Texas Smoke-Free Legislation: Round Two Coming Soon


It is with deep regret we inform you our bill to make Texas smoke-free has died at the hands of big tobacco. While nearly 70 percent of Texans support this measure and there are more than 85 co-sponsors in the Texas House and Senate, we have been unable to gain enough votes in the Texas Senate and the bill has been withdrawn.

Big tobacco, their 40 paid lobbyists and millions of dollars might have won this battle, but the fight will go on. Countless cities across the state of Texas have proven their leadership and enacted smoke-free workplace policies. We will continue to wage this war in communities across our state starting on June 1, and we?ll be back in Austin in 2011 to fight again.

We know these efforts can take a number of years, as evidenced by the recent smoke-free victories in North Carolina and Wisconsin. Still, we are deeply disappointed the Texas Legislature failed to act on something so many of their constituents support.
Here?s what Lance had to say:

?Big tobacco spent millions to kill smoke-free legislation and they got to enough of our legislators to win this round. On the state level we have to hit pause but in local governments across Texas we?re mobilizing starting June 1. Nearly 70 percent of Texans support comprehensive smoke-free legislation and we want safe, smoke-free workplaces where we can earn a living. As we?ve seen in states all over America, it?s just a matter of time before our efforts succeed. We are not intimidated by big tobacco and we will not give up.?

Stay tuned for how you can get involved and help us grow our numbers in Texas. Thank you for all of your help and support over these last several months.


  1. Antonio Costa says:

    I’m sorry to hear the bill didn’t pass, but you will get it to be approved. Just don’t ever, ever, give up. In my country it took many years to have similar regulations, but we made happen and it’s a relief to enter a restaurant, a caffe or at your workplace and be able to breathe freely without fear.

  2. juan pablo says:

    queria comentarles que el dia 21 de junio va a haber una maraton de la fundacion lance, pero hay un problema y es que solo podran correr aquellos que posean una tarjeta de credito, la cual no poseo. podrian dar otro modo de pago ya que hay varios corredores en mi situacion. gracias

  3. AmericanSoldier says:

    I am all about helping young kids with cancer, with women with breast cancer, and more. It’s tragic that they have to suffer so much.

    I just don’t want to see the freedoms of law-abiding citizens eroded. And…I can’t stand hypocrites, like Barry Cig-Smoking Obama.

  4. AmericanSoldier says:

    My healthier than most of you comment was cold, and I apologize for offending those suffering with cancer. I was angry in reading the “Big Tobacco” fights, and reacted rather than responding.

    I would like to see more funds spent of research and help; Still, I won’t get caught up in attacks on businesses.

    I do what I can to defend the rights of Americans to live their lives in Freedom, and don’t want to see attacks on that.

  5. Aftercancer says:

    I know it seems impossible but I live in North Carolina and I want you to remember that our Governor just signed non smoking legislation here.

  6. Ann Cancer Survivor says:

    In my country, smoking in public places has been banned for some time – and it’s so good! Now we can go to work or out for a meal in the sure knowledge that we won’t be bothered by smoke. I’ve just returned to work after undergoing major surgery for breast cancer and it’s great to go back to a smoke free office. I know you’ll keep pusing for the ban and I sincerely hop you get your wish sooner rather than later.

  7. Jeff Sechrest says:

    It’s always “Big tobacco Money” wins the fight right? How about most congressman are speaking for their constituents right to choose what they want instead of the government telling them what to do? Did you ever consider that? I’m tired of the continuing saga of most people wanting the “government” babysitting there lives. Most rational people do not want government intervention. By the way, I DO NOT SMOKE, never have and never will. It’s all about personal freedom and business rights.

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