Cancer Down Under ? Starting Off the Global Cancer Campaign


It?s an exciting time for Lance and the Foundation.  Lance has been preparing to begin his 2009 race schedule and the Foundation is launching our global campaign to increase awareness and activity in the fight against cancer.

Cancer knows no national ideologies and recognizes no country?s borders.  It penetrates into every country, state, and nation across the globe and touches every citizen of the world.  And this upcoming week Lance and the Foundation will launch our 2009 commitment to making cancer a global priority and raising awareness of this disease across the world.

We are looking forward to kicking off this campaign and working with the Australian citizens and the government to lead the change.  Australia has already demonstrated a national commitment to fighting this disease. It was the first country in the world to introduce HPV vaccine, targeting all women age 12?26 years ? an effort which will have a dramatic impact in reducing cervical cancers.  And Cancer Australia , the national agency established by the Australian Government in 2006 to help reduce the impact of cancer on all Australians was recently featured by the International Agency for Research on Cancer?s World Cancer report as a hallmark agency in the fight against cancer.

And it is fitting that this campaign begin in the land down under, Australia.   This is because, according to the World Health Organization, cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia. And the truth of the matter is that it doesn?t have to be. Here are some of the numbers:
·        The rates of cancer are similar to that in the US, 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females will be diagnosed in their lifetime resulting in over 40,000 deaths from this disease per year.

·        Approximately 1/5th of the cancer deaths will be attributed to smoking.

·        In Australia, non-melanoma skin cancers are so frequent that around half of the population will develop a skin cancer during their lifetime, with many developing multiple recurrences.

·        However, the most surprising statistic is that the rates of the deadliest skin cancer, melanoma, are the highest in the world, occurring at rates 5 times that in the United States.

Expanding efforts to improve lifestyle changes that include reduction in UV-light exposure and use of tobacco could make huge impacts in changing the face of this disease in Australia.  And broadening awareness of other areas of cancer prevention and early detection will have an enormous return on reducing the cancer burden in Australia. And this is a change the Foundation is hoping to help bring about.


  1. Evan says:

    Scarey rates on skin cancer here in Oz….thanks for putting the cause back in the news

  2. Lily says:

    So many in my age bracket have had a skin cancer removed as a result of too much sun exposure in our early childhood. We need the message loud and clear, ‘its cool to be covered in the sun’. Thank you for all that you are doing.

  3. Lily says:

    Thank you for all that you’re doing in bringing the msg re skin cancer.

  4. don rice says:

    I’m an internist who gives out the Livestrong wristbands to any of my patients who are cancer survivors. I’ve bought about 80 so far and have 20 left. I’m not in a rush to give ’em out, but I will probably buy some more this year.

  5. javier Curto says:

    hoy hemos ganado todos un poco.

  6. Nick Feola says:

    GO!!!!!!!!! Lance

    Good luck.

  7. Peter McNair says:

    I was dianosed with testicular cancer in April last year. As of last week I completed my chemo and radio therapy. My final chemo was via lumber punch to get the chemicals to the brain.
    I just want to say thank you to Lance in the first instance because without the research not sure what my treatment would have been like and also the Foundation who provided answers and support.
    My oncologists (have 3) have told me I am a rarity with this cancer in Australia so again to Lance – THANK YOU very much. I wish you well in your return to the professional cycling circuit and enjoy Australia while you are here. Wish I was in Adelaide to watch you ride and “yell” some encouragement.
    Will continue supporting you and the Foundation to take cancerawareness to the world.

  8. Livestrong Survivor Notebooks. Any word on future availability of them?

    The chemo center where I volunteer could use a few more copies of them.


  9. Adam Clark says:

    You can order more of the Survivor Notebooks at

  10. Alelia says:

    Hi Lance,

    You are an inspiration to all!! I too, am a cancer survivor.

    I also have taken up cycling as part of my fitness regime.

    Thank you so much.

  11. Michael-

    We are going to release the new LIVESTRONG Guidebook this Summer. It will replace the Notebook and is completely amazing. Has more worksheets in it than the notebook and is focused more on diagnosis on. The Notebook focused more on post treatment. We’ll have info as soon as they are available! Thanks!

  12. Michael Birdsong says:


    I just ordered 10 of them yesterday from the LAF Store. Thank you!

    Once again, I should have just waited a day and my question would have been answered.

    They are en-route to me now.

    Thanks again for the update.


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