Why I Ride: An Open Letter


About a year ago, during our LIVESTRONG Summit in Columbus, Ohio, I started thinking about returning to professional cycling.  I knew I could compete at the highest level of racing but this time I was motivated from a different perspective.

Meeting so many people over the years…so many survivors…has built in me an ever greater sense of urgency addressing the hurdles in cancer control and, ultimately, telling survivors? stories. The stories tell it all. The triumphs and challenges are all part of the LIVESTRONG community and the human narrative. That collective, grassroots movement built by all of you has been remarkably powerful for me personally and also powerful in moving cancer back into the consciousness of decision makers.

That energy is why I am riding again: to make cancer a global priority.

Cancer will be the leading cause of death, globally, in 2010. This disease affects 28 million people worldwide. Its projected growth over the next 20 years statistically dwarfs other diseases. In many parts of the world, cancer is considered a death sentence.  Survivors are labeled and cruelly stigmatized. With 30 to 40 percent of all cancers being preventable, a shared global strategy that combines prevention and innovation is essential.  As LIVESTRONG and our partners continue to build a global social movement, it?s imperative that we tie the strands of all disease control together to be more effective.

We know the numbers. We know various ways to control this disease. We know how to better care for those suffering. We know where triggers exist. Simply put, we know a great deal. What is missing in this equation is a global focus supporting those who are suffering in silence, organizing  community action and aggressively developing the most innovative research.

The purpose of the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit is to draw the eyes of the world to the global cancer burden and also the challenges of stigmatization. Our Dublin Summit and global campaign will provide a platform for telling the stories and highlighting the outstanding work going on around the globe to alleviate the pain and suffering of cancer. Over the last six months, our LIVESTRONG team and I have met with various prime ministers, health and finance ministers, parliamentarians, cancer experts,  NGO leaders, advocates and, of course, survivors to see how can we continue to push for fresh investments in cancer control. We have asked leaders all over the world to offer new ?commitments? in making cancer a global priority. The response has been tremendous and this same cross-section of leaders ? well-known and not so well-known ? will all be collaborating in Dublin for two and half days of forward-thinking action.

We will see participation from all five continents, 62 countries, over 300 commitments and an anticipated 500 delegates, joining together in Dublin from August 24th-26th to make cancer a global priority. The growing global network of advocates spurred by this Summit has committed roughly $200 million in fresh investments, just as a start. Government commitments are estimated in the billions. While financial contributions are obviously important, other leaders will be using the Summit to announce significant policy shifts, advocacy campaigns or direct services to survivors. So, the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit is providing the license and platform in which to highlight great advances and collaboration on the next steps for action.

Some examples include:

$300 million for the King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology and Cancer, funding three cancer control initiatives, including creating an Office of Advocacy and Survivorship

The Dutch Cancer Society will be introducing web-based clinical trials.

The Chinese Anti-Cancer Association is planning to screen 530,000 women per year in 30 provinces

TUCCA (Brain Tumors Assoc. for Children and Adolescents), will be building the first pediatric hospice in Brazil

$2 billion in the new Australian government budget for cancer control

Building a social movement takes time, focus and ultimately an impassioned, consistent and active chorus of voices for change. LIVESTRONG has become a community for people from all over the world doing just that. While the Dublin Summit and continuing global campaign provide an occasion for elected leaders to tell their stories and exhibit truly innovative practices in combating this disease, it is also about individual advocates, multilateral organizations, NGO?s and community-based leadership all over the world working together. LIVESTRONG can only accomplish progress in partnership with others, collaborating across all sectors on prevention and innovative practices.

It?s so empowering to see individuals all over the world advancing this issue in the most creative ways. It?s also encouraging to see more leaders in power taking innovative steps. LIVESTRONG chooses to lead as a source for inspiration, knowledge and by offering the tools to build this newly emerging global social movement.

What a great reason to ride again.

Thanks for all you do.


  1. Kudos, Lance. Brilliant, inspiring and exactly what we need to effect true change on a global scale. You and Doug are the consummate diplomats of our time and we can’t thank you enough for all of your exceptionally hard work. Stupid cancer. Survivors rule.

    Matthew Zachary
    13-Year Young Adult Survivor
    I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation

  2. drew olanoff says:

    Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

  3. You are an inspiration! I am continually amazed at the things you do. I only hope that my small efforts inspire others to do the same.


  4. Pete Beers says:

    Every descent is sweeter when you’ve climbed to earn it. That is true in life and in cycling.

    Every climb is sweeter when you draw back to the times when you were not able to ride for what-ever reason. That too goes for life as well as cycling.

    It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Ride for the times that you couldn’t.


  5. Mariam Royker says:

    Truly inspiring.
    The world seems a slight better place when reading things like that. Keep doing the things you do and goodluck!

  6. Pete Beers says:

    Every descent is sweeter when you’ve climbed to earn it. That is true in life and in cycling.

    Every climb is sweeter when you draw back to the times when you were not able to ride for what-ever reason. That too goes for life as well as cycling.

    It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Ride for the times that you couldn’t.

    Pete Beers
    One who couldn’t, but now can.

  7. Jürgen says:

    Hi Lance, ich wünsche dir für die Tour alles Gute!!! Mach sie alle fertig mit deinem Stakkato-Antritt. Vor einigen Jahren hast du damit Jan Ullrich seine Grenzen aufgezeigt. Wenn der Jan zurück stecken musste, werden es alle anderen auch tun müssen!!! Good Luck!!!! Jürgen

  8. Marc Jeffries says:

    Thanks for inspiring us with twenty years of brilliance on the bike, Lance. Thanks more for inspiring us to work harder to defeat this disease. –Marc Jeffries, riding for my friend Jim, who died of lymphoma in 2003.

  9. Your comeback has brought a lot of positive attention to the fight against cancer and the sport of cycling. Good luck in the prologue tomorrow!

  10. Juan F. Pineda says:

    Lance, you are awesome! What a demonstration of leadership you are giving to the entire world. Businessmen, politics and local leaders should all learn from you. I think you are going to be not only a legend in sports but also a business/leader case study in Universities around the world. Your foundation grows everyday and the amount of people following you is unbelievable. Cancer never had such awareness as it has today thanks to your effort. Keep on shinning. God Bless You and go Win
    Le Tour de France! There are millions of people sending you positive vibrations around the world. We love you!

  11. Rob Clarke says:

    I watched you first, and then i watched my father become a survivor. Do it for all of us my friend! Rob

  12. Farooq Rauf says:

    Hero, this is what sets you apart. Legendary work, immovable morals, steadfast proffesionalism, courageous spirit.
    Thanks for all YOU do

  13. James says:

    Well done Lance. My wife died of Brain cancer when she was only 35. You were an inspiration to her. This planet needs more Lance Armstrong’s.

    We are so fortunate to have someone like you to fight this fight.

    Fabulous work… you are to be commended.

  14. Crawford Inglis says:

    Thank you Lance. I will be in Dublin as a survivor and representative of the Paul O’Gorman Research Centre based in Glasgow, Scotland. Our centre is striving to find the triggers and core mechanism of cancer, “the wee c” as I call it.

    Our centre & I have an energy to match you & the LAF every step along the way. Ridestrong & know we are with you in the fight to raise the wee c?s profile World wide.

    Crawford Inglis

    2 time wee c survivor

  15. Will Swetnam says:

    Cyclists Combating Cancer will be there in Dublin with seven members from four countries, representing six different global initiatives and our 170+ members world wide.

    Thanks go to you Lance, and to the foundation for giving us this forum to learn and share ideas as to how to beat not only this disease, but the stigma that comes with it!

    LIVESTRONG and Ride to Live!

  16. Paula Fletcher says:

    Thank you Lance for riding again for a cure. My partner Beth is a 3 year survivor of ovarian cancer. We will see you at the tour in the Alps. You give us hope!

  17. Dave Holmes says:

    A truly great initiative Lance!
    Best of luck for The Tour-I will be glued to the TV (I like your new Trek bike too)!

    Dave Holmes
    Sydney, Australia

  18. Vinicius says:

    Brilliant! This shows how a single man with dreams and determination can make a difference in this world! I’m from Brazil. Good to see that despite the problems that the country has, his campaign is doing an effective job here. The world should thank you.

  19. Paul Jackson says:

    My Dad died from Bowel Cancer last April. One month later I rode a charity ride and thinking of him made me dig deep and dance on the pedals up the steepest of hills – tougher than anything else I’ve climbed before and since. I made it to the top without unclipping and cried at the top as I knew he was with me.
    You give me the inspiration and strength to reach the Summit and Beyond.

    Cycling and Cancer – the ultimate levellers.

  20. as my mum had cancer and recovered due to early detection.my mom would have not been aware untill it was to late. it is vital that with the country in the griped of recession that we still give and raised money for cancer.

  21. fidel says:

    i agree that we must do what we can to advance the fight against cancer. yes , we have our mission to accomplish, and we do these for other people.

    however, as mortals, we should be focused on our final destination. eventually, we shall all die and cancer is just one of many causes of death. what is all these? what really matters? what happens after? everything is momentary. i am a fan who believes that you are extra ordinary, and i believe that somehow you are achieving your purpose. more power! LIVE STRONG ARMSTRONG!

  22. Marcia Banta says:

    I am awed by the leadership of LAF andthe LiveStrong movement and by the many in the army of yellow who persist through systemic ignorance and failures, personal pain and heartache to emerge triumphant survivors. May the world be inspired to step up and step forward in this fight.
    Thank you Lance, Doug and ALL the great staff of LAF.

  23. Jan Boons says:

    I’m happy to read that your greatest motivation for this Tour comes from your unhappy medical history. Fifteen months ago I went through the same hell. I also picked up cycling again, and undertook a solo journey to Northcape (took me 8 weeks). I just want to let you know that you inspire, since I have often thought about you. If you could win at least one etappe in the Tour and dedicate that small victory to all who have struggled for a different kind of victory… that would be nice 😉


    Jan Boons

  24. Milton Olin says:

    So very powerful. Thanks. And good luck to you and Astana tomorrow.


  25. Lance, I can’t say much but you’re one of the most iconic and admirable person I know.
    Keep doing what you do best, keep showing the world that we need to live strong and never give up.
    We command our lives. And foundations like yours should have much more support.
    Whatever I can do to help, I’m here!
    Mário Fonseca – Designer

  26. Brielle Carlton says:

    Lance, you are a true legend.

    The Brisbane Broncos Rugby League boys last night here in Brisbane, Australia played in a new Livestrong uniform to raise funds for Livestrong foundation. Amazing to see how far the support extends, all over the world.

    You are the heart of cycling Lance and I hope the support you have been giving to so many others, you feel as you start the tour today. Good luck!

  27. Steve says:

    Thanks Lance! You are doing a great thing! Good luck over the next month, I’ll be watching it all!

  28. Sandra Mitchelhill says:

    Lance, you’re brilliant. Such a strong support to so many and a great cyclist as well. All the best for the Tour to you and the rest of the Astana team. I’ll be watching as will so many others. Thanks for your inspiration.

  29. /Jane says:

    /with you all the way, Having lost a mother to late-diagnosed ovarian cancer, a father-in-law to bowel cancer, and a husband to kidney cancer that spread thoughtout thabdomen and lungs I know you work has imapct on every generation. We neeed early detection, better treatment, and ultimately better medical care, Bless you for what you are doing and I will be cheering for Team Astana!

  30. Bob says:

    Thank you Lance

    We are all touched by cancer. Thank you for working so hard to try to save lives. It seems as simple as that. We are here on this Earth to do the best we can for our felow man.

    I hope you enjoy the race and do well. Best of luck and a safe Tour to all who ride it. I’ll be glued to oln or whatever it’s called these days!

    Bob Degutis

  31. Kev Babakian says:

    Lance, last night I watched the Brisbane Bronco’s an Australian Rugby League team run out on the field wearing LIVESTRONG jerseys. It was a touching moment knowing that the LS cause has penetrated the critical mass. I don’t have cancer, but I carry a gene
    mutation that gives me an 80% chance of contracting the disease if unscreened. Because of your inspiration, I was driven to seek out what would have evidently taken my life. Now that inspiration is being filtered through society around the world. Your initiative will no doubt save lives, but it’s the ultimate achievement of finding that cure that will be the pinnacle of your life long work. What a legacy to leave this world.

    PS: Kick ass in the Pyranese.

  32. smudge says:

    i returned to riding to get drug-free. when i realized my first reaction to a bad day was to hope on my bike, i knew i was on the right path. you are an inspiration to be strong, no matter what obstacle life throws at you. thank you

  33. Linda S. says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Lance. You have touched the world, and are making a difference! It is an honor to stand with you and the LIVESTRONG community in the battle against cancer!
    Have an awesome Tour-Cheers!

  34. Amy says:

    I am inspired and grateful for all you are doing on behalf of all those going through or facing cancer. Thank you!

  35. You are an inspiration. Every effort counts, together we can beat this!


  36. shannon kentera says:

    Thanks Lance!
    You are a true inspiration and I admire your work. Good luck tomorrow!

  37. Eduardo Mhercks says:

    Stop blogging now and concentrate on winning! You’ve done enough for all of us already. Go ahead, make our day!

  38. Trevor's dad says:

    Lance, Congratulations on winning the Nevada City Classic, and thank you for making my father’s day grand! As I watched you riding that day, I knew why you returned, and I am so very glad you did because you have given another monumental boost to the fight against cancer. As the father of cancer warrior Trevor Austin Kott (10-14-06 to 4-26-07), I am on your team in the battle to raise awareness and funds to improve the outcome for cancer patients. Trevor has inspired many to join in the fight within our community. Keep on living strong.

  39. Gina Munhoz says:

    Lance, you are an example to follow.
    I´ll be in front of my TV to see you win.
    Un abrazo desde Santa Cruz-Bolivia

  40. D says:

    Truly an inspiration. Thank you

  41. LBGrover says:


    Cancer fight is very important. I tried to donate my placenta after the birth of my last child. I felt it was a sin to not have it help people by either research or harvest of stem cells. The Blood and Tissue centers have to change along with how we view how to treat cancer.

    I contacted so many groups in 2000 to try to donate it. St Vincent Hosp NY said it would cost them over $1600.00 to pick up one. Here in Austin the Blood and Tissue center is not set-up for handling tissue. Not much has changed. I had a c-section so the donation date was known and they took the baby early.

    They need to not waste resources which were legal to donate and did not affect the stem cell research debate.

    Your supporter – Laurie Grover

  42. Mark says:

    Yet again, we see that one man’s efforts and good will can truly make a difference in the lives of millions of people the world over. Thank you, Lance!
    Good luck, and may the energy of this moment in time never fade.

  43. 9yr breast cancer survivor, any ride any work any charity any whatever that gets a step closer to a cure I am for. Even though my fear of getting cancer has subsided–there is still awareness that it can come back anytime cancer wants to.

    Thats why I understand the rush to live, the rush to get a cure, its one of the side effects cancer leaves way after treatment. The hope is livestrong and Lance you are a motivator keep on. Support you all the time, all the way. Jackie

  44. shubhajit says:

    Dear Lance,

    A leader is like a baby who depends on each member of a family yet he is always being the central attraction of every member.

    You have shown an inspiring leadership and I’m feeling that you are great soul. God bless your initiative.


  45. HosiaLVOT says:

    The power of a man. The power of all of us who fight for increased awareness of Cancer. If everyone demonstrated half of your passion and drive – a solution would be quickly found.

    You make me proud.


  46. Tom Scott says:

    Ride on Lance, in every way, as a cyclist, as an ambassador for combatting cancer.

    I live here in Ireland and it’ll be a pleasure welcome you and your cause.

    If you need free photo work get in touch, I’ll donate my services.

    Kind regards & win that Tour!

    Tom Scott

  47. Ivan says:

    I couldn’t agree more, however we must not forget about many other people who suffer from other life threatning diseases or have long tern conditions that do not receive as much attention oer the same gold standard treatment as cancer.
    threatning diseases and long term conditions that are often forgotten about and receive less publicity

  48. sundar says:

    Hi Lance….excellent post…Keep ur good work going!!!

  49. thanks for inspiring me! I am a 5 1/2 year brain cancer survivor… with 4 children.
    good luck in the race!

    we are cheering for you!

  50. Paula Jordan says:

    Lance, THANK YOU for all you do. My yellow LIVESTRONG wristband has stayed on my wrist continuously for over 5 years now, reminding me everyday of the work that still must be done to conquer cancer. Lost my mom to multiple myeloma 25 years ago tomorrow when I was just 17 – a strange Independence Day for sure. I live with daily uneasiness over my own likelihood of contracting cancer based on my family history – when I ride that nagging fear and other worries are pushed away. You inspire me to keep striving and learning on the bike and in life.
    You have many California supporters (great race in Nevada City on Father’s Day!) who will be cheering you on over the next 3 weeks… have a safe, fun, and STRONG race!

    p.s. Can’t sleep – too excited – only 3.5 hrs. until the pre-race coverage starts! My sons (ages 5 and 3) will be watching every day also. Danny (the 5-year-old) already has 2 seasons of racing (mountain bikes) under his belt! He and his brother Connor had to move their giant Lance poster to the living room wall tonight, all set for the start of the Tour.

  51. Vlada says:

    Thank you, Lance, for being yourself.
    Hope to see you at Champs Elysees.

    Vlada, Ukraine

  52. Owen says:

    Well done lance for making a great comeback in the tour, as an active cyclist on the comeback trail this year I know the difficulties you face,with the French authourities trying to stop you spreading the message of cancer by preventing you from riding, my mum died from lung cancer on new years eve 2005,it’s an evil illness we need more people like you, good luck in France!
    Owen (Ireland )

  53. Lorena Rojas says:

    I can’t still believe that I will meet My heroe. I have breast cáncer, I am on chemo, I’ve been brave but I have fears also. You’ve been My role model in this battle and I finally know that there is hope for those 28 million that need Help.
    I feel blessed I could Help with such a wonderful mission.
    See you in Dublin. Thanks for let me share this piece Of My life.
    I appologize for my English. Despite frontiers and nationalities we speak the same language. HOPE
    You Lance are great!
    Lorena Rojas

  54. shane says:

    Lance the world has to thank you and your livestrong team for the fight against cancer.
    I want to help your foundation to my full extent how much or little that may be doesn’t matter as long as we don’t lose sight of the end result.
    Again well done and thankyou, Im hopeful of seeing you on the streets of adelaide again next year.

  55. Michelle Liptak says:

    With every Passing Mile, With every Stroke of the Pedal, With every Climb up the Mountain, You will Shower the World with Awareness. Your Strong Will , your Caring Heart, your Determination for what You Believe In Will be Heard. A Unity of Knowledge, and Giving will Form.
    Thank You! for your Courage, Thank You for your Hope, Thank You! for your Strength. As you?ve once won the most difficult battle in your life, you continue to fight the battle for all. Linking One by One, Together We will All Fight the Battle of Cancer and Win.

    Lance! You are truly an inspiration

  56. Martin says:


    You have my respect and support. Good luck and hope you’ll have three awsome weeks to come.

    All the best!

  57. Bo Bai says:

    Thank you Lance! You have done more than we can imagine for the anti-cancer career. I know in China, a lot of people here are suffering cancer, because their poverty, especially in small cities like my hometown.
    as a student in college though, I hope I can help.
    You have my support, and good luck. Keep healthy, please.

  58. Your inspiration to the whole world is remarkable Lance. Your personal story together with your world class performance in sport has created a platform to change the mind of the world.

    More power to you big man.

    I’ll be supporting you all the way in the Tour starting this afternoon, and for the rest of my life.

    Good luck

  59. Ellen says:

    Love u lance!!

  60. You are a true inspiration. My wife is donating a percentage of proceeds from her upcoming book about cancer survivors to your cause. Brother is riding in Pelotonia. Wife battling breast cancer recurrence. Keep on inspiring us and countless others.

  61. Tony says:

    A true Champion is a supportor of their Fellow athletes.

    You ride for a team and I hear you say on the News that you will ride for whoever the team is supporting. Quite often in the past that was you.

    In Life you have battled and won your share of races against Cancer and now you ride for others. You give vision to what will become the biggest epidemic the world has ever known if we don’t get off our hands and tell the Leaders we have had enough of the pollutants that have been produced that cause the increase in this Disease.

    LIVESTRONG and ride hard, for you are the spirit of every cancer fighter you have touched and it is their strength to fight that will speed your pedals when you need it too.

    Down Under is watching at 4.17pm Euro Time
    New Zealand

  62. Mike Gath says:

    Thank you. I followed you because we shared a passion for cycling. I thought it was cool that we both resided in Austin and both shared the gems of Walnut Creek and the hills of Mt. Bonnell. Now I follow your fight because my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer two days ago. Thanks lance. Ride hard today and when you return, the chips and salsa are on me.

  63. Joe Dailey says:

    Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do, look forward to seeing you in the Alps near le Thule and in Paris and hope your wearing yellow on both days!

  64. Sherrill says:

    Thank you, Lance. As a long lost 20 year ago cyclist I feel you are the USA ambassador. Your dreams and goal are all so wonderful and help everyone. My mother died a horrible death of cancer and one day I hope we find a cure. Way to go fellow Texan!!

  65. Deb Conroy says:

    As a cancer survivor, and one whose family and friends have been touched by cancer, you have my utmost respect and support. Who better to lead the charge for change and awareness! Thank you for all that you do. My husband and I will be watching and cheering you on every day of the tour. It just wasn’t the same without you!!!

  66. Frank Rasky says:

    You?re a true champion. Your legacy will live on. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to a vital global cause, your inspiring perseverance in the face of great personal adversity and, above all, your passion for life and the exhilarating sport of cycling. Bon courage, Lance! Frank @tourdefrank in Toronto, Canada.

  67. you’re an inspiration and i’ve not said that before. until i read your twitter i thought you were arrogant and daft.

    have one pedal push from me on the ventoux


  68. Hello Lance,

    It is so great to see your comeback. You make the Tour de France so much more exciting.
    Besides that you are a fantastic athlete, I admire your spirit and strength to face this amazing challenge AGAIN.

    Be the best you can be!!!

    Many greetings from Toronto,

  69. John Supak says:

    Thank you for the wake up call. You have given me more than you will ever know. Your story has touched me and awoken my spirit. You are true inspiration. GO LANCE!!!!!!!!!

  70. steven crespo says:


  71. Caden says:

    Hey Lance,

    I grew up knowing nothing in Cycling except that Lance Armstrong was going to cross the finish line first. Since before I could understand, or even talk, I grew up cheering for the yellow and for Postal.

    And now, even with a different team, and a different cause, I still know you’ll fight ’til the finish, win or lose.

    You’re doing a great thing with LIVESTRONG, keep it up.

    Good Luck, and Best Wishes,

  72. Hemanr Salunkhe says:

    Way to go Lance, indeed a great moment to see you in the Tour-09 and not just there, leading in the front as u ever do…..You have been the force within to get up and ask people to get going ..on their own and not wait for things to happen………Make things happen……Just the right decision,Not to participate but Win the tour this year. All the best and lets see Yelloe gellow up their in Paris on 26th, a place where he belongs..All the best………….

  73. Grace D. says:

    Like other cancer survivors, I will be with you all the way to every finish line. Hope you can feel our energy each day as we support your amazing efforts. All the Best Lance!

  74. Sonja says:


    Go Lance Go… and show the world, that you should never give up. I admire your dedication to the sport and to your foundation, doing whatever it takes to bring your message front and center. You are an inspiration to us all. Would I like to see you win your 8th, ABSOLUTELY, but if not, it is wonderful to see you inspire the other riders to be their best, to be professionals and to represent the sport as true Champions, no matter where they Rank. Thank you

  75. Kelli Magargal says:

    Your books and foundation was grounding to my brothers and I when our mom was diagnosied with NHL 5 years ago, now with her in remission, our dad has just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The first thing we did was get our our Livestrong stuff. You are an inspiration and give us hope!!!! We are watching you and the Astana team everyday live at5:30am from from San Diego, ride strong and proud, our hearts are full of hope.

  76. Pamela says:

    From one cancer survivor to another………THANK YOU! I’ll be watching and rooting for you during the Tour. You and your story are an inspiration to us all.

  77. Dear Lance,

    Cancer is very strong, we got be stronger to FIGHT and DEFEAT cancer. I welcome your campaign to unite people and launch “Global FIGHT Against Cancer”. In India, we have united 29 Cancer Support Groups, formed ‘Cancer Care India’, the apex body, and launched the FIGHT since May 26, 2003.

    You are STRONG, we wiil make you stronger to FIGHT and DEFEAT cancer. Looking forward to meet you at “Dublin Summit”.

    Parimal Ghosh, (Survivor for last 13 yrs),
    Founder General Secretary,
    Cancer Care India,
    D-2/2430, Vasant Kunj,
    New Delhi-110070.
    Tele:+91 11 26899707.

  78. Niels says:

    Great show today 3e at the 3e day.
    inspiration to al poeple that are struggeling al long the way.peace and blesses to all .

  79. Laura Nadeau says:

    Lance – cant wait to see you in Athens!
    Last year for Livestrong Day I organized a fundraising event called “Reuniting for a Reason”. Stella, my band that had been broken up for over two years, played a show and informed people about your foundation. I gathered names for potential recruits because Athens needs an Army. Hopefully I will have them in shape by the time you come through.

    thank you for your positive outlook and ability to share what you have learned with survivors and their friends and families. you are truly a blessing in our lives.

    laura nadeau

  80. Craig Dailey says:

    Lance: Wheel up to Cavendish and tell him there’s something wrong with your bike – the chain is missing!…and then pass him by in the mountains, my brohtha’!Hincapie will smile too…


    You are the best sports/human story I have ever been blessed to witness in my life. I ride on my mountain bike up the big hills of Seattle thinking of things you said in your book: ‘It’s Not About the Bike’. And when I want to motivate myself or a riding companion, I yell No Chain!

    Thank you – beyond words!

  81. Thaeran Slattery says:

    I am your number one fan from South Africa I hope that you will come and ride in our country some time .You are truly inspirational and amazing.
    I hope that you win the Tour De France again this year just to shut those pesky French up once and for all.The way that they have treated you over the years is a disgrace considering that you truly put their race on the map in a spectacular way.They are quite ungrateful so the best way to show them is to win Go Mr Armstrong

  82. Marco says:

    i am from germany and i like to see you riding again!i wish you all the best and that you will win the tour for the eight time!!!greetings from germany marco

  83. Dan McCoy says:

    Lance, I am constantly impressed with the things you do both in cycling and with LAF. You are the ultimate athlete and role model. My son asked me what cancer is, and can survive. I told him about you and you story.You now have a 8 year old fan that now knows there is nothing he can’t do if he puts his heart into it. Ride on, see you in Paris for number 8!!

  84. Nancy Gonsalves says:

    Lance, Thank you so much for making FIGHT to beat cancer a global issue. My family has put together a team for the San Jose Livestrong Challenge. 15 of us will be walking or running and one of us will be doing the 100 mile bike ride; his dad is going through cancer treatment for renal cell carcinoma. My brother had testicular cancer in 1977. The drugs that were used on you were tested on my brother. He lived 22 years then died of lung cancer. My sister has had breast cancer twice, and is a survivor. I lost a dear friend to breast cancer, the list goes on and on. We will continue to fight along side you until we win the race. Thank you and God Bless you

  85. Jess says:

    Hé. I’m from the Netherlands, I follow the Tour every day on tv. I think you have the best reason to ride again. A girl from my school, lives in the same village as I do, has cancer for the third time. She is seventeen, a very sad story.
    I hope you win the Tour, for the eight time. That would be just a wonderfull prestation, but you’re the one who’s deserving it.

    God’s bless with the following weeks and with your Cancer foundation!

  86. Bruno says:


    You’re my hero.
    We have a few cancer cases in my family and I may be next. I’ll support your LAF!
    greetings fom a big fan.


  87. anja says:

    Lance, all the best for the next stages in the tour, it’s an inspiration watching you ride!! The TDF is not the same without you. What you bring to the TDF with everything you do is what we need in this world. well done so far and holding thumbs for the yellow!! God Bless!!!

  88. Brian Lichtle says:

    Lance, thank you for coming back and doing everything. I am 19 years old and have an obsession of riding bikes. I am currently injured and just dream of rideing every chance I have. I think untill someone has a major event in their life, it is just taken for granted. I cant even tink about the event being cancer. Please keep ridin, and I will do the same. Together we can help make the dreams come true.

    Live Strong, Brian Lichtle

  89. Josepha Dietrich says:

    Dear Lance,

    I’ve been watching the Tour from my hospital bed (I was admitted with an infection due to my low immunity). I’m undergoing four months of chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer. Your story inspires me deeply. I’m 35, an ex-rock climber, I eat/live well (I’ll eat/live even better now), but my mother had breast cancer and I likely inherited a form of the disease.

    I do feel hope for my future and it not being a short one. I watch you riding the Tour, and your drive to educate people about cancer as well as achieve a personal goal makes me reflect on my goals and what I want to achieve post cancer therapy.
    I hope you win your eighth Le Tour de France.


  90. N. Gibran Benjamin says:

    I have friends and family who have cancer and are still surviving and some I know have succumbed. You are a true inspiration in your perseverance. I have watched you during the Tour coverage and there could not be a better ambassador out there in the fight against cancer. I particularly admire that you take the long view in your answers to questions. Keep on keeping on! You are doing a great thing!

  91. Navneet Rao says:

    Lance, I follow one of your adages:


    You have been an inspiration throughout my running and everytime I feel I am going through a low phase in my career / exercise / sports – I always remind myself this:

    Remember LANCE – he endured and conquered PAIN and is not a QUITTER. So you should NOT QUIT. GET UP AND GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT.

    Thanks for the inspiration, LANCE.


  92. Pavelu Bento says:

    Hey I just wanted to let you know, I really like the composition on your site. But I am using Flock on a machine running version 8.x of Xubuntu and the design aren’t quite right. Not a serious deal, I can still essentially read the articles and look for for info, but just wanted to inform you about that. The navigation bar is kind of difficult to apply with the config I’m running. Keep up the good work!

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