Thank You Australia


The 18 flight hours back from Australia gave me time to reflect on what transpired in Adelaide and across the entire country during the last 10 days. The activities, events and commitments were nothing short of phenomenal and I am grateful.

Lance, PM Kevin Rudd and Premier Mike Rann

Lance, PM Kevin Rudd and Premier Mike Rann

I am grateful to Prime Minister Rudd for committing dollars and resources to reduce the cancer burden in his country. I am also grateful that he has decided to support our global summit and ensure that Australia is represented at the highest level.
I am grateful to South Australia Premier Mike Rann for tripling the amount of money that was raised in the past week by the Cancer Council of South Australia. His $600,000 check will mean that more and more people in South Australia will have access to resources and the incredible help line that the council offers.

I am grateful to Premier Rann and the leadership of the Flinders Medical center for bestowing such an honor on Lance and the Foundation by naming their new cancer research innovation center the LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Center. This will create a long-lasting partnership between our organizations.

I am grateful to the hundreds of NGO?s that we met during our trip. Your work to positively change lives all across the country is exactly what is needed and we support you in your efforts.

I am eternally grateful to the thousands of cancer survivors and individuals who have been affected by cancer who came to watch the Tour Down Under. Your passion and commitment to eradicating the death and suffering due to cancer is inspiring and we are excited to partner with you to make cancer a global health priority.

Thank you Australia ? thank you for your leadership. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you to launch the LIVESTRONG Global Campaign.

Tell us your favorite memory of the global launch and Lance?s comeback by leaving a comment below.


The LIVESTRONG Global Campaign is off and running ? thanks for joining us ? and thanks for allowing your voices to be heard. After all, this movement is simply carrying all of your voices around the world!



  1. oscarjet says:

    Great job in Australia, no doubt.
    when will you come back to Girona to ride by bike to train for Tour?

  2. Tamie Jones says:

    To Lance,
    Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have left behind in Adelaide. I have always loved the tour down under, but this year you added a whole new spin to it. I was lucky enough to get close to you and you signed my Autibiography of you, Its not about the Bike. Thank you. My father passed away from cancer in 2002 when I was 22. The impact of cancer is huge, especially when affected closely. Your courage and power to conquer the desease is absolutely amazing and inspiring and your continuing battle to raise awareness is just as amazing. What would the world be wiothout people like you.

  3. Dan Jones says:

    Hey Lance,

    Thanks for the entire week in Adelaide. You were so good with the media the entire time especially with our guys at Fox Sports. Good luck with your journey throughout 2009 and I am sure it will be a successful year for you mate.

    P.S. I hope you enjoy your copy of ‘Detour De France’

  4. Mario Corena says:

    Hi Lance,

    It was great to have you here in Adelaide! I only wish I met you as you have inspired me so much. Maybe next year. I saw you ride on Sunday and was proudly wearing your LiveStrong Yellow T-Shirt from the 2007 New York Marathon on Montefiore Hill.
    I too am a cancer survivor x 3(2 of which were life threatening and they started at the age of 15 and given 5 months to live). I have also endured a heart attack triple bypass 10 years ago. In my darkest hour a friend gave me your book to read, and since then I have been out there assisting others have quality of life. I have competed and completed 5 Marathons(2xLondon, Paris, Rome, New York), in fact New York was done 2007 even though I was way, way behind you.

    So Lance, thanks for being you and totally support your cause to fight cancer and to assist the loved ones who are confronted with the ordeal as well. Let me know if I can assist in anyway, and hope to see you next year in Adelaide.

  5. No!!.. we thank you Lance Armstrong and Doug Ulman for lighting a fire under the politicians and decision-makers in this country to make Cancer a #1 Priority. We will partner with you, advocate and do whatever we can to keep that fire burning to ensure ‘everyone’ receives the cancer treatment and care they deserve while seeking an end to this insidious disease – LIVESTRONG!

  6. Dave Attard says:

    Thank you for bringing cancer to the fore front. I dont have cancer but i lost my grandmother to stomach cancer 7 years ago and it saddens me everytime i think of her. I hope that someone that has survived cancer and then returned to become the best in their sport can help bring cancer to the top of priorites. I was given your book, ‘It’s not about the bike’ and i have to say that it was the hardest thing i have ever read. The emotion and pain is there in every word, however there is an overwhelming sense of defience and hope.

    Congratulations on your return to cycling. I have seen you ride only on TV here in Australia. But i hope to see you next year at the TDU. Good luck in 2009. i will be cheering you on from home.

    Most importantly keep at the bean – counters and get them fighting cancer.

  7. Deborah Mahaffy says:

    What a great time I had in Adelaide ( I travelled from Brisbane – you must visit us in Queensland sometime !!) seeing you back on the bike was just great !!

    My 82 year old father has just had his second cancer free checkup – after being diagnosed with bowel cancer back in October 2008 – luckily at his age they appear to have got it all and hopefully he will be hanging around for a few more years to come!! He is my best friend !!!
    Several members of my family have died from cancer – therefore I am very aware of contracting it myself – this is the year I am turning 50 – A Virgo like you Lance -!! I took up road cycling 18 months ago ( again after a 10 year hiatus) I try an stay fit and healthy and drive my friends crazy with my health tips and eating the right foods etc – I have recommended your first book to many of my friends and of course since arriving back late last night from Adelaide – At work today I couldn’t stop talking about the statistics of the money raised and the amount of people that turned out for the Tour Down Under
    So thanks once again Lance – and if I could make a suggestion your shop on- line- products would have sold out if they had a LiveSTRONG shop at the Tent in Victoria Place and proceeds would had gone to the Foundation – I heard so many people say they wanted to buy the cycling shirts and shorts ( including myself) – in Adelaide- and were quite surprised they were only available on-line. They all commented they were hoping to buy one and disappointed that they weren’t available in Adelaide – as they are so distinctive. – Maybe next year please !!!

    take care and Good Luck for the upcoming tours

    Best wishes

  8. Brett Shields says:

    We all appreciate Lance visiting Australia to promote such a worthy cause, and riding for us as well.

  9. sandra parnis says:

    Hey Lance,
    thank you for your inspiration and strength. My mum is a cancer survivor, and it too changed her life and her priorities. You have helped lift my depression and taught me to believe in myself. Thank you so much and Good Luck on your new venture!!!

  10. Thanks Doug and Lance for bringing your message to Adelaide and Australia and launching this great fight from our home town. The fact that sticks with me is that at least 40% of all cancers are curable if detected early. It is a great wake up call in what is the biggest battle – overcoming people’s complacency toward the disease.

    Well done also on your availability to the people who came from near and far to be with you. Lance was extremely patient, calm and assured and is the kind of statesman the cause needs. Best of luck with spreading the message throughout this year and beyond.

  11. Chris McBride says:

    Hi Lance,
    After recently reading your book, I too have been thoroughly inspired by your story and your achievements.
    There are not too many people in the world that have’nt been touched by cancer in some way, shape or form and your ongoing fight to raise awareness is just fantastic.
    I wish you all the best for 2009 and have no doubt that you will achieve your comeback aspirations. I will definately be watching avidly.

  12. Simon Illingworth says:

    Thanks Lance!
    Up until last week, my 7 year olds hero was me. One evening while sitting on his bed reading to him, he asked me why I was so excited that Lance was coming to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under. I got out my Lance books and told him the story of who he is, what he has achieved and why he is coming. He sat an listened with word, and we shared a moment that connected both of us, can I say forever.
    On the Friday before the tour started, Lance rode up Old Willunga Hill – my training hill. The local Adelaide paper took a picture of this and my Son saw it. He was so excited that I ride the same hill that Lance will in the tour. We went to the paper and got a A4 photo for him to put on his wall. It is a great pic – I love it and so does he!
    We watched the race on the Saturday from Willunga School – and everytime Lance (The Peleton) rode by, my son waas at the fence screaming with all of the other kids there (many from Canteen – a kid’s cancer foundation). It was unreal to see the excitment on his face.
    Then, it happened, on the Sunday night, when puttting him to bed, my Son asked me, “Dad – you know what I want to be when I grow up”?. Normally the answer is a Footballer, as he also loves the Crows (an Adelaide Aussie rule team), but he looked me in the eye and said “A bike rider like Lance”.
    It did then and still does bring a tear to my eye seeing someone that inspire me so much now become the my Son’s hero too!! He wants me to get him a bike so he too can ride up Willunga Hill with me – the hill that Lance rode!
    So, from my Son (and me), thanks Lance for being such an inspiration to all of us and bringing your message about accomplishment and cancer treatment to our little part of the world.
    May the miles you ride bring us all closer together and fight for not only a bike race – but importantly the Human Race!!
    Your a legend!!

  13. Owen says:

    Thank you Lance.

    I came to watch the last 2 days of competition, you did really well. Congratulations on a successful comeback.

    And also congratulations on your Livestrong campaign. I lost my mother to cancer last year, so you are doing something that will change this world-more awareness and more action to stop cancer. Good luck.

    It was a good thing you decided to go back home straight away, as Adelaide turned on the heat with a 45 degrees plus day only 3 days later you left.

    Take care and long live-Livestrong

  14. Jeremy says:


    You are a true hero and inspiration. In every aspect of your visit to Australia, you displayed the highest level of professionalism in dealing with the media, signing autographs and interaction with the Australian public. You are truly the people’s champion and great ambassador for your country. My wife and I wish you the very best on the bike for 2009, and in your endeavours ro spread the message of the Livestrong foundation. We look forward to spending many late nights cheering for you in the Tour De France.

  15. dr kristine meredith says:

    Dear Lance,
    As a cycling fan, thank you for coming to the Tour Down Under. It was a great honour that you chose to race here and all cycling fans were thrilled to see you. For every single detractor or critic, there are thousands of people who are behind you and on your team. It transformed the event and also brought a sense of meaning that was bigger than the race. As a doctor who has to treat cancer patients, your message, influence, goodwill and capacity to achieve change is truly inspirational. Good luck with your comeback and with Livestrong, we are behind you all the way.
    Kristine Meredith, Melbourne, Australia

  16. Jen says:

    Hey Lance,
    You mentioned in an interview that it was warm last week. Have you seen how HOT it is in Adelaide this week?!!! So thrilled to see you race last week, great effort mate. Thanks for coming ‘downunder’, it was an opportunity for those of us not able to get to ‘Le Tour’, to get a taste of what it is like. Hope to see y’all next year.

  17. sarah willhoit says:

    What governments, businesses, organizations could help foster greater access to cancer aid and awareness in developing nations.

  18. sarah willhoit says:

    with cancer the leading cause of death in Australi, there is little doubt their government would be responsive to Live Strong’s efforts. As for the numerous developing and impoverished nations, what headway has Live Strong and LAF made there, and what barriers remain with certain governments, or competing NGO’s for limited resources to aid these most needing nations?

  19. dennis says:

    Hey Lance
    I have been following your career for the past 10 years or so and it was such a delight to have you come to Australia to race in the Tour Down Under. My wife and I drove from Sydney to watch the race and I must say it was such an inspiration to see how many people turned out to see you and the other guys go hard at it. We are now starting to train that little bit harder to ride in the community event next year, so we hope you can make it back to Oz for 2010. I am reading Johann’s book, which he signed for us, and it offers such a great perspective of what goes toward making a great champion. Keep it up mate, you are an inspiration to everyone that comes near you, both on and off the bike.

  20. Ian Turner says:

    Lance, thankyou for the inspiration and hope you have given so many people worldwide, but specifically in you time in Adelaide for The Tour Down Under. My bike riding experience is little – many years as a kid riding steep hills on gravel roads on Kangaroo Island on a bike with no gears – it was always a challenge!
    We left this beautiful place in the world in 1995 to move to Adelaide, selling our farm so that my parents could enjoy some well earned retirement (my father taking over the farm when 16 years old his father died, and developing it into a very fine and viable property.
    My complexion means skin cancer is a real problem after years of sun exposure when farming. I have had one operation and regular ‘burn offs’. In the 13 years since coming to Adelaide, one of my best KI mates was diagnosed with cancer and lost his battle. In 2004 my father was diagnosed with liver cancer and in 8 weeks he was gone.
    Our second daughter is a physician, and by chance, or as a direct result of her experience with her grandfather’s death, she is specialising in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
    We have been fans of the Tour Down Under since inception, not always able to see all stages by any means because of work commitments, but were inspired by this year’s Pro Tour status and the extra quality riders that were coming as a result; names we recognised from many years of late nights watching the Tour de France. For you to come this year to make your comeback to competitive cycling was a tremendous bonus for 2 main reasons. I admired your achievements on the bike, but my admiration has grown for what you are now doing to assist with cancer research. Anything that may help just one person come through and not suffer as my father and my mate did is a cause worthy of the greatest accolades. I would love to meet and chat with you one day, but realise that will probably never happen, and in the scheme of things that is not important. With your past sporting success and the profile you have had, you have done, and can continue to do more than almost anyone to assist firstly those who are unfortunate to be diagnosed with cancer through your life story and the inspiration and hope that brings; but also to be able to assist with the vital fundraising that will help people like my daughter in research, diagnosis and treatment of this disease.
    It seem strange to say that as a 57 year old, that there I was, idolising someone much younger riding a bike around Adelaide. My wife and I were able to see the start at Norwood; you rode very close to our house at the start of stage 4 on Glynburn Rd; and then we got in the whole of stages 5 & 6. I stayed out of your way to give you space and privacy which you did not always get, especially from the media, but that is probably a necessity for publicity for the cause. If you are prepared to undergo that for the cause, all I can say is a huge, huge thankyou for what you are doing for this wonderful cause. You are welcome in our little city anytime.

  21. Megan Beveridge says:

    Dear Lance & the Livestrong Team
    Thank you for choosing Australia to make your comeback & launching the global campaign.
    What a thrill it was to see you riding in our country & I will most definately travel over to SA next year to watch you again. If anyone could win the Tour after a 3 1/2 year layoff it will be you.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Nike would start to accept international orders on their Livestrong merchandise as they have a fantastic range that is not available on the LAF site, just a thought to help sales.

  22. Phil Rowe says:

    Hey Lance, Great to see you compete in this year’s TDU. My wife and I attended the 2008 event and were very disappointed when we found out we would miss you live this year. It is normally a great atmosphere but looked wild this year so we hope to be attending in 2010 or if not the TDU, at the the World Champs in Victoria in 2010, for which I am sure you will be selected to represent your country.

    Please go easy on Cadel and the other Aussies in Europe this year, but have a safe and great 2009 and continue to spread the word worldwide about cancer awareness and the great support you give sufferers and their families. Good Luck.

  23. Scott Haynes says:

    Lance and Doug
    Congratulations to LIVESTRONG. You guys did a fantastic job in Adelaide launching the Campaign. Whilst, thank God, I’m not a cancer sufferer, some very close friends lost their battle during 2008. I have been inspired to save up and buy a bike during 2009 and ride in the next TDU community ride. More importantly, I too will support LIVESTRONG.

  24. Tanya Gilbert says:

    Thanks for coming out for the Tour Down Under – I travelled from Sydney and saw every stage and marvelled at the athleticism and humility of not just you but all the other cyclists that graced our shores – you all showed such generosity and patience with all of us cycling mad fans. I was entering the restaurant as you were leaving on your last night in Adelaide and I “chickened out” and just couldn’t ask you for a photo with you, George Hincapie, Mick Rogers and Johan Bruyneel – just my way of appreciating that it was your downtime and by that stage you probably needed a break.
    It was an honour to see you race live and the comeback looks great.
    The publicity that you were able to achieve for cancer awareness during your visit was extraordinary -so many of us have been affected directly or indirectly by this insidious disease (I lost my mother to breast cancer and it lives with me every day) lets hope that our governments continue with the support well after you are riding the roads of California, Texas and Europe.
    Thanks again – I hope you remember your time in Australia with great fondness and we will of you
    Good luck with your comeback and I hope you will head back to Australia next year – even if not to race but to just enjoy our country

  25. Michael Willing says:


    Thankyou for choosing Australia and the Tour Down Under as the first destination in your comeback. My wife and I travelled from NSW to watch the race with some friends and had the trip of a lifetime. I will cherish forever the memories of watching you ride and more importantly deliver your Livestrong message. The world is a better place with you in it and we all wish you the greatest success this year and beyond. My two and a half year old daughter now won’t take her yellow armband off…she calls is her “Armstrong.” Thanks again.

  26. robyn kieseker says:


    It was great that you came to Australia in January 2009 for the Tour Down Under.

    I wish to make you aware that the pm has changed the accessibility to cancer treatment in his recent budget and now it is going to cost the cancer patient, male or female, money for the treatment which was previously covered by australias medicare. It is very concerning that they are going to be charging people for wasted treatment for radium or chemo. People don’t understand the change that has been introduced in this budget and the financial impact it is going to have on cancer patients – they are going to have to find money for their treatment which used to be previously covered. This is not fair at all given I know two ladies who are both battling breast cancer.

    Just thought LAF should know what has happened here and I don’t know if Andy was made aware of the changes during his recent trip here.

    Glad to read you are 12 in Italy and going well/over the injury you suffered earlier this year. Wish you well for the italian race and the tour de france. you are a great ambassador for sport and I wish our sportsplayers could be as dignified as you.

    Good luck with all.

  27. Mandy O'Dea says:

    Dear Lance, you don’t know me but I feel I know you as a mother of 2 small children I was diagnosed with cancer I have had my treatment and have the all clear for now and i remain positive. I thank you for your cancer awareness you bring to the community, I will be out on Sunday to cheer loudly I am sure with a tear’s in my eyes as i have just read your first book and found the survivorhood chapter to be as if you knew exactly what I was thinking! I too now am on the cancer awareness trail signing up for your dedication page and I am team captain for the Relay for Life in Adelaide in March and i hope to raise money and awareness that anyone at any stage of their lives is able to be diagnosed with cancer so thankyou so much you have inspired me and helped me to try and be the healthiest and best mother wife and friend that i can be!

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