyes out with sadness and admiration through both books. I support the Scottish football (soccer ha!) Celtic, and yesterday I saw the awful news that one of our ex players John had testicular cancer and it’s metastased to his brain, oh man. The first thing I thought of was Livestrong and Lance’s battle. Feeling helpless , I watched the video update from Lance on the rest day, I’d love it if you could let Lance know and ask him to pass a message to a fellow sporting gladiator. To have played for Celtic is to be part of a worldwide family and we’re all praying for John.
    Lance Armstrong, you are the greatest sportsman who ever lived, and this Tour de France BELONGS TO YOU AND LIVESTRONG!

  7. Jane Balster says:

    Thanks Randy Day for cheering for Vern….we are all fighting for my brother on this one. He will love seeing his name on the Tour de France road!

  8. Glenda says:

    Dear Lance, you make us in South Africa proud go can do it again, and enjoy every minute 🙂

  9. Victory Peterson says:

    Hi, Randy. A bunch of our co-worker folk crowded around my computer monitor to watch you deface a street in France! We miss you and are so delighted you are on this trip. You’re the best!!!

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