A Ringing Endorsement


On Tuesday we had a team meeting to look over and discuss the foundation and Lance’s plans for 2009. There was obviously a lot of excitement amongst the staff about the future, but we never could have imagined that word would travel so fast and we would receive such a great endorsement.

Read all about it on Yahoo News


  1. didy (belgium) says:

    ha! we knew that for some time! hope to see everybody in yellow in 2009!and the one I’d want in yellow most of all ???? our own lanceboy!!!go win the TdF for all of us lance! don’t let contador stop you………………

  2. caroline D says:

    yellow:fashion, light, sun,TDF, Beatles,taxi,card,fever,line,pages, gold,Lance Armstrong, sand, seaside and paradise.
    Far away from black:disease cancer death Coma blind night tunnel and hell.
    Livestrong colors yellow and black : not to forget the battle !

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