Thank You Mayor Bloomberg and President Clinton


Lance, President Clinton and Mayor Bloomberg just spoke and made their case for taking LIVESTRONG global.

Mayor Bloomberg and his foundation made a commitment to our global fight. We could not be more excited and thankful to Mayor Bloomberg for joining us in this fight.

We would also like to thank President Clinton and all of the staff of the Clinton Global Initiative for allowing Lance to share the stage with so many other amazing people trying to make the world a better place. President Clinton in his remarks referred to Lance as “one leader who empowers others” and that is our hope with this campaign. That Lance, and his return to professional cycling, will serve as a catalyst to bring individuals, organizations, corporations and governments together to fight this disease.

Make sure you tune back in at 12 ET for Lance’s press conference to find out more about our plans to take this fight to the world.

You can also learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved by visiting

You can also follow Doug Ulman’s twitter stream from the event in the left hand navigation of the blog.


  1. Francesca says:


    I am a cancer survivor that after being treated , and succesfully achieveing remission in the US where I lived at the time, I moved to beautiful Switzerland. So basically I made the difficult and often underestimated transition from patient to survivor as we arrived here ( my husband was transferred here!) .. Shortly after arriving I began searching for several cancer organizations , support groups , so on, .. I wanted to get involved. AS a matter of fact .. I NEEDED to get involved… and to my big surprise I found out that none of the big ( US Based) groups did not have a presence here.. such as Team in Training and LAF ( I am a Lymphoma survivor) …. so ..long story short I am thrilled to hear that the fight is becoming GLOBAL.. it is needed.. here, although I have met wonderful people , people still ask me “- what is the yellow bracelet you wear???? , are you kidding me??? where have you been???
    Anyway, if I can help in any way , please let me know.. it will be a priviledge and an honor…

    Francesca from Zurich , Switzerland

    PS: Pardon the spelling mistakes but i could not figure out the spell check. 🙂

  2. I am the senior medical correspondent for the French public TV network FRANCE2-TV, which broadcasts the Tour de France every year.

    I do admire Lance Armstrong for his fight against cancer, for what he does to help patients overcome the disease and, for his wonderful career.

    I know it is quite unusual for a Frenchie to think that way and my public statements in favor of Lance have not been appreciated by the past.

    I am extremely happy to hear that he will be back in the “peloton” this coming season.

    On my blog, which is on my network website, I wrote a post to tell people how important is Lance’s message and to remind our audience that he just escaped from hell.

    If some of you happen to read french , this is the link :

    The title is Sort et cancer : fier de Lance (Sport and cancer : proud of Lance)The french title is playing with words : fer de lance means spearhead. Fier de Lance is proud of Lance but the joke is understandable in Fren,ch !

  3. Hi,
    I am the senior medical editor for the French public TV network FRANCE 2-TV. We are the broadcasters of the Tour de France.

    Contrary to mzny of my colleagues I do admire Lance and I am happy to hear that he will be back in France next season.

    here, the concept of survivor is unknown and people do not understand how important the message Lance carries is fundamental. When lance was on the Tour, there were parents with kids living with cancer that came at each stage to see Lance.

    I did publicly state how much I admired him and I know that it was seen as politically incorrect, but I don’t care !

    I have a blog on the network website and I just posted a note about Lance ‘s return, reminding people that lance just came back from hell.

    The post is in French, sorry ! the address is :

    The paper is titled : Sport et cancer : fier de Lance.

    Translated it gives : sport and cancer: proud of Lance.

    But there is a joke Fier de Lance is close to Fer de Lance which means spearhead !

    Welcome back to France, Lance.
    Make it 8

  4. Cindy says:

    Win or loose the Tour de France, I think it is great that Lance is coming back to racing. What a huge way to raise global awareness. We can all do our part, big or small to raise awareness of this disease. We can demand better treatment and funding for research and developement. I expect nothing less of the candidates in this election. I will vote Yellow this year. There is no reason on earth, why anyone should not have access to treatment and information. Best of luck Lance. Thanks for everything.

  5. CD says:

    Hey Lance it’s great to know your coming back.. Knowing you I know your going for 8 even though you say 7 was the goal.. Make a good thing out of this..
    Thanks for the inspiration

  6. Jean-louis Forgeard-Grignon says:

    Dear Lance and all

    I am a old Frenchie (55) totally found of Cycling and Tour de France.

    I had the same disease than you Lance but only Stage 1 in 97.

    Your fight against cancer gave me so much strength to deal with my own case that I am grateful for ever and will endeavour to support your coming back within the “peloton” in Tour de France to promote fight against cancer.

    Mr FLaysakier from French 2 TV news is brave to post his position on this blog given the media overall misinforamtion.

    Welcome back and take care Lance.

  7. jashan says:

    Hi! Lance and all the readers,

    I am from India, I am a fan of cycling, but more than that I am a fan of Lance. See the courage this man has, Having cancer, then getting back to his bike to win the Tour de France 7x. THIS IS ALMOST CHALLENGING THE GOD’S DECISION

  8. ameyadusane says:

    i m just so thrilled by the news that your making a comeback its not only a cancer people who need you but all also the cycling world needs you
    in the end i will just like to say “go Amrstrong go……”

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