1221 S. Mopac Expressway – We bid you farewell


On monday we will be in our new offices in East Austin (2201 E. Sixth St) and that means that today is our last day at our old place. So we handed a flip camera over to LIVESTRONG Staffer Antonia and had her take you for a spin around the office for the last time. Enjoy. And if you are in Austin feel free to come check us out in our new space.


  1. Adios 1221. It’s been a good 5years at the ol’ DLA. Looking forward to our own digs!

  2. oscarjet says:

    A question, are you gonig to run next NYC Marathon?
    Regards !

  3. Linda S. says:

    Thanks for the tour, I visited the Foundation Office last October while in Austin for the LSC and had a wonderful visit. I look forward to visiting you all in the new offices when I’m in Austin next October!
    What’s the address of your new home? Thanks and have a great move!!

  4. BENITO says:

    me parece fantastico, gracias al ejemplo de lance muchos podemos darnos fuerzas para seguir adelante, que dios los bendiga a todos.


  5. Michael Sturges says:

    I was a Regional Mentor for 4 years and have many fond memories at the Mo-Pac office, mentor training, and some great food! I miss my LAF family and hope Allison, Mandy, and especially Renee are doing well. Keep hope alive you guys.

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