Lance's Reaction After Meeting Mexican President Calderon


Lance and the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign are in Mexico this weekend meeting with President Calderon and convening a round table of Mexican NGO’s to discuss the state of cancer in Mexico and across the globe.¬† After meeting with President Calderon Lance taped the following message:

Read our press release about LIVESTRONG in Mexico

You can also read, listen to (In Spanish) and view photos of today’s meeting from President Calderon and Lance on the President’s website.


  1. Tim Bruno says:

    Thanks for your continued trek across the world for Cancer awareness and working towards global cooperation in our cause Lance!

  2. Kevin Ngo says:

    You are the man Lance. Thanks for being such an inspiration. LiveStrong for Life.

  3. Kortney Kersten says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Lance for everything he is doing with the LiveStrong Global Cancer Campaign. It’s amazing how many people around the world are joining in to help fight the disease, and it’s also amazing to see Lance back in action around the globe!

  4. Daniel says:

    hi lance my name is daniel im mexican i hope you read this im 17 years .5 months ago doctors told me i have leukimia and im fighting to beat cancer im ok … i feel ok …. i know i can erradicate cancer . i was a normal boy but things happens 4 some unknown reason and here i am … and im not afraid i have seen on mexican tv your history and on news your visiting mexico and little things like tht give me strength.. thk you

    and here siting in my room at the hospital 4 my treatment i hope one day can help people like you do.. cause now i know wht means have cancer.and ill also hope can be like you..

    do your best on tour de france …think in all people whit cancer whose trust you like me and together we can beat it… cya

  5. Nick says:

    Interesting that El Presidente is a cyclist. Enjoyed the brief video update.

  6. Diane says:

    Hi, Mr. Armstrong – I’m writing to ask that you keep my daughter’s boyfriend, Vince (30), in your thoughts and prayers as he has been diagnosed back in July ’08 with testicular cancer but the germ cell tumor landed on top of his lung with feelers that wrapped around and extended to his heart. After surgery to remove the growth, the surgeon described the size as that being equivalent to a new born child with the consistency of a bowling ball. Dr. Einhorn is familiar with Vince’s case. Hopefully, Vince’s outcome will be like yours has as he has spirit and will however he was just told there is more cancer! He has read your book and thinks of your accomplishments often. If you ever find yourself in the Chicagoland area, please don’t be a stranger! Your presence would be lovingly welcomed.

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