Lance Out of Surgery on the Road to Recovery


Lance underwent a three hour surgery for his broken clavicle earlier today. He is out of surgery and is currently in recovery.

The surgeon, Dr. Doug Elenz, stated that the procedure took longer than anticipated since the bone had been fractured into four pieces, rather than two as he originally thought.The fracture is currently stabilized by a steel plate with 12 screws. Lance has been ordered to take it easy for the next week. After that he will be evaluated week-by-week, month-by-month, for pain, arm motion and to make sure the plate remains stable.

His doctor stated that the main goal is that Lance “heal and get back to doing what he does best and that’s riding bikes and winning races.” And, if we may add, “Making cancer a global priority!”

Best of luck to Lance on his recovery!

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  1. Marye Elizabeth Herring says:

    I hope you will be comfortable as you start your recovery and rehab. Don’t rush it. Remember, it’s not about the bike. It’s about long term recovery. Best wishes.

  2. Janet dow says:

    Dear lance,

    I am a 69-y/o relatively new fan who was introduced to the sport, and you, by my son-in-law. I was so happy to finally see you race live this past February in the Tour of California and have been looking forward to seeing more in the coming months / years.

    We were so sorry to hear of your injury and very happy to hear your surgery went well. We are massive fans in Streamwood, IL and think you and all you do is wonderful. Get well and back on the bike as soon as you can.

    Cheers and best wishes,

    Janet Dow, Andrea Dow, and Anthony Paige

  3. Tammy says:


    Here’s to a speedy recovery. I hope you’re 100% in no time so you can get back on the bike and win the Tour de France this year!!!


  4. joanne v fulcoly says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Lance. From one of your biggest fans!

  5. It great that are out of surgery.Lance are you going to use Mild hyperbaric for your surgery recovery? How often do you use the hyperbaric and do you use it after riding and racing?

  6. James Butler says:

    Hey Lance, Im four week post op from clavicle surgery. Mine from snowboard accident in southern california. I had plate and 7 screws. I was off of pain meds by 56 hours and rehabin after 7 days. Everyday it only gets easier & better…. Good LUCK LANCE!!!

  7. Dougie says:

    What we all want to know is will Lance still ride the TdF?

    Get well soon.

  8. James Butler says:

    Hey Lance… Im 4 weeks post-op from Clavicle surgery. Plate with 7 screws for me after a local southern california snowboarding accident. 56 hours of painkillers then started range of motion excersizes @ day 7. Good LUCK LANCE!!! Day 15 started stationary bike…

  9. Elizabeth Gorton says:

    Lance – We’re sending you strong healing vibes and prayers, knowing you will be on that bike as soon as you can. Stay strong. Bette, Cancer survivor

  10. K C Foore says:

    FOUR BREAKS? Steel plate? You’re screwed buddy!
    Heal STRONG!

  11. Lorraine says:

    You are the best and can overcome anything!
    Stay strong and be well…can’t wait to see you back on your bike soon.

  12. Dave Kauffmann says:

    Get well soon Lance! And welcome to Team Rehab. I’m rehabbing 2 broken ankles and can’t wait to get back in the saddle. Hit the pool for a speedy recovery. It’s put me weeks ahead of schedule. Good luck and keep a smile on your face! DK

  13. Mickey Nilsen says:

    Rest and recover, and keep moving forward, Lance. I just passed my 9-year survivorship anniversary, and it sure feels great! Your story and your grit help me stay brave and working hard to keep it all in perspective. Take some time for a little TLC and then get back at it. I’m pulling for you! Love to see you on the bike. When you are climbing a hill in those mountain stages, it makes me believe I can handle the next checkup and anything it may bring. When you cross the finish line with champagne in your hand, it reminds me I can simply enjoy. Blessings to you!

  14. Barbara Lucchese says:

    I am sad to hear of Lance Armstrong’s injury.
    I am sure with his status, he has everything that he needs for a quick recovery.
    Having had a few myself, I feel his pain and in sharing his need to recover quickly.

  15. Garry Porter says:

    Hi Lance
    I really hope you get well soon. What a dissapointment but as you say it is a miracle you got so far without an injury like this.
    When you mentioned another Tour De France campaign I was thrilled to bits and still looking forward to it, a highlite of the year for me. Lets hope you get there and I know you will do your very best. Good luck and long live Livestrong.

    A Great Kiwi Fan!!!!

    Regards, Garry

  16. MBBirmingham says:

    Much love to your clavicle…hope you heal fast!

  17. chris says:

    Hope you get well soon Mr. Armstrong. Win another tour and show ’em what you’ve got. With regards to cancer, however, we know one major cure for cancer already: move away from a petroleum-based society/infrastructure. It is well recorded and studied that every form of cancer skyrocketed as we expanded the use of petroleum products in the forms of pesticides, herbicides, plastics, fuel, detergents, paints etc etc. If we really want to cure ourselves, it’s time to change our society. Of course, when the oil runs out, we’ll have no choice. Perhaps that will be the eventual cure for cancer.

    Blessings Lance,


  18. Eliane Conklin says:

    Lance, Wishing you speedy recovery.Eliane

  19. annick stacy says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery,hope you back soon a doing what you do best and that winning races !!
    Hope to see you in the Tour de France next July…
    Our prayers are with you.

  20. Jade says:

    I usually post from the Army here in Erie, PA. But today this is personal. I have plates & screws all throughout my body from fractures due to the Myeloma that I BEAT! I know that if I can get through the rehab and come out OK.
    YOU, can do it in no time. I need to tell you that without you riding your bike, I could never have stayed strong through my cancer experience.
    Probably not the best place to say Thank You, But Thank you.
    I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery so you can get back to doin’ what you do best & that is winning races & LIVINGSTRONG!
    Thank you again so much for your example,
    Jade, Survivor & Leader
    LIVESTRONG Army Erie County PA Chapter.

  21. Paul Walsh says:

    Lance, we have booked our trip to watch you in the mountains of the TDF, got our Mellow Johnny Tee’s and LiveStrong Tee’s we know you will do all in your power to get on that bike and wear yellow again in France this year, Yellow is the reason your here.

    Live Strong

    Cheers Walshy from UK

  22. D. Malan says:

    You know that this is nothing that you cannot overcome. You have been through worse and overcome more. Positive attitude can bring you through these difficult times. You are healthy, your children are healthy, your family and friends are healthy and you are blessed!

  23. Jami says:

    I just had my clavicle plate and 7 screws removed after breaking it in 7 places two years ago…. I feel Lance’s pain. Have been mostly riding on my trainer indoors but now cleared for riding.

    It was a blessing in disguise as I was diagnosed with osteopenia which is more common than you think in cyclists.

    Hope you have a fast recovery Lance – Godspeed to you

  24. marta bonesso says:

    I hope to see you in italy!
    Take care live strong.

  25. Tony Janeczek says:


    Best wishes on a speedy recovery. I’m 10 months past my surgery for a shattered left clavicle due to a crash on the bike. I had 8 screws and the clavicle hook plate in for 7 months. Although I have some limitations with the arm, my bike riding seems to be OK.

    Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Good Luck!

  26. oscarjet says:

    Lance, hope you have a quick recovery and rehab.

    An embrace man !!

    Be strong !

    We wait you in Catalonia on Tour´09!!!

  27. nancy says:

    best wishes to you from France.

    hoping to see you here in July.

  28. nancy says:

    best of luck to you from France

    hope to see you here in July

  29. nancy says:

    best of luck from france

    hope to see you here in July

  30. Mike Webb says:

    Get well, Lance! I really appreciate your approach to riding and life! Broke my clavicle cycling; a four piece spiral fracture on 9/11/08, surgery 9/16/08. Plates, screws, etc. I was back to aerobic training a week after surgery, mostly on trainer. I wasn’t cleared to ride again for 8 weeks. I’m now about 90%…still deal with some numbness and need to gain a little strength, but I’m back to road and mountain biking and intend to race 4-5-09 in the spring mountain bike opener.

  31. Carolina says:

    This is from Uruguay, South America. We hope you all of the best and expect that you take good care of yourself, because by doing that, you take care of so many people!!! LIVESTRONG LANCE!

  32. Shane says:

    Hope you get better champ. If you win the tour after all of this, you’ll unquestionably go down as the greatest sports person of all time – bar none!!!
    Best of luck to a speedy recovery. Shane from Ireland.

  33. the stennings says:

    lance, livesrtong, be strong, ride strong get well soon we love you

  34. Jere Carpentier says:

    Remember…it is all about Patience..and doing the right thing to get well. You know that 🙂

    Take care,
    Jere Carpentier

  35. Rob says:

    Lance, heal fast and get pumped for the TdF! The greatest leg of your career is still in front of you!

    Best wishes,

    Rob (Julia and Jessie too!)

  36. Dave says:

    Take good care of yourself. I tore my achilles in an ultra marathon 4 yrs ago. It still nags me when I run so I picked up a bike. Been loving it ever since. The only reason I picked up the bike is because I can’t live without exercise. It is a way of life. As long as I can exercise I will be happy. I understand your desire to ride and agree with it completely. I don’t have a desire to compete, but you have more to say to the world than I ever would. My thoughts are you will rise above all doubt just to prove to everyone that you can win another tour. I am behind you 110%. I know with the support you have you will be fine. Stay focused and don’t loose sight of your goals. Best wishes to you on your recovery and everything else after that. I will be in Philly riding for LiveStrong in Aug with my fiance and close friends-all wearing yellow… and so will you in July. Go Lance! You’re an incredible leader Lance-Don’t ever forget that.

  37. Mikel Huerta says:

    Lance, I am a spanish fan, and I want to see you in the Giro, and of course in the Tour of France. I wish you have a good recovery.
    Thanks for all.
    Mikel Huerta

  38. Art Hoath says:


    Best Wishes! Let it Heal!!! You have time! We all believe in you. Stick to the bike in the gym!!

    Art Hoath

  39. Harpreet says:

    Dear Mr.Lance Armstrong,

    I wish u a speedy recovery n hope to see you riding in the tour de france!!!!

    I live in Kenya and my dad n I ave always been big fans of yours, in both cycling n your work towards supporting people with cancer and making people aware of this dreaded disease. We watch everyday of the tour and you always made the tour more interesting, by reacting to every attack n going at full throttle during the time trials. I am looking forward to seeing you ride in this years tour and i wish you a very speedy recovery. i also wish ur team n u all the best for the coming races. smile 🙂


  40. Thomas Carlsson says:

    Lance, I can see in your face that you are getting there. You are having that skinny appearance, the sign showing that you are serious into it again. There is a stain of seriousness in your eyes, don’t let something as simple as a collarbone stop you. GO FOR IT MAN – number 8 – Hook’em Horns!

  41. Ron H says:

    Hey Lance. Good luck with recovery. I had clavicle surgery 5 weeks ago on my left side due to a bike crash. Man did that hurt!! Zigged when I should have zagged. 1 titaniun plate and 8 screws. Started 12 oz. curls immediately after surgey, which has helped range of motion tremedously. I highly recommend it! Hope to see in TdF. Best wishes.

  42. Tony Hauser says:

    Dude! I relived my own break watching the video of you after the crash. Awful, awful feeling. I always said it only hurts when you breath…sneezes and laughing werent much fun either. I hope you heel quickly…and to quote a living legend of cycling, “pain is temporary.”
    Come up and train in Asheville sometime. There are some nice little hills around here to climb. See you in Austin for the Challenge in October. Ciao.

  43. Mark Brewster says:

    Like another poster here (and you, Lance), I had a broken c-bone five months ago; mine was in six pieces, I got the plate and 8 screws. Probably due to my age (I just turned 50 a couple weeks ago), I was FORBIDDEN to ride for what turned out to be 43 days! My accident was 10-22, and as of today, I am as healed as I can be! I know you don’t have that much time (and likely don’t need it!), but a full recovery is easily doable.

    LiveStrong, dude!

  44. Richard Hooton says:

    Heal well, the Irish are waiting for you. You are an inspiration to us all. Ireland August ’09, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you here.

  45. Greg S says:

    Lance,Tough injury , no doubt the toughest dip in your comeback.I sit here recovering from a recent surgery thinking how difficult the training is for the Giro and the Tour under optimal conditions,let alone recovering from surgery on a mobile joint pulling up when climbing etc will be difficult.This is all about positive energy that everyone wants you to receive now. You have given so much positive energy to all of us. You have to heal and healing takes time .Listen to the people around you involved in your care,use their expertise and you’ll be back on top in no time!

  46. netherlandssupportarmstrong says:


    you must know that we in holland support you every day!
    i hope you gonna win the tour for the 8 time.
    and let that france people kiss their ass!!!
    livestrong lance,you the best sportman ever!
    i wish you succes in youre recovery and the way to glory in the tour.

    much love from the netherlands!!!!

  47. Nick Floros says:

    when I ride, I send my energy to you, just as you have sent so much energy to us.

  48. Kris says:

    I was having a bad day – out of work and nasty weather. Taking a break from job searching I read of your injury and the posts here. Serious injury stories and the posts from Mickey, Elizabeth and Jade dissolved my self pity. I got on my bike, rode off and the sun came out. For once I took it easy and enjoyed the views. This turned into one of my nicest rides ever.

    I guess I’m saying it’s all about perspective and what we make of things. Your resilience helps us all… cancer victims, survivors, injured cyclists and “normal people”. Speedy recovery and bounce back!

  49. Kerstin says:

    Dear Lance,
    from my heart I wish you all the best.
    Get well very soon. Your bike is waiting for you and we, your fans too. You were, you are and you`ll stay the best! Hope so much to see you at Tour de France again. Try it, you`ll make it! Stay strong as you are and take care of you. My good wishes will always be on your side.
    Heartly greetings from Germany, Kerstin

  50. Lance, as you said – it could be worse. Comparing to what you went through, it is hopefully a minor obstacle. You inspired me in my fight with cancer and in my drive to get fit and strong, mostly by sharing how you were overcoming obstacles and by not giving up. I am 57 year old woman, who was not on a bike for almost 40 years. Recently I completed my first 70km bike ride ‘Tour De Hills’. I am also 2 years in remission from stage 4 ovarian cancer. You inspired me to live strong. I wish you speedy recovery.
    Veronica Mastellone – Sydney
    PS We’ve met in Adelaide Zoo. I was with the Channel 7 crew

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