A Letter to Our Next President


As part of an ongoing series, “Letters to the new president” that will run on CNN.com – Lance opens his letter with the following remarks:

“Here’s something that should outrage you: Every day, more than 1,500 Americans die of cancer. Our federal government knows how to prevent many of these losses. Tragically, its attention has simply been elsewhere.”

To read his whole letter visit CNN.com


  1. This is a very powerful statement from Lance Armstrong, and one that more should be made aware of. As one who has lost a number of family members and loved ones to cancer over the years, I feel that this has to be made into a national priority, and hopefully out new President-elect will agree. In the meantime, if you have a yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet, wear it and spread the word.

  2. P.Smith says:

    The leaders of our nation need to be as focused and determined as Lance Armstrong is to find a cure for cancer. Lance has committed himself and took a stand – I commend him for this. I lost my dad to cancer – this disease is horrible. I wear my LIVESTRONG bracelet everyday as a reminder – when Im having a bad day it reminds me to LIVESTRONG because there are others in worse health than me.

  3. Jade says:

    Thank you Lance for the powerful message to our President Elect. Thank you for being a role model to others like myself who are survivors. I am the leader of a LIVESTRONG Army in my town & I will continue to LIVESTRONG, with even more hope now that we have a President Elect who is wiling to work with The LAF.
    To all of you, LIVESTRONG! Join and Army and Make a DIFFERENCE!!!

  4. didy (belgium) says:

    good letter lance, hope the new president keeps his word!!!
    just heard that “popo” will join team astane for the next two years and that is awsome news!so exited!now just get george to the team, it’s unthinkable(is that an english word?)that he would race against lance !!!! no way! get george back with lance !!!!

  5. thomas simpson says:

    Lance I’m your fan number 1 , I’m shure that you will win 2009 tour the france

  6. bielik says:

    how great it is to live next to you lance

  7. Hey Lance

    Fight the battle and have success…..Hope you and your family are doing well! How is your trg going….wishing you well


  8. klaus Lechner says:

    Dear Lance,
    all for you the best. I am from Germany. I was heavily down with cancer in 2005. I red your book and won my own “tour de france”. When reading your book, at that time I decided to become fit again. In 2007 I started a bYcicle tour from Germany to Rome Italy. It was 1422 km for my “life-strong”. And I am still fit. Thanks for your book. It really helped and motivated me. I am 49 years old.

  9. Guy says:

    Dear Lance

    Fantastic to have you back in the Tour….try to have also George with you we do like him very much in Flandern,home country of Johan

    Great letter to Mr President Elect

    All the best


  10. Phyllis says:

    I have lost a sister to cancer and all three of my brothers are suffering from cancer! This is an outrage – President Nixion in 1972 officially started the “Fight Against Cancer”-and we still have not found a cure.Why? In our great county we need to unite and stop the suffering. I am inspired by Lance and his foundation- everone needs to get behind this effort. Thanks Lance & everyone involved.

  11. moe says:

    I agree. We need to make Cancer a national priority, like Kennedy with the Moon landing, like Roosevelt with the New deal, like Johnson with the Great Society.

    We’ve been losing the war on Cancer and don’t even know it. 5-year survival rate across all Cancers currently stands at 1 in 2! That’s dismal and downright shameful after some 60 years of research.

    We’ve landed men on the Moon, rovers on Mars, built nano-machines, and much more. I know we can find a cure for Cancer. We just have to commit to it!

    Bang-Zoom. Let’s send Cancer to the Moon.

  12. Reine Chabrand says:

    Tout d’abord, je tiens ?ɬ? dire toute l’admirtion que j’ai pour Lance Amstrong. Je suis fran?ɬßaise mais contrairement ?ɬ? nombre de mes compatriotes, il est pour moi le plus grands de tous. Avoir v?ɬ©cu ce qu’il a v?ɬ©cu et s’en ?ɬ?tre sorti comme il s’en est sorti ! Il faut ?ɬ?tre tr?ɬ©s fort dans son corps et dans sa t?ɬ?te. J’ai lu son livre et son histoire est unique. Mon fils a ?ɬ©t?ɬ© op?ɬ©r?ɬ© d’une tumeur canc?ɬ©reuse au cerveau il y a 6 ans… Il s’en est sorti mais n’a pas b?ɬ©n?ɬ©fici?ɬ© des meilleurs soins. Nous lui avons sauv?ɬ© la vie ?ɬ? l’hopital, il fallait surveiller tout ce que le personnel soignant lui faisait ! Lance ?ɬ©tait bien mieux entour?ɬ©, c’est s?ɬªr ! A pr?ɬ©sent il a un gros probl?ɬ®me d’?ɬ©quilibre et ne peut jamais rester seul car il risque de tomber… Existe-t-il des methodes de r?ɬ©?ɬ©ducation aux USA qui n’existent pas en France (ici, il n’y a rien) ? Merci de me r?ɬ©pondre. et Bravo encore ?ɬ? Lance, je suis certaine qu’il peut largement gagner et je l’esp?ɬ®re de tout coeur.

    Hello, First of all, I make a point of saying all the admirtion which I have for Lance Amstrong. I am French but contrary to many my compatriots, it is for me largest of all. To have lived what he lived and to be themselves left about it as it was left there! It is necessary to be very strong in its body and its head. I read his book and its history is single. My son was operated of a cancerous tumour to the brain 6 years ago?¢?Ǩ¬¶ He left himself there but did not profit from the best care. We saved the life at the hospital to him, it was necessary to supervise all that medical staff did to him! Lance was surrounded well better, it is sure! Now it has a big problem of balance and can never remain only because it is likely to fall?¢?Ǩ¬¶ Do there exist methods of rehabilitation in the USA which do not exist in France (here, there is nothing)? Thank you to answer me. and Cheer still with Lance, I am certain that it can largely gain and I hope for it of any heart.

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