Adios, Cancer. Hola San Jose!


With less than 2 days before the Challenge gets underway, you can feel the excitement in the air. It is almost hard to believe that the weekend is finally here. This Sunday the LIVESTRONG Challenge will be coming back to San Jose for the second time to tell cancer just what how feel. We will have over 3,100 participants walking, running and riding and most importantly fighting to beat cancer.


Game on, cancer!

The LIVESTRONG Challenge is an opportunity for everyone to pick a fight with cancer, to take a stand. We offer a 5K run/walk as well as a series of bike rides which includes lengths of 10, 45, 65, and 100 miles. We also have volunteer opportunities in case you or someone you know would like to get involved but cannot participate. On Sunday, we will have our Post-Event Party where there will be food, beverages, music and entertainment, a Kid?s Zone, and Awards Presentations. All of this so that you have the chance to tell cancer exactly what?s on your mind.

As the last minute details are being put in place and donations are still coming in, I can?t help but think of what amazing participants we have. Over the past couple of months, I have had the esteemed privilege to get know some of ya?ll. Participants like Julie Westcott, who after recently being diagnosed for the 3rd time will be lacing up her shoes to tell cancer to suck it. Or Team E-Radicate who will be riding in honor of their dear friend Eric, who after being diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year has taught them how now to ?sweat the small stuff.? Even participants like Cristin and Melissa Sohm who will be riding in memory of Cristin?s father and Meilssa ?s grandfather who loved to tell jokes, but always messed up the punch line because he was laughing too hard. It is stories like these that make the Challenge such an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind event!

So, if you?re in the area, stop by the LIVESTRONG Village at the Center for Performing Arts this Saturday from 9-5 to register as a participant or volunteer for this year?s LIVESTRONG Challenge San Jose. I look forward to seeing everyone get their yellow rose!


  1. BRING. IT. ON. I’m ready to kick cancer to the curb on Sunday! LIVESTRONG!

  2. Bill Tyson says:

    Julie…good luck on your run this Sunday.

  3. Pat Tyson says:

    Julie…Cures Rock, Cancer does NOT !!! Run for a cure, for yourself, with Angie, and know we are cheering here at home for both of you!! Mom

  4. Lisa Nishioka says:

    Go Julie!!! Thank you for what you are doing for Lyndsay and everyone that has been touched by this HORRIBLE disease. We will be cheering you on Sunday…CURES ROCK….Thanks Julie, Lisa & Lyndsay

  5. fajerwerki says:

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