Watch Lance Wednesday Morning


Lance will be appearing on several morning shows before he heads over to take part in the Clinton Global Initiative on Wednesday. So make sure you tune in if you have the chance.

CBS Early Show at approximately 7:15 ET

CNN American Morning at approximately 7:50 ET

Good Morning America at approximately 8:25 ET


  1. Cheryle says:

    Cycling needs you. Welcome back!

  2. Hugh Roberts says:

    Dear Lance ,
    On behalf of the entire Tour of Britain team and all your cycling fans in the UK we applaud your decision to return to competitive racing .

    As C.E.O. of the Tour of Britain (sept 12-19th 2009)and as one who has lost several relatives and friends to cancer I would like to extend an invitation to you and your chosen team to ride in the 2009 Tour of Britain and for you to use the race as a platform to promote both awareness and fundraising for your charity and any other UK based cancer charity of your choice .
    As you are very aware , you have millions of fans here and many have already asked me if we intended to invite you when word leaked out during the recent Tour of Britain which ended 10 days ago in Liverpool.
    Next year’s race will be of 8/9 days duration with a huge circuit finish on a saturday outside No 10 Downing St – followed by a mass participation ride on the Sunday.

  3. jacqueline and jack says:

    Dear Lance, we just want to tell you that in Bourg d’Oisans, there are at least! 2 people who are so happy about your coming back to Tour de France and maybe Criterium and we are waiting for you to give us HAPPINESS, thank you for this decision, we were dreaming of it…we’ll be on the roads of your races, good luck for this coming back! we love you because you are different from all the others!

  4. John Calliott says:

    Dear Lance. I’m really excited about the comeback and anxious to hear the rest of the details. I’m surprised you’re starting at the Tour Down Under as earlier stories said you’re race eligible on February 1, but it’s great that you’re heading there and to other parts of the world to renew interest in both cycling and the fight against cancer. All the best. John

  5. Richard Ferguson says:

    Today is indeed a great day for everyone. We must beat cancer and you can be the true driving force. My wife and I will be on the roads of France in July to cheer you on as we have numerous times in the past.

    Richard Ferguson
    Danville, VA

  6. Scott Stusek says:

    Vive Le Lance! I got chills when I heard. I am getting on my bike for 20 mi at lunch today! Very inspiring stuff!

  7. Trevor Floyd says:

    Welcome back to a idol for all that either aspire to become a famous athlete or as myself an over weight fifty year old who only had dreams but still tries. The inspiration giving off you and supporting staff makes us all strong.

  8. Roger Parker says:

    It’s fantastic. I think Lance can win ten Tour de France. Even at 40. No doubt about it.
    French people do not understand what Lance represents.

  9. Jakub Budaj says:

    Dear Lance,

    I have read your two books, followed your progress, ups and downs. I have always been very impressed with your approach to the sport, the way you are devoted to it, and the way you train, whatever the weather, etc.

    I am very pleased with your comeback to cycling and I am 100% sure you will succeed! 8th Tour win is on the way.

  10. A Magdalera says:


    Road Cycling will be exciting to watch again. Can’t wait to see you race in 2009 Tour d France. Good luck and God bless.

  11. ALPHAMALE says:

    All of us your fans are excited to see you ride competitively again. We wish you all the best for 2009 Tour and all the races you will be joining.

  12. John Calliott says:

    Kaiser had a real problem with the press conference this morning, and didn’t seem to get it working until fifteen minutes in when the introductions and major announcements were done. Will the tape be available anywhere? Cheers/

  13. John Calliott says:

    For others who weren’t able to view the press conference live, it’s now available as video and as podcast here:

  14. emilieom says:

    Dear Lance, I’m french and I’m very happy about the comeback. You are the best. I believe in you. Vous m avez fait aimez le cyclisme. Je vous supporte depuis longtemps. J’attendais votre retour depuis. Le Tour de France va retrouver son boss. Good luck. Vive Le Boss. Welcome in France.

  15. Shawna KS says:

    Thanks for staying on the path and know you are so supported along the way!

  16. John from St. Louis says:

    I really wish that someone had read my comment #4 and passed it along, if indeed Lance won’t be able to race the tour Down Under. Australian news sites were suggesting nice days ago that Lance would race there, and I left a comment at every site possible asking the same question. I hope it works out, but I’m flustered. Cheers

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