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Wanted to let y’all know about a post on the Fat Cyclist blog that was posted today. Elden, a long time advocate, and friend of the Foundation, recently had the opportunity to ask Doug a few questions about the Global Cancer Initiative. Elden is a great guy and an incredibly strong person.

So head over to Fat Cyclist and find out why Lance is telling Susan to win and see what else Elden is doing in the cancer community.


  1. Lance, you are an inspiration to us all. Please keep it up!

  2. Jenny Laney says:

    Hi, I am the mother of a very special son. He is 30 years old and has downs syndrome, his name is Timmy and 2 weeks ago he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. he will begin treatments on Oct 20, 2008, and I have no idea what I am facing. He doesn’t know that it is cancer because he wouldn’t understand. My husband and I told him that it was an infection that was going to have to be treated. Please keep us in your prayers. I know I will need all the support I can get since this is all new to me and our family. I look forward to learning more about your livestrong program. It’s all I can do not to cry infront of him, again please keep my family in your prayers.

  3. Melissa Erasmus says:

    Hi, it is so uplifting to read about the one person who has inspired me to be better at everything I do. I am overweight and have now taken serious steps to loose it all(I call the weight my cancer!). I was always unsure of my abilities and now I am certain. My positve outlook on life is purely from one man who through his books, actions & wonderful personality has pointed me in the direction of sucesses. I have never been abroad and I have planned a trip to France only to hear my inspiration will follow me there to win his 8th Tour de France! I wish there is someway I could meet you and thank you personally. Good luck for next year and hope tho see you there. Regards, Melissa Erasmus (South Africa)

  4. Anthony Allison says:

    I have one question to ask…Why does Lance have to even get back on the bike to promote cancer awareness and the need for more funding to address research and recovery? He shouldn’t have to, we shouldn’t have to fight so hard for what should be the right thing to do which is to attack that which is unacceptable. That he has to ride and I’m sure he wants to ride for riding sake, well all I can say is thank you for continuing the fight. You continue to keep people focused on what our priorities should be.

  5. okhwan yoon says:

    I am cycling around the world since 2001. Finally, I am in America, 169th country! I am very happy to have arrived in America safely! My journey will be 7000 miles through America. I will arrive in Texas in approximately 25 days. If you have a joint event scheduled, please notify me. I can cycle 150 miles per day. Hope to see you during my journey. I’m passing through San Diego County, just passed through Mt Laguna.

  6. Ron says:

    Jenny–Like your son, I am a testicular cancer survivor. I don’t know what stage he is in, but the one good thing I can tell you is what my doctor told me–testicular cancer is curable. Keep that in your head. If you had to pick one, this is the one to have. Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick, but…
    Hang in there, be strong for him and fight it.

  7. Scott Joy says:

    Jenny, you may also want to visit and for information and support. Hang in there!

  8. Tom says:

    I have gone through surgery and treatment this year for bowel cancer and I can only begin to imagine what you and your husband are going through for your son. Although not an overly religious person, it gave me enormous strength and confidence when I was told that my parents church were praying for me. I live in Scotland and believe that the power of prayer is an amazing thing and I pray for all of you. Like Ron has said, stay positive and strong and I truly believe that through LIVEstrong you are not alone.

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