I received the following email from our wonderful supporter and co-leader of the SanJose LIVESTRONG Army, Ginna Baldassarre. I wanted to share the following stories with you all.


I?m here in Delhi, India for work and decided to take the opportunity to try to speak to folks about the global campaign LAF is working on. One of my colleagues here had a short email thread with Allison Wright sometime ago to try to start something here in Delhi.

Two things happened:

1) I asked my immediate team if they would be willing to take a picture with the yellow bands I brought for them so we can show how our yellow bands (including mine) have been in India. Since the team got the bands two days ago, I see them all walking around with them in the office. And what?s even better is that every single one of them knew exactly what the yellow bands stood for.

2) I knew one of my colleagues, Silas, had a connection to cancer. But when I asked the rest of the group, I learned that another 3 of them did. And each one of them had a different experience. So, they all agreed to give me a quick video on how cancer and Lance have impacted their lives.

Vinay Krishan Sharma’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to quick treatment and surgery she is alive today.

Silas Norbu Lepcha’s father passed away from liver cancer a few years ago and his mother in law recently passed away from cancer. He believes that the lack of cancer awareness and education in the general public is a problem in India.

Ashu’s Mittal Story doesn?t have a direct connection to cancer but Lance?s book ?It?s Not About the Bike? had a lasting impact on her.

Vindu Sharma’s father is an oncologist in India. It was interesting to here his perspective on cancer and how he has experienced it not directly but as the son of an oncologist.

The reception here as I talk about the LIVESTRONG Global Campaign is overwhelming. It?s such a great thing to see!”

Thank you so much to Ginna, Ashu, Vinay, Silas and Vindu for sharing your stories with others. Just by speaking of your experiences you are breaking down the walls that keep people from accessing care or finding emotional support for themselves or their family members.

If you are overseas and would like to help in the global fight against cancer, please go to We would love for you to share your own personal stories with us via video. Upload your 1 minute video to and tag the video with keywords LIVESTRONG and Global. We will continue to share them throughout the next few months.


  1. Gauri says:

    I am an Indian and currently undergoing treatment for Cancer. Its great to know LAF has a presence in India. I want to know more details about what and where you guys are working.


  2. one question only
    how can i join this livestrong..?

  3. Ajay Kumar Barnwal says:

    I am very happy to find that LIVESTRONG has its impact in India. my brother in law is suffering from testical cancer. i want to know how can he be benefited with LIVESTRONG and its approach.
    how can i join this organisation and what sort of thing i can do?

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