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LAF Board member Mark McKinnon sat down with Lance and interviewed him on a range of topics – from his comeback to who inspires him to how the economic downturn is affecting non-profits.

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  1. Joe Sweeney says:

    Great interview! Lance always gives me something to look forward to watching…all three podium steps with Astana guys on them? Yeah, I can see that happening! Lance back in Tri after he “retires” from road racing–now that will be very cool. Lance in politics in Texas? I’ll move there when that happens–packing now. 🙂

  2. Hello.
    We are a group of children from Croatia. We would like to help your foundation. We’re not able to donate money trough the internet, but we would like to send the money we collected by mail. We would like to know the a res we could send it to. It makes us very happy to know you started this foundation. We admire you, Lance. We wish you luck, and we are big fans.And we made a blog 🙂

  3. It was funny how all the press afterwards ran with the future politician angle, then someone along the way actually read it and noticed that Lance said Astana could sweep the podium spots at the Tour de France.

  4. jacqui rees says:

    I have been trying to contact you through Phil Liggett with regards to an original 1920 sketch, which was on the cover of UK cycling magazine.I would like you to endorse it,so that I can putit up for auction.The money going to Cancer Research as I am a cancer survivor,& a Lance fan.

  5. Erin and Maranda and Jonas and Jake and Shizuo says:

    Lance Armstrong! You are one of the most amazing men on this earth. We did our History Fair Project on you this year, and we had so much fun learning about you and from you. You have taught us so much about endurance and how to live our lives as stronger people inside and out! Thank You so much!!!!!

  6. Mark Gibbens says:

    Lance, I’m a registered nurse living in Adelaide Australia. I’m really looking forward to watching you ride next week. I’m sure it will add to my motivation when I start my solo walk across Australia on the 22nd February to raise money for cancer research. I will be walking 60km a day for three months from Perth to Sydney and hope that you will sign my 4 walk tops whilst your in Adelaide.The tops will be put up for charity auction when I complete the walk with proceeds going to cancer research.
    You are a true inspiration.
    Goodluck with the Tour Down Under.

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