Lance Cycling Update


Lance Armstrong is now 3-for-3 after entering his third cycling competition over the last two weekends, winning the Cat 1 class at the Rocky Hill Roundup in Smithville, Texas on Sunday.




Lance also spent some time working in the wind tunnel last week.







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  1. Great pics, thanks. And congrats to Lance! Ivan Basso is riding “tranquilo” three days a week for November, and Lance is out redlining on the weekends, and focusing tons of energy on his Time Trialing. 2009 is going to be a really fun year for us fans, as other riders have this befuddled look on their faces wondering why they lost. It’s so much fun following the training, dedication and attention to detail.
    I’ve read pretty much everything posted on the web about the comeback, and have started gathering up just the positive stuff and putting it on a blog. Can’t wait for the training to hit the Livestrong site. Cheers. John

  2. Les Minion says:

    Great photos!

    All continued health , happiness and prosperity!

  3. eduardo a. arrazate fernandez says:

    nice photos! go lance you can win! saludos desde mexico

  4. Shaun Burns says:

    Keep pedaling for victory. It should be everyone’s challenge in the fight against cancer. Thanks for inspiring us all.

  5. Vaughn Marshall says:

    That is why he’s won 7 Tours-his attention to detail!!

    If all the other riders in the peleton would work as hard as Lance, they would have better success!

    I wish I could’ve watched both his Time Trials-the ITT and the TTT-NOBODY can time trial like Lance.

    He has and always will be my hero, and my inspiration to train hard!

  6. Ukkel says:

    Nobody can time trial like lance?
    I have a great respect for lance but back in 1994 there was a guy (Miguel Indurain) just a little bit faster in a TT search you tube “indurain avances armstrong”.
    Why lance wins the 2009 tour, I’ts between the ears.

  7. richard black says:

    Great result Lance. You have given me great inspiration to start racing again after many years. You are still one of the greatest.

  8. Matt Garrison says:

    Its awesome to see Lance getting back in the game. Its inspiring for a lot of people that are getting up there in age but want to still remain competitive in their sports. Your going to rock 09!!

  9. Jared says:

    Journal Entry By:

    Lance Armstrong

    Legs pumping like tireless pistons. Whether training or battling, he always has a smile; as if to say ?¢?Ǩ?ìI won?¢?Ǩ¬ù or ?¢?Ǩ?ìI?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m going to win?¢?Ǩ¬ù. His attitude is rare, but couldn?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t have been produced under normal circumstances. From his birth to his prime and beyond; Lance has been through the ?¢?Ǩ?ìRefiners Fire?¢?Ǩ¬ù like a piece of rough pottery going through the furnace of trails on a lengthy conveyer belt. He has gone through the odds, when the odds were against him and every time the workers take him out for a breath of fresh air?¢?Ǩ¬¶ its only for a while until he gets to go back, through the ?¢?Ǩ?ìRefiners Fire?¢?Ǩ¬ù but do you hear him complain? No! he considers it an opportunity; when some would consider it a difficulty.

    Bravely he reflects the past, trying to understand everything he can; so that he can help others on their journey through the ?¢?Ǩ?ìRefiners Fire?¢?Ǩ¬ù, so he can give them some fresh air on their journey through the furnace?¢?Ǩ¬¶for he has been there. I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m sure he still remembers chemo, like mini=nukes flowing through out his veins

    He has lifted many of the hands that hang down, with how he faces opposition and by his enduring attitude. Now as of September 9th, 2008 ?¢?Ǩ?ìLance Armstrong the cancer survivor and founder and chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and cycling champion, told the public that after a lot of thought he has decided to return to professional cycling in order to raise global cancer awareness.
    So as Lance would say it?¢?Ǩ¬¶ LiveStrong!

  10. Robbie Brown says:

    Excellent Photos and well done on the results!
    Thank god you have come back into cycling, you have been missed my friend. I have read your books and you are my inspiration! Come-On-Lance!!!!!


  11. Sylvain says:


    Writing from France. You know, this ugly country, Lance !

    Sure that you’re not really afraid of the (french) crowd on the road. It’s only a communication’s strategy to find a solution to not participate at the Tour de France 09. Isn’t it ?

    Anyway. Sure that you’re a great champion who works harder than anyone else (Ullrich, Basso, Vinokourov, Beloki and co). Sure that you’ve got an iron’s mental. But please, be like Mike : a lord ! Sure that you know what I’m meaning.

    Wish you all the best for your career and your family (most important).


  12. richard pigois says:

    merci de continuer a nous faire rever.
    j’ai un peu honte d’etre francais lorsque je pense a ce qu’une pseudo presse francaise a os?ɬ© ecrire. ainsi que tout les detracteurs qui ferai mieux de s’inspirer de votre professionalisme et de votre hargne, au lieu d’essayer par tout leurs minables moyens de vous discrediter.
    keep going lance and kick them all !

  13. Lance, I am in Tucson and the LiveSTRONG Army Leader here. We are having the El tour De Tucson. Everyone is saying I hear Lance is riding the El Tour De France. I say no he is “WINNING” the Tour De France! I am so excited. We are excited here and you give us hope. Penny Feddick :O

  14. david says:

    hi lance ur return to professional cycling has made my interest in cycling even greater,as u already know when u did ur first professional race u finished last and ur were going to pack it in at that stage until u won or finished second in ur following race so i would just like to say if u have a bad experience in the “tour down under” just focus on ur next assignment!

  15. david says:

    hi lance i compete in IRONMAN triathlons as i came from a ameteur cycling backround as i am also aware u came from a triathlon backround before cycling and as u already know their is a number of ex professional cyclist also involved in IRONMAN triathlon racing like LAURENT JALABERT and STEVE LARSEN who i think was a teammate of urs back in the us postal team days,anyway my question is this i might be competing in an IRONMAN RACE in austin texas on october 18th 2009 and im wondering would it be possible to enter ur LIVESTRONG CHALLENGE u have organised in austin texas in october 2009??????????

  16. John says:

    Hello my friend.
    Two cancers and movin on because of your Inspiration,and desire.Both my sons are now following your persuits and now understand better my “Fight” over the last eight years.
    Brought chills when the news of your return hit the air waves.And I can understand the facial expressions of your feiiow compedators. “Oh My God” Here we go again. Go Lance, Live on- Be strong

  17. gilberte says:

    i am sure you ll win next tour de France !!I support you and wish you good health for a good preparation .I know that you are strong in your head,so all chances are with you .I believe in you and admire you.’you could be my son,I am 70 years old!!!Best wishes to you and your children.

  18. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for coming out of retirement. You will show these people how to work as a team. The last two years without you in this sport have been lacking.

  19. We are looking forward to supporting Lance here in Clovis, CA for the Tour of CA, on 2-18-09! Your army will be here along Livestrong Alley cheering you on and fighting the fight!

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