Photos From NYC, CGI and Las Vegas



  1. Debbie Gibbs says:

    Looking forward to Lance hopefully riding down under in Australia…
    Some great photos from nyc – cgi and las vegas!

  2. Mike says:

    Great pics…they really catch the emotion of each moment with Lance. Love seeing everything behind the scenes. Keep em’ comin’!! Lookin’ forward to ’09!!!


  3. Betty says:

    Great Pics, Thanks for sharing them with your supporters. Keep fighting and never give up!

  4. Wilko says:

    I am with Debbie….hoping that Lance can make it to Australia (my flights are booked) Great photos and now makes me understand why the week was so draining for Lance

  5. Elliott says:

    lookin good!
    keep it up lance!

  6. Jacqui Paton says:

    Lance is THE example of someone who just gives life it’s all… GO LANCE. Can’t wait to see more!!!!!!

  7. Sissel says:

    Great pics & thanks for sharing them with your supporters!
    As a “Breast Cancer survivor” in Dubai, I hope to see “Livestrong” having activities” in Dubai / U.A.E in the future as well!

  8. And you say you’re busy? Come on! Just kidding, Boss. We are all so proud of you. Thanks for all your hard work.

    -LAF Staff

  9. Julio says:

    Nice to have you back, don?Ǭ¥t quit and always look forward!
    Hope to see you in the 09!

  10. David says:

    Is Lance riding on the new Madone frame?

  11. liz says:

    Waiting for your come back in 09…don’t ever give in because you are a true inspiration to a lot of people!!!

  12. John De Rosa says:

    So glad to have you back! You are a true inspiration to all of us!
    Bravo e Viva Lance!

  13. Angie Welch says:

    Hi Lance

    I’ve heard a rumour that you are going to be making a come back and will be doing the Tour de France again. Is this true.

  14. Erick says:

    Hey Lance

    I’m so happy to have you back… you are our inspiration, we are with you from Panama, bye

  15. Marta says:

    Welcome back Lance, how we missed you in the sport of cycling. Now you’ve really grown into yourself as a spoke
    man for cancer, a humanitarian and as a professional athlete. The TDF has not been the same since you left. I look forward to your return to team Astana and to the Tour. Look at you with former Pres.’s and Bono! 🙂

  16. Marta says:

    PS, Congratulations on another
    10/2 anniversary!

  17. Justin says:

    Thanks for pushing me everyday LANCE!!!!!!

  18. Gisela says:

    Thanks for being the inspiration for so many people!

  19. Katherine says:

    Not going to TDF next summer unless you race. It’s that simple. See you there.

  20. Hi Lance,
    I’m a fan from day one.
    But please keep in mind that a lot of the greatest sportsmen have tryed a come-back without result.
    We all know your aiming another goal, but I know that you above all are determined to win, otherwise you would’nt even consider this challenge.
    Anyway, your going for the bumpy road and remember the world will let you down if you don’t succeed.
    Whatever happens, please don’t give up.
    Respect is yours forever.
    One more thing; my father has been the best of the world in billiards for more than 30 years. Don’t let anyone take your bike away!
    Gold luck
    Kurt Ceulemans

  21. Maureen says:

    HI Lance. I am a huge fan! You are an inspiration to me. You are the reason that I started running and getting fit during my chemotherapy. I was 31 years old at diagnosis and almost 5 years cancer free!. When/if there is ever time I don’t feel like going for a run I think of you and I just go!. I just did my first 7.5 miles the other day and very proud of it. Thank You for keeping me going!.
    Maureen 🙂

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