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Did you miss Lance’s press conference with his teammates yesterday. Are you looking for the details? If you are, you might have noticed that we have not been posting as much about Lance’s cycling news lately and there is good reason for that. Our friends over at LIVESTRONG.com have taken the reins and have launched On Tour with Lance (which will fill the void left by the Paceline).

On Tour with Lance will feature commentary from the LAF’s own Chris Brewer, Lance’s coach Chris Carmichael and many more. You will also be able to find news, photos, videos and message boards chronicaling Lance’s comeback as well as action from the rest of the Astana team.

Also, if you are on twitter you can get updates right from Lance throughout the 2009 season. And if you are not on twitter click the “twitter updates” tab above and we’ve got you covered.


  1. Christine Michelet says:

    Lance, you are going to win again
    Lots of love from Christine

  2. Manuel says:

    You are the best of all!!!! You deserve to be the Astana #1 and win another TOUR. Good luck

  3. Stephen Hargreaves says:

    Truely inspirational!!!

    Good luck Lance 🙂

  4. Stephen Hargreaves says:

    Keep up the good work

  5. Michel Mallet says:

    Dear Lance,
    It’s a great pleasure to see you again on the Tour.
    You are just the best never seen on that competition. Your mindset is amazing.
    I wish you all the best and hope you are going to win again.
    Welcome in France !

  6. Anthony English says:

    Go Lance go! You keep our hopes and dreams alive, we salute you!

  7. javier Curto says:

    animo Lance?Ǭ°?Ǭ°
    gracias por darnos animo cada dia .
    estamos esperando que comience el Tour para animarte a pie de carretera por tu paso por Espa?ɬ±a

    eres el mejor ( con bici y sin bici)

    Go Lance! You give us encouragement everyday. We cannot wait for the tour and will be standing on the sidelines cheering you on when you pass through Spain during the Tour. You are the greatest both on and off the bike.

  8. John says:

    Lance your awesome a great inspiration to all man kind. Good luck in the 2009 TDF


  9. Iain Waterfield says:

    Dear Lance,
    It is truly awe inspiring that you are returning to compete in two wonderful races. Hopefully you will bring a positive note to the Tour and make your mark in history by winning it. All my good luck to you.
    Iain, UK.

  10. Richter says:

    Absolutely fantastic to see you back in the Tour. I can?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t wait for July! Good luck ?¢?Ǩ?Äú you are an inspiration to so many people. Go Lance, Go Astana! All be very best to you and the team!

  11. Majid says:

    Lance, we admire you, you are GREAT and we are just waiting to celebrate your win at the Tour for the 8th time,all the best wishes…..
    Majid and Elahe….

  12. LARRY TUBBS says:

    When you retired I said, no he’ll be back. He’s just taking a break. LA’s from Texas.He will come back & WIN 10,because he’s twice as good as the rest.
    Keep those Pedal’s spinning Lance.FAST & FORWARD!

    From the NO.CAL COAST. Remember 89? California’s Toughest Century, & Mike Pigg? You can do it Lance. 3 more TDF podiums for LA!
    Larry T.Eureka,CA

  13. John Storm says:

    SURVIVORSHIP BROTHER,from a fellow TC survivor!!!

  14. Adam Scott says:

    You inspired me to get back on my bike after 17 years off..yesterday I won my first club race for two decades … stoked! Thanks Lance and Good Luck!

  15. Robert Erbeau says:

    Best of luck in the coming year. I’m captain of my LiveStrong Challenge Team. You are a true hero. Thanks!

  16. Pablo Montiel says:

    Lance, eres muy groso! Contin?ɬ?a adelante, as?ɬ? cierras unas cuantas bocas… Gracias. Un saludo afectuoso desde Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daniel y Pablo Montiel.

  17. Sean Clouser says:

    Best of luck in 2009 Lance. Cannot wait to see the tour! Lets me it #8

  18. Michael Hayter says:

    I just bought my first trek road bike two months ago and i already have 600 miles on it. You are truly an insperation to new cyclist! I have finally found an outlet that i can now call a “lifestyle” thanx Lance.

  19. William Bonner says:

    GO LANCE!! I was truely inspired by your book, going cycling tomorrow in So Cal. See you halfway up Palomar Mtn during the Amgen Tour !! GO LANCE !!

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