Paul Newman


Reading the news this morning, I was sad to learn that cancer claimed Paul Newman yesterday. Here’s another one of our greatest taken by a disease we can and should do more against. Our thoughts are with his family and the many people who loved him as they adjust to this profound loss.

Few of us haven’t been touched by one of Paul Newman’s films. And everyone knows he started a multi-million dollar company that poured every dime of profit into charities. What fewer people knew of was his devotion to children facing cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. He started the Hole in the Wall Gang camp in 1988 to provide children and their families with much-needed R&R, allow them to connect with parents and kids facing the same struggles and let them recharge together in a beautiful setting. His efforts helped thousands of children and families when they needed it the most.

For me, Paul Newman is a great example of a guy who truly had it all, great career, wonderful family and a strong sense of service – and was willing to share it with everyone who needed his help. He was special to the American cancer community and we’ll miss him a lot.


  1. D Parkyn says:

    One of the greats….another piece of the past gone…my condolences to his family….he will be greatly missed…

  2. rym sellemane says:

    Paul Newman est mort des suites d?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢un cancer du poumon ; il n?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢y a pas un jour ou une c?ɬ©l?ɬ©brit?ɬ© ne d?ɬ©c?ɬ®de du cancer c?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢est dire la gravit?ɬ© de la maladie..En mai 2007 il met fin ?ɬ? sa carri?ɬ®re au cin?ɬ©ma. Finalement on est tous solidaires au moment ou j?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢?ɬ©cris ces lignes je d?ɬ©couvre ce que lance Armstrong a ?ɬ©crit ce matin au sujet de Paul Newman

  3. Just spending a day at one of the “Hole In The Wall Gang Camps” woudl allow you to truly feel the incredible impact Mr. Newman had on the world. I was lucky enough to spend a whole week there as a cabin counselor volunteer this summer, and staff/friends from the LAF were instrumental in helping me get that amazing opportunity.

    I’ll freely admit I cried this afternoon on learning of the death of this amazing man. I never met him, but I got to experience the magic he created.

  4. didy (belgium) says:

    sweet words lance, again a great guy left us for an other(better?) place. we’ll indeed miss him but his films will always be there to keep him alive!

  5. movie fan says:

    it’s hard not to admire Paul Newman for putting his money to work in such productive ways, such as his Newman’s Own line–high quality stuff and the proceeds go to good causes… very smart.

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