National Cancer Survivors Day


Today we recognize those that have fought the fight of their lives. We recognize the 12 million of those that have declared war on their own cancer. Today is your day.

It is our mission at the foundation to inspire and empower people affected by cancer, but I can tell you that your stories inspire us and remind us each day why we do what we do. So, on behalf of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, have a Happy National Cancer Survivors Day! Enjoy this day. You earned it!

Below is a video that features cancer survivors on staff at the foundation talking about their own cancer experiences.


  1. Ron Bye (NH) says:

    Nearly 34 years and counting!!!

    Congrats to everyone

    And a million THANK YOUs to everyone at the LAF… what you do every day truly makes a difference

  2. Scott Joy says:

    On Cancer Survivors Day, we celebrate, honor, and remember people affected by cancer all around the globe.

  3. Jessie Cust says:

    Thyroid Cancer 11 months!!
    I was AMAZING!!!
    Thank you for the support!!

  4. Eric says:

    I am 4 years cancer free. Testicular Cancer Stage III
    Life is great

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