All Right San Jose! You're being CALLED OUT!


All Right San Jose! You’re being CALLED OUT!!

Called out by whom you ask? The man himself, Lance Armstrong is calling us out…CHALLENGING us to PICK A FIGHT against the ultimate bully, CANCER!

We want as many people as possible to join the FIGHT…but, I’m here to tell you that SAN JOSE is the place to do it! We want to show everyone that SAN JOSE is the BEST Challenge City on the map this year! Last year San Jose Challengers raised 1.75 MILLION dollars toward the fight against cancer, and this year, we’re going to up the ante! SAN JOSE is going BIG…2 MILLION DOLLARS BIG…but we can?t do it without you!

SO…Pick a Fight! Walk, Run, or Ride. RISE TO THE CHALLENGE! We don’t want Seattle or Philly or Austin to win bragging rights do we?!? At the end of these 2 weeks, we want Lance to be posting a video on You Tube about how SAN JOSE ROCKS!!

IT’S ON SAN JOSE! You, Me, and Cancer….at the bike racks on July 12th…bring backup…lots of backup. CANCER IS GOING DOWN…and so is Seattle, Philly, and Austin when SAN JOSE raises the more money than they do between now and May 7!!

I can hear Lance now…in that Texas accent we’ve all come to admire…giving a shout out to SAN JOSE!!


San Jose LIVESTRONG Challenge Mentor: Ellen Cirigliano

San Jose LIVESTRONG Challenge Mentor: Ellen Cirigliano


  1. Jason Neu says:

    You go Ellen! San Jose rules!

  2. What was that, San Jose? … I can’t HEAR you!

    Hmmm … maybe SEATTLE will win the fundraising smackdown in the next few weeks!? Let’s see what San Jose is bringing to the table!

    Bring it on, Ellen! Bring it on, San Jose! We all have a common enemy to stare down – cancer is going down, for sure!



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