Thank You


I wanted you to see some pics from the last few days. Training is going well. We have a big mission and your involvement is fueling me. Thanks for all of the comments. Keep them coming.








  1. Jayme says:

    Looking great Lance. Can’t wait until the tour. I am so thrilled by your announcement!

  2. Like everyone else, I was thrilled for your return to professional cycling, but am also happy that this return will also raise awareness and get us that much closer to the cure for Cancer!

    “Never underestimate the power of belief.”

  3. Cindi says:

    Welcome back…

  4. Ron Doorain in SoCal says:


    It?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s amazing how your announcement has sparked the sports world. If anyone could make the full comeback to win the Tour Day France (Bobke), you?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢re the one who can. I admire the heck out you for your approach and reasons to go back into the peloton.

    I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m sure the French Le Tour organizers just love the whole idea?

    Go get?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢em Lance!

  5. We are either striving to get better or allowing ourselves to get worse!
    I can’t wait to see you compete!
    Livestrong..Keep Climbing..Kill It

  6. Ant?ɬ?nio Guedes says:

    It was great to hear that the great sportsman Lance Armstrong was coming back.

    I hope you can show again to the World who is the best rider and that all lies written by the french newspapers are just that: injustified lies!

    Best of luck.

    From Portugal, Ant?ɬ?nio.

  7. Lance, you inspired me to get on a bike and to ride to and from work everyday and to quit smoking when I thought it was a hopeless cause. I thank you everyday for changing my life 3 years ago-I LiveStrong everyday!Canada loves you Lance! Mark

  8. Dave G says:


    As an avid cyclist of only 5 years, you were a big motivator in the early years for me. And after just being cleared to ride on Wed 10 Sep after 6 weeks and a good bone bruise, your announcement has me all kinds of fired up to get back out tomorrow for the first time in a long time, so know you have my thanks for motivating me, and I would guess many others, again.

    All the best,

  9. Richard , Quebec City says:

    Hi Lance. It gives me the chills just to think about the 2009 Tour de France. Raising awareness on cancer is the single best reason to come back and give it your all. It’s a dream come true to have you back on a bike. We’ll be following you. Richard, Natasha, Elizabeth, William and Frederique

  10. Tina says:

    Best of luck – as always – an inspiration!!

  11. artie moore says:

    From the bottom of my heart and with all sincerity, you are truly an amazing human being. Please know that you and your cause are being strongly rooted for. In your comeback nine years ago you were right, it “was not about the bike.” I am covinced that your new mission is still “not about the bike.” You will not fail…I am convinced of that. Go tear up the road. Stay hard, stay humble, and stay alive!

  12. Guy H. says:

    Great to hear you are back.You are such an inspiration for all of us.Are you running the Chicago Marathon?You are the best!
    your friend ,Guy

  13. Jacqi M says:

    Lance – this is quite some exciting news, not only for you personally and professionally, but also for the sport and the Tour. So when are you going to join us triathletes and do an Ironman?

  14. Don says:


    Glad to hear of you returning to the road to continue your pursuit of spreading the good word and motivating others to support the fight against cancer as well as seeking an 8th win at the tour! Remember, the true measure of a man is not in what he accomplishes, but in what he desires to accomplish. I’d wish you luck, but those well prepared for opportunity don’t need luck, they only need the opportunity to meet up with their preparations. Ride on my friend…ride on!!

  15. Ken in Ames says:

    Three years ago on Sept 9 my wife was diagnosed with Luekemia – yesterday on Sept 9 she finished her first century bike ride. Thank you Lance for the inspiration to LiveStrong!!

  16. Luke in NYC says:

    Lance ill be in France going crazy this summer………Kick their butts again

  17. David Bailey says:

    I’m really stoked to see you coming back and all you have done to feed cancer funding and awareness. My wife’s father passed away right before you won the prologue and your first tour. I know many people with cancer and it’s great to see an athlete these days responsible enough to lead the way towards finding forms of treatment for this lousy disease. Best wishes for a great season on and off the bike!
    -David Bailey

  18. Blake says:

    Lance, using your comeback to bring global awareness to cancer is great. When all is said and done I believe your legacy will be catalyst for the cure with the eight Tour titles as a nice side story.

  19. Gary Durree says:

    My whole family is planning a trip to Paris for next July. I will be the 55 year old with tears in his eyes and an American flag in his hands.
    Just a suggestion. Make a slight redesign of the bracelet to commemorate your return.
    Give em hell.

  20. Arlyn says:

    Now I’ll be doing everything I can to get to France for next years Tour. Thanks for coming back!

  21. Meg Rodgers says:


    We are SO PSYCHED that you are getting back on the bike to raise global support for those of us in the cancer battle. We are cheering you from afar, but right with you in spirit and the determination to end cancer for everyone.

    At the Summit you said that it’s no fun unless we win. Well, even though we are dealing with setbacks in our fight against my fiance’s stage IV lung cancer diagnosis (nonsmoker), we will win and we will have fun doing it. Just like we know you’ll win the Tour, and have fun wearing the yellow jersey again next summer-LIVING STRONG!!!!

    We also have our own blog, and we love comments, too. Please visit us if you want to learn more about the importance of a “Waeger Will Win” attitude in dealing with cancer 🙂 (named affectionately for my fiance)

    Be safe, and thanks for leading the way.


  22. Mike Klarich says:


    Welcome back we missed you! You are truly an inspiration to every human on the planet.

    I’m headed out to get on the bike.

  23. Jim Capra says:


    Incredible news!! Can’t wait to hear more details about both the global cancer initiative and training for July!!

    From a local Boulder racer, GO KICK ASS IN FRANCE!!!!!!

  24. Rob Keistler says:


    Ilost my nephew to Lymphoma years ago and I bless you for your battle to fund cancer research.You are a true warrior
    against this insideous disease and may the Good Lord bless your return to the tour.Win or lose,you are the champ!!!

  25. Sophie says:

    Welcome back Lance,

    I was thrilled to hear about your return to cycling and can’t wait to watch Le Tour in 2009! Good luck.

  26. Andrew in Singapore says:


    What a fantastic announcement.

    I sent an email to Eurosport cycling last night on the Vuelta suggesting that the best strategy for highlighting a global awareness for Cancer is for you to form your own US based team called “Team Livestrong”

    Forming Team Livestrong will better the cause and will create a great global awareness with one message being heard around the world.

    LAnce, If you read this, seriously, Please consider forming your own team rather than going to join a non-us based team.

    It furthers the unified cause under a unified banner with a well known identity ( for the public to get behind.

    My words to the Sean Kelly + Co were that it would create a “TIDAL WAVE” of support. Remember the days of US postal and how much support you got from that?

    BTW: Make sure Johan is on board with Levi George Alberto and Eki in the car.

    Mate, although Im an Aussie, I wish you all the best, and I will definitely be there supporting the cause.

  27. Harold Brockwell says:

    Welcome back Lance – We missed you. The Tour was a ghost without you. I believe you would have been up to #10 now. DO IT!


  28. Julie Westcott says:

    Lance – Thank you for your commitment to use your talent to raise awareness of the issues surrounding cancer. As a recent survivor (just celebrated my 1 year remission date) and 1st time LIVESTRONG Summit delegate this summer, I am truly touched and amazed at the strength we can find in numbers to fight this disease. My motto going through chemo was “Failure is Not an Option” — and may it now apply in your upcoming Tour and our fight against Cancer! I’m cheering for you!

  29. Erik says:

    Lance without a doubt one of the greatest, since I was a boy I watched you live in france going up hill with the us postal Train. I was amazed that you will ride along with the tour in 2009. You are trully a hero, and hero’s won’t fall.
    I will see you in 2009 a the top of the mountain, where you will wear the yellow jersey again.

    Succes with your training and you’re a living legend that reaches so many people and give them sparks with your inspiration and motivation.

  30. wim scherphof says:

    dear Lance,

    I was stunned by your announcement, and two thoughts ocuured to me. First of all it’s great, I think you’re one of the greatest sportsmen of our time and I’m surely gonna enjoy your return in the “peloton”. The second thought however was that I hope you’re not gonna make the Tour de France a dull thing again, as you did before being so strong.

    all the best Lance! chapeau!

  31. Show them Lance. The thing I admire the most is that you give people hope who face the disease you defeated. Wishing you all the best in the preparation for the Tour next year.


  32. Simon says:

    Hi Lance,

    though I always enjoyed watching you ride the TdF and you were a huge motivation for my own cycling, I truly hope you really really really took enough time to think about your plans to come back. Right now you are in the cycling oylmp, you said Faretheewell while you were the best of the best… Man, I wish you all the best, but I would have preferred to not see a comeback. You were without defeat and your place in the books of sport-history is guaranteed anyways. Not winning the TdF (which is a possibility as you know) will only fuel the engines of those who say you were doped back then and knock a bit out of your legacy.

    Anyways, we both know how tough cycling is, we both know you do what you want anyways ;-), so all I have left to say is: Good luck (and I mean it, despite my disagreeing with your decision to comeback). You’ve been a major part of my cycling life and you will remain a major part no matter how this story ends.

    All the best to you and your family.

  33. Tim says:

    Lance you’re the man!!!!! Make every pedal in training count. Good luck:)

  34. Lance

    What can i say ?

    I cant wait until next year’s tour!!

    I am a very proud owner of a Leaders Yellow Jersey signed by you 🙂

    It is not only a piece de resistence but an item of envy

    No matter what happens next year you are a hero not only to me but to others and an inspiration to so many more

    Thankyou for all the joy you have given so many and inspiration you have given to many more

    Livestrong sir and thankyou for the amazing ride you have provided so far

    Come back and prove em wrong again mate


  35. Caroline says:

    Hi Lance !
    WHen they said your were back on the French radio, I thought it was just a rumor. It’s great to see you’re really back on the bike. I can’t wait to see you in the Paris-Nice and in the Tour. It wasn’t the same without you !

    Caroline from Paris, France

  36. Eric P says:

    Great Stuff! This will be so energizing to all our efforts!

  37. Eric says:


    I`m very happy to hear about you ride the bike again…..We(Hong Kong fans& who love cycling people) miss you so much……
    I hope you can have the yellow jezzy again….
    I want to use training hard in cycling to support you ,but in May I’ve broke my leg …..
    When I ready to ride back, can you teach me how to ride better….
    When will you come to Hong Kong visit us??
    best wish
    Thank you=]

  38. Steve says:

    Lance, since your announcement David Walsh, Christian Prudhomme and TV presenters here in the Netherlands have come out stating that this time we will have to see the real Lance.
    What are these people so afraid of? These people should applaud you, it will give Walsh another excuse for a book, Prudhomme more intensive global coverage of the Tour and the media in general will put cycling in the spotlight!
    Welcome back Lance, you’ve been missed……

  39. Bonjour Lance,
    I’m a french fan from France(Bernard Hinault region – Bretagne) and I’m fascinated about your coming back, this encourages me to continue cycling at 39 years old 😉 I’ve read your book and understood your fight. See you soon in France.

    Go lance !
    Jean-Charles Le Tarnec

  40. Felix says:

    Hi Lance,

    What an amazing news! But, I am so sick to hear “journalists” referring to doping when they talk about you. Especially since there are PUBLISHED SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT YOUR RISE AT THE TOP WAS NOT DUE TO DOPING! In his paper about you, Coyle (JAP, 2005) presents a table with the evolution of your physical parameters over the years. Interestingly, results of a test you undertook right after your cancer in Aug. 97 are there and can be compared with resulst in the off-season of years before and after. Not surprisingly, every parameters were down, Vo2max and lactate threshold ~12% lower, produced 46% more lactic acid at max, fatter… BUT the most important parameter was up: you were able to produce 17 Watts more than in Jan 93 at 5.0 l/min despite being an effort of 95% of your max rather than 86%. Even in 99, you only added 5 watts compared to Aug 97!!! Coyle (2005) interpreted these results to be related to a progressive increase in efficiency within the muscle fibers. Unfortunately, test results from 95 or 96 were not reported to test this hypothesis. However, it is questionable that you were more efficient in 96 compared to 93 because you had far better results in 93… An alternative explanation is that surviving cancer made you mentally stronger and made you able to push through more pain. I believe that this, added to an improved maturity during races, are what made you the champion you became. Whatever the reason for this improvement, you were for sure not doped in August 97, but cycling at almost enough power to win the Tour…
    Looking forward hearing your speech in Montreal Saturday AM.
    Bonne 8ieme victoire sur les Champs D’?É?Ä?lis?ɬ©e!

  41. Nate K. says:

    I was excited and thrilled to hear about your comeback! FEED THE WARRIOR!

  42. 5yr old fan says:

    “One day when I get big, I want to be like Lance!”

    What’s better than a kid wanting to be just like you?!

    Thanks for the comeback!

  43. Brian Dowd says:

    Lance: I guess I will now get to expereince what it is like to watch the entire Tour. I used to watch you periodically and admired from a far, but now being an avid LAF supporter I cannot wait to expereince it with your return.

    Thank you for leading the effort to raise awareness.

  44. Mike says:

    Lance, congrats on your return! Let’s take back the tour!

  45. James says:

    Lance is back, thank you.The cycling world needs someone with your talents, not just on the pedals. I am a strong beliver that we can make a diference and a wake up call to all is much needed. Im losing my mother to a lung cancer and its terminal.I will fight for her allways even when she gone. Thanks Lance.
    Mabella, Spain.

  46. Ginna says:

    Lance: We are so excited about your return. After meeting you at the Livestrong Challenge San Jose this past summer, you inspired all 25 of us to step the fight against cancer up a few notches. And now, knowing your comeback will bring the fight to the global stage inspires us even more to take our efforts to another level. We’ll see you in Austin next month and in San Jose for the Tour of California in Feb (we hope!)

    Team Spike the Wonder Dog

  47. I have decided to come out of retirement too and race again at 49. Thank you for realigning the priorities of many individuals.

  48. What a boom!!! fantastic and astonishing, I ll get my bike once again cleaned to ride also, cause this is a huge inspirational worldwide event.
    From Panama friend, thanks for this big new!!!

  49. Bruno Vidigal Costa - Brasil says:

    It was for your cause that I started to pedal at 30 years old. Thanks for everything. I am very happy for your return.

  50. mark gutsell says:

    well well well who would of thought you would be coming back to bike racing… I wish you all the best, i shall be following with support and interest.

    what better way than to stick it to the French one more time!!!

    Love it

    Mark from London

  51. John from St. Louis says:

    That’s great news about the comeback. It will be great to see you race, and win, once again. I’m severely overweight, and lost my job as the result of a concussion from a car accident. Your announcement has inspired me to embark on my own comeback and to see how far back I can get by the time you reach Paris. God bless you.

  52. Anne Franks says:

    Lance, I am a senior citizen and can’t tell you how excited I am about you coming out of retirement. The Tour just hasn’t been any fun at all without you being there! Good luck in all that you do.

  53. Al Strickler says:

    You are the hero of our son Harrison, age 11, a Leukemia survivor. When he heard the news, he started googling airfares to Paris so our family can be with you next year when you win #8! Ride On! Live Strong!
    The Stricklers, Richmond, VA

  54. Alisa says:

    Fly HIGH…because you can!

    Cheers from western Canada

  55. Stuart Wild says:

    Absolutely fantastic news Lance, the Tour as not been the same without you. Ram all of those accusations by the French down their throats in 2009 and prove just what a pure clean athlete can do. Bloody brilliant, can’t wait. Stuart in Lees, Oldham. U.K.

  56. Richard Wright says:

    absolutely thrilled to bits to hear that you are coming back in`09.from me and mine,and all your fans in the uk,we wish you the very best of british luck! LIVESTRONG!!!!!!

  57. Milan says:

    Absolutely great to hear that you’re going to win the Tour once again. Cycling was never the same after you, and I’m sure you’ll change it in it’s whole again.

    Well, good luck training, and I’m sure you’ll win, with your spirit you can’t lose.

  58. Brandon says:

    Lance, you are the best what more can we say. I hope that I get the oppurtunity to see you ride in the Tour. LiveStrong

    Brandon, Lansing MI

  59. Bara says:

    Hi Lance, I?Ǭ¥m from Czech republic and I?Ǭ¥m fifteen. I red your books and I admire you very much. I?Ǭ¥m happy that you decided to ride a bike again. I wish you a lot of luck :). LiveSTRONG Bara

  60. Heather Purcell says:

    Yeeeehaa!!! Hope to book my trip to France soon! All the best Lance! From Atlantic Canada!

  61. Michael S., germany says:

    I?Ǭ¥m a 36-year old road-racer (I even know how hard it is to get up in the morning…;-)) from germany and really happy to see you “back in the saddle”. I think your decision is absolutely right…..right for the cycling-world today! Can?Ǭ¥t wait until july 4th 2009!!!!! Please check “Whose Authority” from NADA SURF, great song, put it on your iPOD and “ride on”….;-)

  62. Eric says:

    This is incredible.. Lance is the reason I started cycling in 2003. Never would I thought this would happen.. awesome-

  63. Brian says:


    Go like hell Lance…Go like hell.

  64. Kim Randers says:

    Lance, you continue to be such an inspiration for all of us – proving that with commitment, conviction and faith, nothing is impossible.

    Thank you from all of us who need to be inspired every once in a while to live strong.

    Give’m Hell, buddy!

  65. Gert from Belgium says:

    Hi Lance,
    when I heard the news about your return I first couldn’t believe it! I thought it was a dream…!!!
    I wish you all the best and enjoy your 8th victory next year ! And…maybe “Captain Blueheart” can help you again??

  66. Austin Tucker says:


    I just graduated from Furman University (in George’s hometown!) and have moved to France to start work. Bet your bottom dollar I will be smiling wide (and laughing real hard) when I see you on the cover of l’equipe holding up #8. Lets get er done baby!

  67. Reno M. The Netherlands says:

    Just hope; my dad can see you from where ever he is next tour de france.
    I am sure, I`ll be there. What ever I have to do for it.

    Thanks again, man.

  68. Steve Gully says:

    Wow. Talk about a challenge of challenges, and lets be fair you’ve done about as many as are possible.
    Best of luck. We’re all rooting for you. Cycling needs a real hero to get behind again, and once and for all to banish the doubters, what with talk of doping and every other unnecessary distraction. Am with you 100% (altho being British I hope Cav gets a few sprints along the way !!)
    Your books are inspirational. The insight they give into what you stand for says you will do this.
    Whilst vindication should never be one’s driver I hope and pray you can show once again what being a true champion is all about.
    I say it again it is so nice to have some positive news in the sport. Good luck Lance.
    Not that you need it, but good luck. Do it your way (like you’d do it any other way).
    It rocks. This is truly awesome news.
    StevieG (aka ChadBagder)

  69. Lance,

    Great to see you back and for a very good reason! I met you at Sloan Kettering in NYC over the winter on a visit made to see patients. It was incredible to meet you in the midst of my post-surgery radiation, definitely helped me out this year! I’ve won more races this season after my second brain surgery/treatment than ever before.

    Thanks again for signing my friends jersey along with my Fisher catalog. I will work on some donation rides for you in 2009 while you are racing to help save lives.

    Michael Patrick
    Gary Fisher Subaru

  70. Helder Martinovsky (from Brazil) says:

    I have not enough words to describe the happiness in seeing you ride again! This is not just about to win the competitions, but to show the world the power we have inside to win the troubles in life! …and how the sport can make us strongest for this, anytime, in any age…

  71. Spyder_TJ says:

    I am thrilled that you are making a comeback and we all have confidence the outcome will be favorable. I did get to see you race in the Tour de Georgia and I can’t wait to make the plans for France next year! Best of luck we all love you!
    Tom Himes
    Tampa, FL

  72. Orlie Esteban (Philippines) says:

    Good to hear that from my idol, Lance!!! looking forward to see you climb and conquer once more…the great alps!!!

    Livestrong Lance!!!

    PS: my son’s name is Lance Andrei (fr the great lance armstrong & andre agassi)

  73. Tommy Lok says:

    Hi Lance,
    I am 36 and I used to do alot of local racing in Hong Kong. When you announe retirement few years ago, I also stopped riding and racing since then. Great to hear for your come back in 2009. I will also pick up motivation and start training again.
    Great thanks to you and I am one of your great fans also!!!!

  74. Hey Lance

    Brilliant news on your TDF goal – your focus, your energy, your commitment is inspirational! Your example is there for me with every pedal stroke.

    You have my support.

  75. Eugen says:

    Mr. Armstrong, welcome back!

  76. Christine Michelet says:

    Panic on the Tour de France !
    Lance is coming back !
    In France we could see you everywhere since you announced your return. It’s just unbelievable.
    We are very, very, very happy to see you again !

  77. Great decision, Lance!
    I am definitely going to France next year to see you riding. I thought this moment will never come.
    Good luck!

  78. Sam van der Merwe says:

    My hero is back on the bike! Go Lance Go!

  79. Hey Man.

    You are looking strong!

    This comeback reminds me of the latest Rocky film: Rocky Balloboa.

    It’s just that your comeback is not a movie. It’s real life. That is really inspireing!!

    – Fighters fight

  80. felice says:

    hy lance.
    like all the others here i`m really happy about your announcement but one question. how do u want to manage the thing with your weight. i mean the last years you built up a lot of muscles especially on your upper part of the body. and in the mountains it is hindering isn`t it?

  81. Adam Biggs says:

    Excellent news,
    This is the best cycling has had since your last tour. Show all those jealous critics how its done. You’re a legend and i’ll certainly be supporting you all the way.

    Best Of Luck,
    Adam Biggs, Ilkeston, Great Britain

  82. Donald Craig, London, UK says:

    Awesome news… I will be rooting hard for you to win the 96th Tour!

  83. This is great! Glad to see you getting back in the saddle, it’s inspiring me to take my cycling more seriously. Keep up the great work!


  84. Eric Kim says:

    Lance it’s great news to hear your back. Yesterday was my 40th B-day. I’m glad to see that at 36 about to turn 37 you will be pitting yourself against people almost half your age. It makes me feel like its not to late to be a good cyclist. My madone SSL was bought because it was your bike in 2005. It’s gonna get a lot more use this year!

    I would wish you luck but it’s not luck, it’s superb training, preparation and focus. Go kick their ass!!

  85. Michael Hodgson says:

    Hey Lance!

    You have a really strong fan base here in South Africa. I’m personally thrilled that you’ve decided to rewrite the record books (again). Really looking forward to seeing you in yellow! Burn it up buddy! All the best.
    Michael Hodgson

  86. Kyle Schneider says:

    My 38th birthday was September 10th. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better gift than your return to competitive cycling. I had knee surgery 5 weeks ago, and have not been able to ride, but your comeback has inspired me to train for next years Etape de tour. I will now take on this challenge and raise money for cancer as well. Hopefully the LAF can point me in the right direction to start my fundraising!

  87. Ross Whyte says:

    Fantastic news,

    In ‘Rocky’ style WIN!

    Good luck,

    Ross Whyte,
    Blackford, Perthshire, Scotland.

  88. Nick says:

    I grew up watching cycling with my Dad, who was an avid cyclist back in the day…and he was your biggest fan. As time went on and he aged he was stricken with depression and nothing could shake it, not meds, nothing. The ONLY time that I saw him smile before he passed away was during the Tour in 2005…I would check in with him after work and he would greet me with a smile and tell me how you had did that day before I could even watch the evening coverage. I loved that last Tour we were able to watch together and see you win for the 7th time.

    My family and friends are so stoked that you are back in the game…you have always been the best and always will be. I am sure my Dad is smiling again.

  89. Judith says:

    I am proud to know you are an American showing the world what we can do. And that you are again promoting looking harder for cures for cancer. I am proud of your demonstration that bike riding improves health and would like you to look at a website called These 3 ministers will be riding a bamboo bike built for 3 for 13000 miles from may to august 2009 to raise funds for world hunger. Bike riding has made all three much more fit than before.
    Good luck on your new challenge. We will be rooting for you.

  90. Josh says:

    Go Lance Go!!
    best of luck

  91. josina says:

    Fantastic news!!

    We are sure that you can win! We come to see you in France to support you….

    Good luck with your training,
    greeting from Holland…

  92. Victor Campos says:

    heey lance, receive the most sincere support from mexico city, im not really involved in cycling but you were such an inspiration during really hard times, you really changed my life dude… thanx 4 that…
    Good luck…
    “why dont you quit mom?”-“cuz we NEVER quit son”
    “Pain is temporary, quitting is forever…”


  93. david-slovenija says:

    in the hearts of the people you has yust win with a great decision.thanks for your courage.

  94. Chris Comeau says:

    Excellence can be attained if you…
    Care more than others think is wise
    Risk more then others think is safe
    Dream more then than others think is practical
    Expect more than others think is possible

  95. Maria says:

    I am a 41 year old mother with two kids under the age of 4 and a new kidney cancer diagnosis. I start treatment Monday 9/15 and it will last a year. So while you are training for the TDF I am going into training to live strong. I feel like we’re training together! I’ll send you some strength vibes whenever I can. I’ll be watching you win #8 as I hit the home stretch on my own treatment in 2009. Go Lance Go!!!

  96. Marye Beth Herring says:

    This is awesome news! A special thank you to your family and friends for their willingness to sacrifice time with you while you train and race. And a huge thank you to you for being the global “obligation of the cured” role model and survivor advocate. Be ruthless and relentless!

    I can hardly wait until July 2009 to put you on my Kenda Fantasy Team as my GC guy and celebrate as you stand on the podium in Paris in the yellow jersey. Ride smart, LiveSTRONG!

  97. JamieB says:

    It’s not like you have ever been away but welcome back – you are looking good and you are going to cycle good! Make sure you cycle in the UK at some point because there’s a lot of people here rooting for you and trying to go their bit…

  98. Marvy says:

    Lance, you’re the legend.
    Good luck for the Tour 09.

    Greetings from Czech rep.

  99. Greg says:

    Lance, train hard and focus. We all wish you the best in the fight for better detection, treatment, and an eventual cure for cancer. Take the fight to the world.

  100. Hey Lance
    Great news!!! Still can’t believe it but i hope to be there in Paris next year to cheer you on to an 8th title!

    Hope you like this quote i told a friend who was attempting to summit Mt Everest in May:


    It very appropriate i think.
    Good Luck, see you there,

    Stirling, Scotland

  101. bob a says:


    I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m inspired by you! I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢ve read your books. I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢ve followed your career. I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢ve watched the magnificent 7 over and over. I saw the results of the Leadville 100. I knew, just knew this time would come. I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m excited for you. I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m excited for your family and friends. I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m excited about the kind of awareness you?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢ll bring to the universal world of cancer.

    My dad passed away when I was 14 years old. I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m 41 years old, and yet not a day goes by when I don?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t think of my father; not a day goes by when I don?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t hear the cries of pain from his bedroom in the 3rd floor attic where we lived ?¢?Ǩ?Äú because of the chemo treatments he received.
    I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m so thrilled about your come back and the impact you’ll have on the world of cancer.
    I look forward to you silencing the naysayers like this gent:

    ?¢?Ǩ?ìRabobank team leader Adri van Houwelingen said the Dutch team had no interest in signing Armstrong.

    “We were very interested in Lance Armstrong 15 years ago and I think Lance Armstrong is not the future of active cycling,” Van Houwelingen told the AP. “It’s hard to believe he would come back ?¢?Ǩ?Äù you don’t expect this from a champion.?¢?Ǩ¬ù

    I can?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t wait till you stick it to him and the others who doubt your athletic prowess and commitment.

  102. Lisa says:

    Lance you legend!!! I had AML when i was 4, your an inspiration to everyone! Keep up the hard work and bring on 2009 and all the critics who say its immpossible!!



  103. Lisa says:

    The tour has not been the same since you left, can’t wait for 2009!

    Good luck and keep well!

  104. CHARLES WALSH says:

    Great to have you racing stateside again Lance, will have to get out the Tour DuPont tapes when I get back in town. Thank you for giving back to the cancer community and to cycling. You are a solid guy. Good luck and have fun tomorrow in Snowmass.

  105. Brian (Navy Canada) says:

    I finally made the trip to Paris France this summer and cycled to the coast and caught 2 stages of the tour…looks like a year too early. I guess I will start saving again for 2009. GREAT NEWS for cancer awareness and the sport of cycling.

  106. Grego S says:

    awesome awesome awesome!!!!
    & LAF !!!!!

  107. Kurt (Belgium) says:

    This is what makes the difference between a great sportsman and an awesome GREAT SPORTSMAN.
    I’m sure you can do it.
    Let the French bites the dust.

  108. Peter says:

    Go, Lance, go! We are all missing you!

  109. Jan (Holland) says:

    Hey Lance,

    youre comeback was the best news in a long time!
    GO FOR IT!!!

    You motivated also me to keep going!!!
    I wish i could train outthere with you!

  110. DIANE (UK) says:

    Hi Lance,
    Fantastic your coming back, you`ve inspired me so much, i to am a cancer survivor & i cannot wait to see you in Paris, good luck

  111. Jade says:

    As PROUD Sponsors of the LiveSTRONG Army Erie County PA Chapter, and a Survivor, I am so thrilled to see you back on the bike. For me your cycling has always been a symbol of taking ones self further and further away from the horrible affliction that is Cancer. We are behind, beside and around you 120%.

  112. Marcos Tanaka (from Brazil) says:

    Hi Lance,
    Unbelievable your comeback.
    I hope to be there in Paris, next year, to see your 8th title.
    I wish you the best in the fight for better detection and treatment of cancer.
    Good Luck!

  113. We promised you several years ago that we’d support you at the Tour for as long as you rode. It was our small show of appreciation for the inspiration and motivation that you gave us during our bout with cancer, as well as promoting awareness around the world. If you’re back in 2009, so are we. LiveSTRONG will be very visible in the Alps, Pyrenees and on the Champs!

  114. Lionel says:

    Hey Lance,

    Very happy to hear that you are coming back to my home country next year!
    Good luck with it!

    Lionel the Frenchie!
    PS We are not all against you… 😉

  115. Gene says:

    GO Lance, GO!!!

  116. Cor Seijkens (Holland) says:

    Hoi Lance,

    There’s a lot going on right now in the world….;-) That’s great. You created a new energy level and a people talk about it! Here in the Netherlands everyone who knows you and loves cycling has an opinion. A lot of nonsens is told. More than that…the harts of a lot of people are beating louder than before. To win, concur and get victory’s in there lives. Fight cancer…live…feel…and being human!

    I’m proud to live amongst these people. I’m following you. Go on! See you in France next summer.

    Greetings from Cor

  117. Charlie says:

    hey lance great to have you back i missed your final tour in 2005 i was just starting to ride and after i read your books i had to get the DVD of the 2005 TDF i look forward to updates on how training is going

  118. Kevin Oley says:


    I teach at Appalachian State University….I can tell you that Boone is pretty excited about your comeback.
    I have been reading and listening to a lot of skeptisism this last week. It reminds me of what was said after your illness. Most people did not believe you could come back and ride in the pro peleton. I guess some people never learn.
    I am behind you 100%. I have to tell you that I have climbed up Beech mountain a number of times and it makes me think of your struggle. We all have our individual struggles and you provided so much inspiration for so many people.
    My mother died of cancer 10 years ago and I detest the disease and think of it as a mortal enemy.
    I just want you to know that most Americans stand behind you and I hope you draw strength and encouragement from that.
    I believe in comebacks..I have seen it too many times to join the skeptics. There are famous comebacks, like yours, and then there are comebacks that no one hears about.
    If you decide you want to race and win the tour I have no doubt you can do it. But the most important thing you are doing is helping others and winning the battle against cancer. I know this a battle far tougher than any bike race and despite the criticisms and skeptics, you are powerful force in the fight against cancer.

    Have fun and we will all be watching,

    Livelong and livestrong,
    Kevin Oley

  119. Lance!Wellcome back! You are The Greatest! You give me power every day when I am training or working hard. I am phisical education teacher and kayak coach from Hungary. I have got biabetes type 1, and I don’t give up the sport like you!

  120. didy (belgium) says:

    if you remember this lance…………give it “volle bak”.
    make them all suffer in july and get nr. 8 ! love you………..

  121. Jerome says:

    Amazingly.. After you announced your come back, you also inspired Michael Boogerd(famous Dutch cycler) to try and make a comeback , if a big protour team will have him. He might be a good new collegue for Lance with his experience. (And training mate as he goes through a similer experience of coming back)

  122. Cor Seijkens (Holland) says:

    Michael and Lance….;-) Team Livestrong!!!

  123. Annemieke says:


    We’ll keep the comments coming, don’t worry. You know you have the entire LiveStrong Army behind you don’t you. And we’re all excited you’re going to be back on your bike. Never seen a greater person on or of the bike and you were sorely missed these last couple of years. I followed you as you did the amazing job you have done so far for the cancer community and am more proud of you than ever now you expand that effort outside the USA. If ever you need a hand in Europe, just let kme know. The first thing I did when I heard you planned to ride the Tour again was making sure my vacation would be that exact time.
    I know your priority lies with spreading the LiveStrong message and raise awareness for the disease, but it would be the icing on the cake if you won the Tour as well. But even if you don’t: you’ll always be the best cyclist I’ve ever seen and no result will change that. Good luck, Live strong. Annemieke

  124. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to our youth. This weekend in Snowmass, Colorado, you took time to sign by grandson’s new mountain bike. He said that this was a birthday he will never forget. Your signature meant more to him then, as he put it, a million dollars. Your are not only a magnificant athlete, but a magnificent person as well. Thank you again.

  125. Magno says:

    Hello Lance,
    Like the song of Tina Turner,
    Simpley the best.

    Good luck.
    From Portugal.

  126. Francesca says:

    I am sure you heard this a GAZILLION of times… but during my battle with stage IV cancer .. I always thought of you. .I am a biker …I met my husband on an AIDS Ride in NYC.. so he got my bike set up in our bedroom and I tried to do the most I could… and ALWAYS I would think of you.. the HUman Lance.. he did it. .I CAN DO IT… now.. my come back to life is like your come back to Cycling… exciting, in spite of the challenges ahead
    LiveStrong my cancer brother…

  127. Hey Lance,

    Your team rocked in Snowmass! Here is a link to the race video.

    Rock on! — Butch

  128. Kevin Riney says:

    The Cycle World hasnt been the same without you. Welcome back.Maybe we will get to see you in the Tour of Ireland this time? Keep up the good work

  129. Jake Valentiner says:


    It is AWESOME to hear you are coming back to cycling. We SUPPORt you 1000% in yuo fight against cancer and your opponents. Keep up the GREAT work and THANK YOU for bein a GREAT role model for younger boys and girls.

    GO GET EM!!!!!

  130. Mike Roadie says:


    Go get ’em!

    See you in Austin at RFTR!


    (WIN Susan)

  131. Smithy says:

    Great to see you’re back
    It’s yours!

  132. Bernie Smit says:

    Viva Le Lance!! Give em stick! Berndog!

  133. Paul (South Africa) says:

    Happy Birthday, man!

    Hope you have a great day when you wake up and read this!

    BTW When will you decide on a team?

  134. Kimberly says:

    Happy Birthday Lance! We’ll miss you in Iowa next July but will be cheering you on & toasting your success with a pork chop in one hand and a cold one in the other!
    Thanks for continuing to inspire in so many ways…
    Kimberly – RAGBRAI, Team LiveSTRONG 07,08, hopefully 09!

  135. Lauren says:


  136. Sonya Moore says:

    I have just finished reading your book ‘It’s not about the bike’. What an inspirational story. You have changed the way I think about life and have opened my eyes. I am a believer now in the power of the mind and body. Thank you.

  137. Glenn says:

    Lance Its great to see you riding again. Cycling needs “The Boss” back. Just wanted to let you know about the birth of my son 2 weeks ago. His name is Lance too and his initial are LAF. Thanks for being the inspiritation that got me back on the bike and made me realize that the pain from getting hit by a truck on a training ride was far worse than any pain I fet during a race. That knowledge made me go harder on the bike. Now that I realized that I will never ride the Tour. I turned my efforts back to a career in the Marines. You too are one of the few. A great American that sets an example for the world to follow. You will forever be the guy that all cyclist will be compared to. Thanks for being who you are.

  138. ebay_of_pigs says:

    i really look forward to following your results and accomplishments around the world in the following months. i immediately ordered some laf wristbands after your last 2 mtb competitions, and your announcement to return to road racing in an effort to bring attention to the cancer epidemic.

    i lost my mother to cancer over 10 years ago, and i’m a previous smoker who has now regained my fitness enough to cycle over 10,000 miles in 2 years. plus now i’ve started running, and feeling alive and positive like i did when i was 20!

    anyway, rock on! and maybe try to wear a helmet when drafting with the fixies, like in the mashsf video on the internet!

  139. lance,

    happy birthday!

    live the dream to achieve the goal.

    i am a sport psychologist, and i would love to help you make a comeback.

    hope to hear from you.


    dr. k.c. wilder

  140. Ginger Leeds says:

    Keep wheeling Lance! You inspire everyone to keep moving forward even through challenging times.

  141. livia says:

    Hi Lance! At home we are waiting for the TdF 2009..perhaps we will come and watch one etappe. It will be great to follow the ride! you need anyone cooking good italian pasta for you? Ciao!

  142. Jason says:

    I was very excited to hear your announcement to return to cycling and wanting to take the LAF global. I wish you the very best in your efforts and look forward to watching you in the tour. Know that when you ride thousands of us are riding with you.
    Good Luck.

  143. Susan says:

    I am a 57 y.o. cancer survivor, in remission from CLL. My son, works for Aspen SkiCo and every year he organizes the bike race on Snowmass Mountain. What a thrill for him and me that you were riding in “his” race. He e-mailed me that it was a thrill for him to conduct the pre-race meeting with you there. What you could not possibly know is that my son’s wife, who is 36, is battling aggressive lymphoma and is undergoing intensive treatment. My son is continuing to work, take care of their 3 year old and his wife and run a GREAT race!! The impact you have made on people around the world is incredible and I thank you for the all that you have done. You are my son’s hero…he is mine. Good luck on the Tour. We will be with you in spirit. Susan

  144. Dear Lance,

    I am writing from Switzerland, I have heard with extreme and intense emotion about your comeback, as a fan of you I was always hoping through the last years about your come back.
    Cycling was not only missing you as athlete but also as person who bring plenty of hope among people with cancer like I am too.
    I am a Swiss 40 years old amateur cyclist, with some years as elite at the end of 90?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s.
    I have done races for more than 20 years with a break of 5 years owing to an illness known dermatomyositis.
    Last year I was diagnosed wit testicular cancer (seminoma). I just had only a chirurgical intervention, without post therapy.
    This year after adequate recovery I was racing again, I took place 253 over more than 4000 participants at the Maratona dles Dolomiti (Italy)
    Now after a year the cancer recurrence, now I am doing radiotherapy, I have still some hard days in front of me, but according to the doctors afterwards the cancer should be behind me for ever.
    Now I just want to come back and ride again if possible also practicing races.

    It is possible the next Tour de France will stage in Switzerland, probably Verbier.
    If I am in shape I will do the race by bike to see the arrival at this stage (about 250 Km from my home) and perhaps follow other stages.

    Again all the best for you come back, I hope you will win the Tour one or more times again.
    Thank you for all what you do for people with a cancer history like I had too.
    You give us hope and energy to fight against cancer.

    With my best regards

    Renzo Pittaluga
    CH-6672 Gordevio

  145. Rune says:

    You have been missed!

    Good luck with your training!

    Rune (Denmark)

  146. KriS says:


    You are the greatest hero.
    You are the best of the best.
    I admire you and always be your big fan.

    Best regards from Poland.


  147. Mark says:

    Mr. Armstrong – I am gifted in biking so I would like to see if you can come to my house or I can come to your house and you can do a test on me to see if I can be the worlds best kid biker. Please write back to me.
    M McNabb
    Westminster, Colorado

  148. Mark says:

    Mr. Armstrong
    I forgot to tell you I started to ride without training wheels when I was 3 1/2 years old and I am now 8 years old. I also started to compete in triathlons this year.

    M McNabb
    Westminster, Colorado

  149. Bernard Duffy says:

    Dear Lance,
    I live in a small village called Ballan in Victoria ,
    Australia, I have taken up cycling and just love it,
    Over the past few years i have lost family members to Cancer, and like a lot of folk on here all who have been affected by this disease we look for inspiration, i have lost my wife, sister, and a brother ,and my Father.
    We Move on because we have too.
    But it has Been you who has shown me the way and your inspiration and courage has helped me so much, when i really feel down i ask myself what would lance do ,
    This has turned me ito a very positive person,
    At this point in time i keep myself fit and cycle everyday ,some times i feel down, and i think gee i better get out on that bike, because i ask myself what would lance do ?
    Unfortunatly i could not get to Adelaide to see you,
    but just you being here in Australia was a reward enough, I have a Son name ben and very proud of him,
    he has all the beutiful Qualities of his mother, so my Wife lives on in Ben ,i am a very luck person to have such a son who loves me.

    so when i have a decision to make on anything in life i always ask myself What would Lance Do ?
    You will always remain my Hero and a inspiration to me .
    God Bless you.
    Bernard John.

  150. Dr. Lance,
    My brother purchased your book for me (Every Second Counts) to help motivate me while I underwent my first diagnosis of CA 1 1/2 years ago. Just recently I was informed that it has recurred and metastized to my lymphnodes. I am petrified and so very afraid at the thought of perhaps losing the wonderful life I presently have – I married my best friend and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter.
    My brother just sent me the journal book with the bracelets to give me added incentive to stay motivated and positive. I also pulled your book off my shelf to help inspire me to fight this thing. Apparently I have a rare form of CA that the doctors state there isn’t much research on. I guess they are just going to be trying different chemo agents until one works.
    The fear component is what I am having the hardest coping with. I’ve started to get into a regular exerise program, started eating better, and do my Zumba tapes to get back into shape. You are an inspiration to me and are what is helping me get back on my feet again. The purchase of a new bike is next on the list. Please pray for me as I am scared and uncertain about what the future holds for me.

    God bless you and to those who are or have experienced this horrible disease.

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