A Message From Lance



  1. Bianca says:

    Ride hard, Lance!

  2. Brenda says:

    Go Boss Go!!! LIVESTRONG!!

  3. JLunsford says:

    We’ll be cheering you on the whole time. It’s really great to see you doing what you were born to do – passing on hope and changing the world! You’re pretty good at that racing thing too though. LIVESTRONG!

  4. Cheryl Mac says:

    Courage, determinination and passion. It is great to see you seeking your passion. Wishing you success. LIVESTRONG and Well.

  5. Annemieke says:

    Race safe, because you are an inspiration to so many. Thanks for doing this and making cancer the #1 priority!. You’re awesome: as a human being and as a cyclist. I’ll enjoy every minute of your comeback. Also thanks for sharing the things you do with us on Twitter, that rocks. Race safe, Live Strong!

  6. lesley says:

    Good luck -as commanded!

  7. Andrea says:

    Good Luck Lance!! We have been so excited since you announced your desire to return to professional cycling. LIVESTRONG!

  8. Eric Blow says:

    Gooid Luck Lance! We are excited for your return to cycling for such a great reason! Livestrong!

  9. Ms. V says:

    WTG and Godspeed. Been following you for a long, long time.

  10. oscarjet says:

    I´m very happy you come back to the first line again.
    I wish you the best Lance !! GO GO GO COME ON !
    I link you on my BLOG, please visit me and enjoy …
    and post a comment !!!!!! hehe

  11. Gr8! to see you are going strong!LIVESTRONG!

  12. Wim Rombaut says:

    What you do is astonishing, amazing and inspiring. You are making a difference Lance, this is auspicious. Wish you tons of succes.

  13. You said it at the Summit Lance…its not that its all about winning….losing IS NOT an option! This one is about you – we are all on the line – this is where LIVESTRONG stays alive with the success of Armstrong 🙂 Love, Zanna

  14. Natalie Lewis says:


    What an inspiration to humanity. Your efforts last night were truley amazing. My friends and I were so excited to be able to support you as you zoomed passed….(Im lucky to live in this beautiful city Adelaide)

    You have not only inspired those who have fought cancer but those who also faced the strong possibility of cancer. I had a scare with ovarian cancer in 2006 but luckily after surgery my tumour was benign. I had a few weeks in limbo of not really knowing where life was heading or what I was doing, I can remeber just being. Your book “Its not about the bike” helped me imensley. Particularly in the section about your stuggles with your own future abilty to be a father. I need to continue to have regular checks for the rest of my life to keep clear.

    Thankyou Lance you have done far more than win the Tour de France, you’ve touched many by simply being human.

    Best wishes
    (Please make sure Lance gets this).

  15. Shane Lowry says:

    Best of luck Lance.

    Race hard and have a great time.


  16. Tanya Davis says:

    Great ride last night Lance. Hot day for your first race back. Adelaide is a great place to start.I am a cancer survivor as well, I know just how hard it is to get back into shape after 3 years fighting the disease. With two City to Bay Fun runs, I’m more than happy with my progress. Good luck with yours and the Livestrong Global Cancer Awareness. Cheers

  17. matteo galbiati says:

    hi Lance,
    I’m Matteo Galbiati, an Italian boy (25 years old).
    my mother has suffered from your disease and she has been able to fight and win against it.
    But, despite this I know what means live with a fixed thought and fear!
    I lived my last three year hoping that the infamous evil doesn’t come back…
    fron two years I live between monza and genova and I had the opportunity to know and see the children’s hospital GASLINI in Genova.
    From the first time and I had a dream: to organize with you a visit at the children honcological hospital GASLINI in Genova (italy) to bring a smile on the children’s face… I hope you’ll answer to this message for me, for the little boys who fight against the evil! (please let lance read this message)
    thanks for everythingh you do.

  18. Radonna Grace says:

    Yu r amazing, incredible and a rock of gibraltar. Yu have the tenacity and drive that inspires, motivates and encourages all of us in the usa. yu bring out the best of humanity. Yu r the primo example of how to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Enjoy your life, every second every moment and know that yu are loved fiercely by many. Thank yu for being a testimony to the fact that the human spirit can achieve anything if you take the limits off. Rock on Lance. Je t’aime. Stay Beautiful. Stay strong, Stay healed. Love, peace, joy and healing to yu x a million.

  19. rachel says:

    Go Lance! Take care and livestrong!
    Lot’s of love from France 🙂

  20. Tony says:

    I had a brain tumour diagnosed in 2001, Surgery 3 times plus radiotherapy. To date, still clear of any recurrence. I still ride a bike as hard as I can, 5 days a week…. maybe contest the Australian Masters. I lead my life as I have always done… no reason to change and encourage others like us to try to do so. Have always admired Lance’s never give up attitude. It’s great that he is in Australia to make people aware of the disease and how it can strike anyone and the support and research that is required. To see him race the bike again is a bonus. By the end of the road season in Europe, there will be many doubters with a different point of view. Willunga Hill beckons (twice) as does the Giro and the Tour…..we’ll all be watching and knowing Lance can do it.

  21. Deb Rielly says:

    With 4yo twins at 34, a paramedic, breast cancer was not going to ruin my life. With a mastectomy, chemo and a great book, i’m a survivor. Surviving is what we do best, sometimes it takes someone like Lance to remind us. Thankyou Lance, the inspiration you have given to millions of people is an act of true heroism. Since 10/2/2003 (last chemo)competed in 2 world triathlon age champs and 2 Ironman oz,hoping to get to hawaii. Continuing to Livestrong and help others.Saw Lance in Adelaide, the man is top notch!!

  22. Michelle Chartier says:

    I found this site after my father’s diagnosis and i take comfort in knowing that Lance is a survivor and giving hope to all of us. Thank you Lance keep going

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