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As part of the LIVESTRONG Challenge Team, I can tell you we?re always trying to think of new ways to engage our participants. When we started discussing last year?s series, it became evident that each Challenge team member remembered a 2008 city for a different reason. This is because each city within the LIVESTRONG Challenge Series has its own set of participant stories, its own personality and its own sense of city pride. Even members of our own team preferred certain cities because of the people they met there or the energy they felt on-event.

If you participated in 2008, I?m sure you?re thinking, ?Well, surely my city was the best,? and that?s precisely the point! Today, we?re starting a rally that allows you to show us your city?s LIVESTRONG spirit before we even show up for the event. (Just think you could be our favorite in no time.)

Here are the rules:
For one day only, starting at 12:01(PT) on Wednesday, April 22 and ending at 11:59 (PT) on Wednesday night, April 22, we?re offering $15 OFF registration for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. Register now and enter ?SPIRIT09? as the discount code to receive this special price. Share the discount with your friends and family, but remember the discount applies on that day ONLY and ONLY to new registrants. The city with the most new registrants in 24 hours will get recognized by the Lance Armstrong Foundation?s Facebook and Twitter accounts as having the most city spirit.

But wait, there?s more. And trust us, the prize gets even sweeter.

Participation is just the first step to making the LIVESTRONG Challenge a success; fundraising is another important component. Starting today, the LIVESTRONG Challenge Team will track the fundraising efforts made in each city. To help you rally your fellow participants, our homepage will be transformed so that you can monitor how your city is faring next to each of the others. Check back weekly to see the results and hear more from your city as guest bloggers take over the LIVESTRONG blog.

Over the next two weeks, every dollar will count and on May 8*, the city that has raised the most money will receive a video from Lance thanking them for their hard work. That?s right, international recognition from the man himself.

Mark your calendars; we?ll announce the winner around 9am (CT) and post the video for all to see.
Register now and show us your city spirit!

Go to to register NOW…hurry!

*Results will be calculated as of 7 p.m. CT on May 7, 2009.

Pick A Fight with Cancer!

Who's Gonna Win?


  1. Alright, Seattle!

    Let’s show everyone who has spirit!

    We’re the new kids on the LIVESTRONG Challenge block – let’s show the rest of the Challenge cities who has the biggest heart and who has the most charismatic people!

    Sign up yourself, your friends, your colleagues! Woohoo!

  2. Kris says:

    Bring on Seattle!

  3. Amy Payton, Austin City Livestrong Mentor says:

    Everything in Texas is bigger and better…it’s a well known fact. C’mon Austin…let’s rally up your friends, family members, coworkers, fellow cycling buddies, running club friends, and the like and sign up for the Austin Livestrong Challenge today! $15 off your registration fee TODAY ONLY!

  4. Let’s show them our Seattle Spirit! I’d love for you to join me on TEAM FISHER! $15 off TODAY!

  5. Kevin of Spin for Nance says:

    Come on Philly , now is the time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need all of you .

  6. Geoff Moulton says:

    Philly beat Austin with both participation and $$ raised a couple of years ago. We can do it again. Things may be bigger in Texas but nothing is bigger then Philly’s heart and spirit.

    Philly – Just Do It

  7. Michael, former Livestrong Challenge Mentor says:

    Come back to Denver and we’ll show you some REAL event spirit! We raised over $1.7 million in the 2006 Denver LSC!


  8. Scott Joy says:

    Way to go, Seattle, moving up into second place for fundraising! Look at the participants in Philly! See how great Austin is doing already for October’s event! San Jose is just a nose behind.

    I’m ready to step it up with another fundraising push this weekend now that May is upon us.

  9. mssmotorrd says:

    It?s the first time I commented here and I must say you share us genuine, and quality information for bloggers! Good job.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where did you find it?

  10. Amy Payton, Austin City Livestrong Mentor says:

    Keep it up Austin! $48,600 raised so far. Every little bit helps. Get 10 friends to donate $10 each, and you’ve got $100 towards the fight against cancer. Think about it…you spend more than $10 in eating out or happy hour every week (maybe even every day). It’s easy to do in small increments!

  11. mike pierce says:

    Philly is gonna leave Seattle, San Jose and Austin wondering, “Who ate my cheesesteak?” Why? Because we have the guts of one Rocky Balboa. Yo, Adrian!!!
    Good luck to all who participate…. regardless of your city. Ride safe, run hard and raise not only funds and awareness but spirit and hope.

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