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Learn more about how a government, organization or corporation can make a commitment to the fight against cancer.

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  1. Evan Wilkinson says:


    Myself like many other Australians are so pleased that the trip Down Under has been a success and you have all enjoyed your time in our country. Having our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd jump on board is also an added bonus.

    Best of luck in 2009 with the rest of the global fight and see you here in 2010.


  2. tite says:

    Hi from ITALY (Milano). I help people with yoga, more prevention than cure. I’d like to meet you in Italy for the Giro…I’ll be on Passo Rolle (SMart Castrtozza and Alpe) waiting for Lance and training for my next Ultra Trail du Mont

  3. Jon says:

    As a cancer survivor and participant in yesterdays ‘challenge tour’ riding a total of over 175km for the day, I would like to thank you for visiting Adelaide with such an important message to the Australian government and the world.

    Lance validated my own feelings on how to fight my cancer and I believe staying active is vital to recovery and mental state in this battle.

    LIVESTRONG all fighting this and there family and friends.


  4. LB says:

    Great to see lance around Adelaide this past week – a true inspiration. My only disapointment was that I couldn’t buy any livestrong cycling gear. A great way to help raise some funds and for me to show my support to both lance and the fight against cancer.

  5. Chris says:

    Great to see you in my hometown Lance for the cycling and for the anti-cancer message. I rode in the challenge ride and saw you at the legends dinner. Looking forward to seeing you back in 2010. There are few better ways of raising the cancer message.

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