Lance Gives a Tour of Our New HQ


Before he left for Training Camp in Europe Lance stopped by the our new HQ (moving in approx. first of the year) and gives you a quick tour of our new space.


  1. Michael says:

    Looks great…however, perhaps before racing next year, a nice shave might cut down on the wind resistance. 😛

  2. Amy says:

    AMAZING. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Yet another reason I need to visit Austin!!

    Hope you have a safe trip to Europe – good luck with your training, Lance!

  3. Marcia Banta says:

    Terrific building/concept. I don’t know Michael, think the fuzz matches the yet to be finished building :-)).

  4. I rode by the new site on a rental bike during a cold early March Sunday afternoon. I could see the potential and ‘better fit’ for this site even then.

    It will be great. Best of luck in the upcoming move to the new HQ.

  5. Craig says:

    Biking to the airport? 😉

  6. It was great to tour this building pre-construction last year with Greg Lee/LAF, and now see the tremendous progress underway. This is exciting! Looking forward to seeing the completed space early next year! All the best –

  7. Andrew says:

    Nice job with the LEED Gold! Should be quite the headquarters!

  8. Nona says:

    Your new HQ is perfect. It will be a pleasure to watch you race again. My husband and I are big fans from San Francisco.

  9. John says:

    Had the privilege to tour the current headquarters recently to further inspire my efforts in raising Awareness toward Autism. It was an honor to get to walk the halls of an organization that has clearly set the standards of ?¢?Ǩ?ìMaking a Difference?¢?Ǩ¬ù. My father also has Cancer and I am an avid cyclist and fan of the sport. I also was able to visit Mellow Jonnys and have a hat on the wall in my son?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s room.

    Thanks Lance and hope to meet you some day. Been a fan from the earlydays. Keep it up and God Bless bud.

  10. Dave & Ann Buxton. says:

    Admiration for you beyond words.
    Our son has just recovered from testicular cancer after serving the British Army for 14 years.
    Fitness and belief a huge asset to recovery. We are in Tenerife at the moment and are hoping to pass you out on the roads somewhere. GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE. X YOU ARE A STAR!!!!!!

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