Memo to the New Administration


As President Barack Obama is sworn in to office, I wanted to share a memo that the LAF recently sent to the Obama transition team.  The memo outlines both short term and long term approaches to cancer research and public health policy for the new Obama Administration.  LAF staff members have had conversations with a number of folks on the Obama transition team about the memo and our recommendations in detail.  We plan to continue our dialogue with the new Administration as President Obama moves into the White House.

Read our memo and leave a comment for the new Administration.


  1. helenmarie Hogue says:

    Mr. President, I congratulate you on your inauguration. I fully realize that we as a country, and your administration ,is facing formidable challenges. I do hope that health care reform, and the specific recommendations in the LAF memo can be considered in your tenure.
    Respectfully, and with all good wishes,
    Helenmarie Hogue

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