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This Wednesday, October 1st at 10pm EST (times and dates of broadcast differ by location, check your local listings), PBS stations will be airing In The Family. In The Family brings to life the story of young women looking for balance between quality of life and cancer prevention, in the face of a genetic mutation. This film humanizes the statistics and sheds light on the physical and emotional considerations that are part of this arduous decision making process.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation believes in everyone’s right to live life on their own terms and In The Family truly demonstrates this principle while highlighting the power of information and virtue of personal strength. After the broadcast you can visit to chat about the issues raised in the film with viewers nationwide, to learn more hereditary cancer and genetic testing, and to ask a question to a Genetic Counselor from the National Society of Genetic Counselors.

To learn more about the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, which is discussed in the film, check out either this or this previous blog posting on the LIVESTRONG Blog.


  1. Dan Waeger says:

    Good post Devon! I wonder if my siblings are now more opt to develop lung cancer?

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