Off and Running



Well – we are off and running. We just launched the LIVESTRONG Global Campaign in Adelaide. This morning Lance appeared on the only national morning show in Australia – Sunrise.

And then Lance and I spoke at the Royal Adelaide Hospital along with South Australia Premier Mike Rann, Australian Treasurer and cancer survivor Wayne Swan, UICC President Dr. David Hill, Cancer Australia CEO Dr. David Currow, and Dorothy Keefe who heads the Royal Adelaide Hospital Cancer Centre.


We covered a lot of ground including the goals of our campaign, the global burden, and the specific issues of those in Australia. Groups of cancer survivors joined the event by video conference from both Melbourne and Sydney.

The environment was buzzing with excitement and several commitments were made. The most wonderful moment of the event was when Treasurer Swan closed his remarks by saying – I am Wayne. And I LIVESTRONG.

This disease knows no borders or boundaries. And we must all work together to eradicate this disease in our lifetime.

Read the LAF Press Release on this event.


Thanks for your support – again – this is just the beginning of a campaign that will continue for many months until we accomplish our goals of raising awareness of this disease globally, reducing the stigma associated with this disease, and mobilizing people to make commitments at all levels that will cumulatively reduce the burden significantly.

Are you an organization, government or corporation interested in making a commitment?

Are you an individual ready to commit to the fight against cancer?




  1. Evan Wilkinson says:

    Really proud that this campaign could kick off here in Australia. A country that is willing to stand up and support the LAF in its quest.

  2. Brian Dowd says:

    Very exciting times! Thank you to you, Lance and the entire LAF staff for leading this effort.

  3. Scott Joy says:

    What a fantastic way to bring new energy to a critical cause! Thanks to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the world is buzzing about why cancer must be a global priority. LIVESTRONG!

  4. Annemieke says:

    Great initiatvive!! I think Lance and the LAF are doing an amazing job an djust signed up to help overhere in the Netherlands. Very exciting!

  5. Congratulations to Lance for his continued leadership in bringing awareness to the cancer cause worldwide. Wishing Lance success in his return to road racing and for the LAF to win with “Off and Running”.

  6. Tim Deegan says:

    Congrat’s to the entire LAF staff for making this possible. I am proud to be a part of the LiveSTRONG Army.

  7. Keith Robins says:

    Lance, thank you so much from Adelaide, Australia. Your visit here has really been inspirational, it has the whole of Australia talking. I lost my father-in-law to cancer, your cause and the support I know Australian’s will give will save many people the pain and grief we endured. A brilliant man with a brilliant cause!!!

  8. Livestrong Survivor Notebooks. Any word on future availability of them?

    The chemo center where I volunteer could use a few more copies of them.

    “Global” is great, but most impact is made locally.
    These notebooks have a huge impact at our chemo center.


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