CBS Evening News Tonight – Where do the Candidates Stand on Cancer


As part of the CBS Evening News Where do They Stand series, they will be airing a special report tonight about where the candidates stand on cancer. Make sure you tune in tonight and let us know what you think after you have watched.

UPDATE: The word we are getting is that this piece will NOT run tonight, but instead will now run after the election.


  1. Richard says:

    What good will it do to run it after the election? What is CBS up to?

  2. Scott Joy says:

    After the election? Too late!

  3. Marcia says:

    Deeply disappointing…wonder what the real story is? A Where They Stand AFTER the election is a joke.

  4. Brian Dowd says:

    How many people care to hear this after the election? NONE! CBS drops the ball on this one

  5. Melissa says:

    I set my DVR to record this. When I watched it, there was nothing about cancer and alot about the economy. Now I know why. That is too bad. I understand that the economy is important but I’m getting tired of hearing about it. I’m basing my vote on Making Cancer a National Priority! I want to hear more about healthcare and how the candidates will help to fight cancer not another piece on the economy.

  6. We were also disappointed at the LAF offices. I highly suggest that everyone go to to view the candidates’ cancer plans. We were able to get them both on record. Let’s use our votes and then remember to hold the new president accountable to his promises! Thanks for making cancer a national priority!

  7. Joanie, RN says:

    I plan on writing/e-mailing CBS. What if all of the Livestrong Army did this?

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