LIVESTRONG Challenge 2009


Registration for the LIVESTRONG Challenge 2009 opened today. Next year the Challenge will be in Seattle (June 21), San Jose (July 12), Philly (August 23) and Austin (October 24-25). If you register TODAY you can receive $15 dollars off your registration fee. Visit for more information on the event and discount offer.

And if you need more motivation for why you should participate watch the video below.


  1. John says:

    I’m in!! team Fat Cyclist in Seattle. It is my 44 th birthday and hopefully a few $$ for the cause. Thanks for all the work

  2. Peter says:

    TEAM Fatcyclist is going to be a strong team for LAF 2009. We want SUSAN to WIN……….

  3. Mary Danielsen says:

    This is a great inspirational video. I love the unscripted interviews. I think every team could make one of these.

  4. Adam says:

    My wifes grandmother had vaginal cancer. She went thru years of treatment including having her lymphnodes and privates removed. She also had several surgeries to remove lumps that kept comeing up quikly and repeatedly. THE last time one came up in despiation she put Prepartion H on the lump and it went away and hasn’t came back in a year. this is great because thy were coming up every 2 weeks and she had syayed in surgery for a long time. The doctor didn’t understand why the cancer went into summision. I’m no scientist but maybe you guy could look into any cancer fighting properties that may be in the hemroid drug Preperation H THANKS ADAM

  5. Patrick Chatfield (LSC Mentor!) says:

    Great Video and inspirational! Wonderful to see Renee in the video, and ready to “kick cancer’s ass”!

    We’re all looking forward to LSC Seattle (and what an inaugural event it will be!) See you there!

  6. Angelo Fiore says:

    hey guys, I’m in the navy and I’m currently on Deployment for six months. I was at the San Jose LS last year, and i wanted to do the portland this year. Anyone know the dates?

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