Statement by Lance Armstrong Regarding Global Cancer Fight and His Return to Professional Cycling


AUSTIN, Texas – September 9, 2008 – Today, Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, founder and chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and cycling champion, released the following statement regarding his return to professional sports:

“I am happy to announce that after talking with my children, my family and my closest friends, I have decided to return to professional cycling in order to raise awareness of the global cancer burden. This year alone, nearly eight million people will die of cancer worldwide. Millions more will suffer in isolation, victims not only of the disease but of social stigma. After the passage of Proposition 15 in Texas, a $3 billion investment in the fight against cancer which is helping to make this disease part of the national dialogue in America, it’s now time to address cancer on a global level.”

Mr. Armstrong will discuss his cycling program and an international LIVESTRONG strategy on September 24th in New York City at the Clinton Global Initiative.


  1. John T says:


  2. Scott Burns says:

    Thank you, Lance, for taking on an even larger role in the fight against cancer. Your efforts will continue to inspire those around you, and the many levels of government bodies (not only in the U.S.) but in Canada and Europe to take up the fight.
    We need more Lance Armstrongs!
    Good luck. Well done.
    Ride Hard My Friend!!

  3. Tim T says:

    I am so thrilled that you are coming back. Your re-entry is needed at this dark hour in cycling with drugs being in the spotlight. Having a superstar of cycling come back is what the sport needs.
    Thanks again. You are an inspiration to all of us!

  4. lisa says:

    i am so happy that i am crying!

    what an inspiration to all.

    good luck lance. i can’t wait to see you dancing on your pedals again.

  5. Andrew Lynch says:


    I run collegiate cross country and track, and cycle during the off season. You have long been my inspiration. Had it not been for what you did, I doubt I would be where I am today. to see you come back is like a dream come true. You’re a great athlete and a great human being. Go win #8! And do it for a great cause. I’ll be following your announcement on the 24th!



  6. Jere Carpentier says:

    Who better to address cancer on a global level? Your commitment in the fight against cancer is admirable and appreciated by all of us! I am voting that “yes” you will win!!! Believe it!

  7. Birgitta says:

    I applaud your return… If anyone can hareness more awareness for the cause, its you!

  8. Paul Tenerife says:

    Wellcome again Lance in cycling
    world. We need you, and I am sure you can win for the 8th time this marvellous race!!!
    With your character everything is possible; I saw you in Tenerife cycling terribly (during Paris-Nice,after your left).So was your fight against cancer too! I am looking again to your re-entry in 2009 with fine feelings. Good luck.

  9. Cor Seijkens says:

    Good news..welcome back Lance!

  10. Randy Ksar says:

    Great news Lance! I’m riding the Honolulu Century on 9/28 in honor of you, my friends with cancer, and those that have unfortunately passed away. Livestrong!

  11. Greg says:

    Quelle incroyable nouvelle !
    Ton retour va encore nous bluff?ɬ© !
    Good luck 😉

  12. Sarah Hobbs says:

    I wish you nothing but, the very best. I look forward to seeing you in next years tour.

    Until a cure for cancer is found,

  13. Jim LeBelle says:

    This is the best news ever for the fight against cancer and cycling! As a small bicycle store owner it is just outstanding to get this great news. Since your retirement, recreational riders have not had the motivation that you create in people. When my clients watch you race they feel connected to a purpose greater which causes the desire to LIVESTRONG!

    Thank you for your inspiration today and especially all that you do for cancer efforts globally.

    Best wishes!

  14. Laz says:

    the TdF 08 was too slow wasn’t it ? I love it. Hope the training and the racing will be fun and enjoyable. carpe diem

  15. Jaco says:

    Aside the good cause, finally a reason to watch again the Tour de France….
    Kick some ass and good luck.

  16. Rodrigo (Portugal) says:

    The best news for the cycling world and the cancer fight.

    Thanks, Lance

  17. Emma says:

    Je suis ?ɬ©mue jusqu’aux larmes, quel bonheur de vous retrouver ?ɬ? nouveau sur les routes de notre pays. On croit en vous, comme toujours,

  18. Chuck Blackford says:

    GO LANCE!!!

    Here’s to more Champaign on the Champs-?É?Ä?lys?ɬ©es in 2009!!!

  19. Mary Kay says:

    I was there for #6 and #7 and you can count on me for #8!
    See you in Paris!

  20. claudine says:

    holy crap!!!! I can not be more excited at this very moment. July is always so hard to wait for and now it will be even worse. I can’t wait to see you back in the saddle.

    Go lance!!!

  21. Matt Lowney says:

    It’s not about the bike, as your book so aptly states. It’s about your heart, determination, and spirit for winning. Winning an 8th Tour de France, winning the war on cancer, and winning the hearts of millions.

    Ride hard, Live strong.

  22. The astronaut returns! Welcome back, Lance.

  23. Matt says:

    Crapping my pants in anticipation!

  24. Diego says:

    Enhora buena por la decisi?ɬ?n, espero que disfrutes tanto como lo has hecho siempre.
    A?ɬ?n recuerdo esa foto en el periodico, estabas recien operado y a mi me diagnosticaron esclerosis multiple. Me diriji a ti como si te conociera y te dije, “si tu sales yo tambien”
    El 2009 tu octavo tour y mi cuarto IM Lanzarote.
    Un abrazo, y, dale ca?ɬ±a!!

  25. J5 says:

    Tanks for your come back Lance!! 8 French tour for You!! Good luck!!

  26. Jack Butler says:


    A big Yessss to your decision… you’re still in your prime and you are a lightning rod in motivating folks who pedal and who face the cancer fight. I’m getting ready to hit the chemo trail and the folks at Livestrong have been really helping me out.

    God bless you in your efforts…

    Jack – broken, but fixable!

    PS – father of the Butler Brothers!

  27. Susan K. Williams says:

    As a two time cancer survivor, “Thank You” for all you’ve done in the fight against cancer and for what you will do in this global fight. You have been and are an inspiration to those of us that have had cancer, have it now, and to those(unfortunately) yet to cycle down our road. Your inspiration is what made me get back on the saddle again. It’s a pleasure to be a member of Team LIVESTRONG.
    Ride on!!! LIVESTRONG

  28. carlos says:


  29. The best news I have heard in along time! It made my day! Thanks Lance

  30. Julian Duquemin says:

    Awesome news Lance. Pro cycling hasn’t been the same since you retired. Best of luck with your comeback, I will be looking forward to TdF ’09 with anticipation.


  31. larry mac says:

    hey champ !!!! this is great news that people around the world are happy to hear !!!
    all the best in the coming months and remember to
    MAKETHEMSUFFER lmac in canada

  32. shua says:

    glad you are coming back man.. we’ve missed ya

  33. Dennis W says:


    Thank you for taking the fight on cancer globally. You will impact the world fight against the disease. You will also bring credability back into the sport of professional cycling!

    God Bless,


  34. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. You will bring such hope and belief to so many and that will be worth more than standing on the podium. No matter where you finish you will always be a first in so many peoples hearts and minds. You are an inspiration.

  35. Barbara C. Turner says:

    Lance ~
    You have more strenght than life requires! Keep living out loud on purpose with purpose. I’m with you all the way

    LiveStrong,Bcuz you can 😉


  36. MR says:

    Saw you on the bike yesterday morning around 10:20 at Mo-Pac and Enfield. You had “the look” incl. a bit of the “dead Elvis.” Called my Wife, told her that something is up. Now we know. Go get’m !

  37. Nancy says:

    Thanks Lance for getting back on the bike and for such a great cause! You inspire my husband everyday and now he is riding his first week ride for America’s Hero’s! He is 65 years young. We have always been a great supporter both finically and in spirit!

  38. Bill says:

    Dear Lance:

    I’m thrilled with your decision! I’m a 57 year old medical student and I love stories of people who look at their age, consider the odds, and go for it anyway. I’ll be pulling for you every step of the way and looking forward to next year’s Tour with great anticipation!

    The positive impact of your decision on people who struggle with cancer and other conditions that seem to limit their capabilities will be tremendous. The world needs to see us “living” and facing challenges and overcoming obstacles, finding hope and giving it away every day.

    God bless, good luck, and train hard! 🙂


  39. Hey Legend,

    I am staring at your signed US Postal Service Jersey hanging on my wall and I have goosebumps all over my body. When i watched your video this morning I pumped my fists, screamed at my wife “Its True he’s back” and had tears well up in my eyes.

    Go get em tiger..

  40. Kerri says:

    Inspirational! Go get ’em, Lance!

  41. Sandy Lauder says:

    As a cancer survivor and a member of Lance’s Army I am pleased to hear of your return to YOUR sport and your continuning commitment to cancer research!

  42. donna says:

    wait untill Jon George hears about this!

  43. Brian says:

    I saw the Health and Human Services committee hearings on cancer a couple months ago. Who would have thought so many conincidences would have occured shortly thereafter. Hopefully leaders such as yourself and Senator Kennedy will bring light upon the issues us cancer survivors all face. Great job…you are, without a doubt the greatest fighter and leader the cancer community has ever known.

  44. okiecalvin says:


    I hope Jan comes back too!

    Even if you don’t win the ’09 TdF bike race, you will win!

    Win Susan!!!

  45. Kristy says:

    Great news Lance … hope to see you in Adelaide for the Tour Down Under!

  46. Wayne says:

    Lance, this is great news. I’ve watched every minute of the tour for the last six years but really missed seeing you this year. While we are still fans of Hincapie, we will be glad to see you back in the peloton or better yet out front on the Alps. We are also hopeful Bruyneel will be back in the team car instead of the commentators table with Mr. Hummer. Most importantly is however your motivation for doing it. To bring international attention to battling cancer is a stroke of genius and a brilliant strategy. We will be watching, cheering, and contributing in whatever way we can.

  47. Lee says:

    YES! On all counts YES! You’ve shown how strong you can be in your personal and public fight with cancer – and now with your comeback. Take it to ’em Lance the sport certainly needs the good news.

  48. Jill says:

    Lance, THANK YOU!!! for your willingness to ride not only for your own peace, but for the cause of raising awareness about cancer. You are a true gem, and my inspiration as I battled cancer. Ride hard, Live Strong.
    Jill T.

  49. Michael says:

    GO Lance GO! and good luck doing it. It won’t be easy, by any means. But I sure wouldn’t bet against you.

  50. Robert O... says:


    The USA is pulling for you (and you’ve already won!)…dance on the peddles!

  51. Ray and Gail Ashworth says:

    We have goosebumps!!! We planned to be in France for next year’s Tour and now there is no doubt. After losing friends and my Dad to this disease, we’re in all the way!! See you in Monaco in July….need a teammate??

  52. Doug Church says:

    Lance, you are the greatest. I know you can win the Tour again. Go Back to N.C.

  53. Mary Faye says:

    There are angels that will ride with you with each stroke of the pedal … my John will be one of them! Paris, here we come!!!

  54. kris kivela says:

    Yippy. Look Lance, no chain. Knock their socks off!

  55. Jeff Roberts says:

    Only my marriage and the birth of my children are bigger events than this . . . but it’s very close! Can wait to see you riding for all those who Living Strong as you soar through the mountains of France! Looks like my “7Tours” license plates will soon have to be re-ordered to feature a beautiful “8”. Bonne chance!

  56. Cara says:

    2009 will be the year my family returns to watch you compete and win the 9th. This years tour was not the same without you. Here’s to an athlete that doesn’t need enhancement drugs to dance in the pedals and push himself to the limit. You are an inspiration to cancer survivors and I am proud to be a member of Lance’s Army. Train hard and see you in winning form in summer ’09

  57. Eileen says:

    Lance, My daughter is inspired by your determination and drive. So much so, she did a 60 mile bike rally while still on chemo. She is a 3 1/2 year brain cancer survivor and a huge Tour de France fan. She is very excited about your return and also believes “it’s not about the bike”. Your success has encourged her on her quest to remain active and healthy despite having had cancer. Attitude is everything and I love yours!

  58. Leslie von Wiesenberger says:

    Great decision Lance…We will look forward to seeing you in Santa Barbara and the Valley training and racing the TdCa….Ride on and Livestrong

  59. Shawn says:

    Time again to show what a true champion is made of.

    May the tears shed in sorrow of those lost refresh you in the heat of France’s July, the hopes and dreams of those still fighting carry you over the peaks of the Alps and Pyrenees with effortless grace, and may the breath of all those praying for a cure blow you faster to the Champs Elysees than ever before.

    Go Lance Go!

    Aloha and Mahalo!

  60. Sean says:

    WELCOME BACK, Lance. Go get’em . Hey France he’s back deal with it.

  61. Kelly Jad'on says:


    We salute your endurance and perseverance in the fight to find a cure.

    Kelly Jad’on/Founder

  62. Phil Kampel says:

    It’s hard for me to put into words what an inspiration you are through your courage and accomplishments. I’ve just cried tears of joy to read about your return to professional cycling. You have displayed and used well your many gifts and I’m glad you will get back to the sport you love and continue to motivate others.

  63. Theresa Murphy says:

    This past year my husband and I have looked to you numerous times for the encouragment to keep fighting. You yet again inspire him as a fellow survivor to keep fighting for others who need our help. Carpe Diem my friend !

  64. Barbie says:

    We saw you win your 6th and will definitely make the trip to see you win #8. You inspire people of all nations, races, backgrounds and beliefs with your will and willingness to battle beyond the pain for what is truly important.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the Champs in Paris — I’m sure “your hotel” is eager to hang the flag of the Lonestar State again!!!!

  65. Becky Herman says:


    lance is back and he’s on a mission!!!

  66. Jeff says:

    Lance, it is great to have you back! As someone who has family members who have survived cancer, as well as some who lost the battle, I am proud of the focus you are taking. You will no doubt bring a lot of interest back to American cycling and hopefully help the Tour de Georgia survive (I will be there again in 2009). I am also sure that cycling globally will have more people tuning in. So what a great platform to seek supporters in the war against cancer…Viva La Lance!

  67. Ken Sylvia says:

    Fantastic news…I can’t wait to cheer you on in the ’09 Tour!!! See you in the Alps.

  68. Marcia & Jamie Kirk says:

    How about them apples! Lance we love you! We are all so excited! You rock. Intenti8n is your number eight. See you at the tour.

  69. Jose Quaresma says:

    Thanks for allowing us to dream again: watching you fly over the mountains or blowing the clock 🙂

    Best of luck

  70. Eric says:


    One word – “THANKS”

    From all your fans and followers.

  71. Gus says:

    Go you good thing Lance

  72. Lori says:


    My mom, who recently passed away of cancer, will be an angel on your shoulder in France. She was your biggest fan will love to see you ride from heaven.

  73. I can’t think of anyone better to lead the global fight against cancer. I hope that this still means we’ll see you back in Leadville next year. Happy Trails. Namaste.

  74. Ken H. says:

    I coincidentally heard about your confirmed comeback today while finishing the book Lance Armstrong’s War. Cancer is just another troll you have yet to conquer. ALLEZ, LANCE!

  75. Steve says:

    Incredible news ! My father-in-law is fighting prostate cancer and his spirits will be lifted by the fact that you’ll be riding hard up those mountains again Lance !
    Thanks for all you do. Steve

  76. scott felch says:

    Tomorrow I am riding with the inspiration that Lance is returning to the peleton!! Restore our hope!

  77. Bob Gentile says:

    Welcome Back Lance!!! Way to Keep fighting the LIVESTRONG Way on the road to a cure with your second passion your bike…Very Awesome!

  78. chris langford says:

    such fantastic news to hear you will be on the road again.
    the reasons for coming back says it all,the more people become aware of the fight against cancer the better!
    you are an inspiration to millions.
    can`t wait for next years tour!
    whatever happens you have proved to be a champion on or of the bike.livestrong!!

  79. Steve Loken says:

    Great news! And you know that Lance will surround himself with the best team possible, hopefully Big George will join him!

  80. Andrew says:

    I can’t think of a better way to get cancer awareness into the global spotlight.

    Also, this is a great opportunity to make the naysayers eat their words! Best of luck in your training, Lance!

    I am looking forward to seeing you wear yellow in Paris!


  81. Sarah & Bo says:

    Watch out France…here we come!!! 🙂

  82. Steve Bayliss says:


    Thanks for the inspiration!

  83. Holly says:

    I knew this day was coming, and YES it’s finally here!!! You are such an inspiration to the entire world, not only in your cycling career, but in your fight against cancer. You are a true warrior and proven survivor. Can’t wait to see you in the Tour this July!! Ride on and Keep Fighting. You have the entire world behind you, Now and ALWAYS! May God Bless you.

  84. Denis Muller says:

    Lance – as a fellow cancer survivor you inspired me to become a cyclist, a sport I have grown to love; your return to pro cycling is an incredible boost not only for the sport, but for the fight against cancer. Best wishes for success on all fronts – Win Le Tour in 09 and beat cancer globally… Livestrong & Aloha, Denis

    PS – please revive the Tour of Hope…

  85. Mary Kormendy says:

    Go Lance, I am soooooo very proud of you.
    You are mine and my daughters mentor for walking and exercising. We know that you
    can do it and will be rooting with you all the way! I am in the Livestrong Challenge here in Austin on October 25th and just completed the Human Race with you. You make us al; SO VERY PROUD AND HUMBLE.
    Mary Kormendy

  86. Sharon says:

    CONGRATS to you Lance!! I am SO EXCITED to watch you on the bike again!! You’ve made my year!!!! Best to you…stay healthy and strong. Sharon –aka “Grasshopper”

  87. Scott Horton says:

    You are a true legend Lance! Fantastic reason for returning to cycling as you certainly have nothing more to prove. I sincerely hope your return makes a huge and positive impact on the demise of cancer in our world.

  88. Aitor Santana says:

    Hola Lance, escribo desde Las Islas Canarias, en el 2003 entr?ɬ© a formar parte de la lista del Cancer, el como y el porqu?ɬ© no importa ahora, lo importante es que vas a volv?ɬ©r y que tantos otros como yo te vamos a ver luchar no solo por ganar el 8 Tour, si no por la causa en la que los supervivientes de esta enfermedad deberiamos estar juntos para luchar.
    Gracias por esta magn?ɬ?fica desici?ɬ?n.

    Hello Lance, I write from the Canary Islands, in 2003 I joined the list of Cancer, how and why it does not matter now, the important thing is that you will be BACK and so many others like me you’re going to see not fight only 8 by winning the Tour, if not for the cause in which the survivors of this disease we should be together to fight.
    Thanks by this magnificent decision.

  89. Ken Brown says:

    You make us proud every day, now even more. Wow you are amazing and inspirational for all us us survivors!!

  90. Kevin Daley says:

    Thanks for everything.
    Survive Alive!!!!!!

  91. Paul Gregorich says:


    Your commitment to the fight against cancer is an inspiration to all who live with this deadly disease.

    Welcome back to cycling and LIVESTRONG!!!!!

  92. Randy L. says:

    Amazing news. Saw the article in this morning’s Austin American-Statesman and thought, “I wonder if he’ll really do it?” Give it all you’ve got. Frankly, whether you win an eight tour or not, it will be great just to have you back in the race. Hope to catch a glimpse of you training sometime.

  93. Ken says:

    Good luck and continued winning in health, life, and on the bike.

  94. The Bryants from Tigard Oregon says:

    Welcome back, now i wish I would have biked the livestrong portland challenge instead of running it. maybe next time i can ride with you after the next retirement. Thanks and the sport needs you.

  95. Ann Lawrence says:

    Today September 9th my 35th Birthday! As a 2X cancer survivor you and your foundation have been my rock! My sister passed away 3 years ago to the same cancer that I fought, You are a real inspiration to all of us! Keep up the great work and we will be cheering for you and the team! LIVESTRONG its the only way!

  96. Tami T says:

    Just as others have said, the Tour hasn’t been the same without you. I’m so excited about your decision–rock on!! I wear my Livestrong bracelet nearly everyday…something so simple can give me such strengh. Your comeback means so much– more than words can describe. Get that 8th!!!

  97. Joanne says:

    Thank you. I am so happy to hear that you are coming back to professional cycling. You are such an inspiration and hero to so many people living with cancer, and to those who live with them. Go get #8!

  98. Linos says:

    Win or lose on the bike Lance is THE winner and makes all of us share his leadership and victories. HE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

  99. Dorothy says:

    Thank you, for dedicating yourself – again – to raising awareness–on a global level for the fight against cancer!
    I know there is a young man in Iowa – named “Andre” who is one of your biggest fans.

  100. Susan M. Bigusiak says:

    “It’s not what you are,
    it’s what you don’t become that hurts.”

    Thank you Lance for being the force which enables inner darkness to be illuminated.

  101. Hamish A says:

    This is fantastic news! I cannot tell you how excited I am to get the chance to see you compete again. I can think of no better way for the fight against Cancer to be brought to the attention of the masses again.

    Thank you Lance for all you do and all you give of yourself. We’ve missed you, we applaud you & we’re with you.

  102. Dave G says:

    Hi Lance, I read in the news today that the Astana team says they don’t know anything about you being on it next year. I thought you were going to join their team and not draw a salary. What really is the truth? I’m confused with all the secrecy going on. What about your buddy George Hincapie. I hope that your 1st Lt will be back by your side again on the team. I can see a #8 Tour win on the horizon.

  103. Tom D. says:

    Lance I think what you are doing is great. You clearly LIVESTRONG.
    You inspire so many, as well as myself. Let me know where I can sign up to join you on your quest. I did the LIVESTRONG Philly for the last 2 years and I am ready for a greater challenge.

  104. Greg and Jill Williams says:

    Way to go, Lance! We wish you the very best in your return to cycling and your continuing efforts on behalf of everyone touched by cancer. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you!

  105. Derek says:

    Thanks Lance
    My 16 year old son died last month from sarcoma. He was a triathlete, as you were at that age. You were such an inspiration to him. We read your books together. He would be so proud that you will compete again and continue to lead the fight.
    Thanks from all of us

  106. Heather Bellah says:

    You are amazing! I am truly moved by all these comments and I want to join them in supporting you. God bless you, and God bless all the angels who are with you as you embark on this stage of your life.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  107. John A says:

    Thank you Lance for comming back… we missed you… and we are so greatful for everything you do fighting against cancer… go gettem…

  108. Jazz Musicians.. who ride applaud you and
    play your song LOUD and CLEAR!!

  109. Penny says:

    You make us forever hopeful…we will win this battle. PEACE

  110. Shane says:

    Lance…Thankyou. I was re-diagnosed with testicular cancer.Again.THe other one now has been removed and I’m fighting like hell to stay on the bike.THanks for the motivation to continue through this hell.Seeing you come back has shown me to hang on to the passion for cycling.I lost it for a moment.

  111. lois says:

    I wished you would come back and you are back its been a good day.

  112. joe says:

    Viva la Lance !
    The Americans are coming !
    The cure is on the way !

  113. Kim says:

    OH MY! This is so exciting. I continue to watch professional cycling and feel that the magic has left the support but yes; ladies and gentlemen HEEEEEEEEES Back! How wonderful. Congratulations and Good Luck. Take those fellows back to school and show them how it’s done.

  114. Christina C. says:

    In a word, “Wow!” You are truly an inspiration to the world. Wishing you the very best as you jump back into a sport that you fell in love with so long ago. Christina

  115. Lori Taylor says:

    Good Luck with everything!!! My husband is a cancer survivor. He has been cancer free for almost 4 1/2 years. You have been an inspiration to both of us. Thank You!!!

  116. Cat says:

    You were born to ride – DO IT! We’re behind you all the way.

  117. You got MILLIONS interested in the sport of cycling, maybe you can get BILLIONS interested in the fight for a cancer cure.

  118. Carlos (Puerto Rico) says:


  119. Lori B says:

    Thank you for your continued fight against cancer…you keep hope alive for everyone fighting this heartless disease…one of your biggest fans…

  120. Diane McNitt says:

    You continue to amaze us! If we could all do 1/100 of what you have done for cancer, we’d be better off. I am still boasting to my family, friends and clients that I met you at the LIVESTRONG event in Philly at the Constitution Center. We the People! We the cancer survivors. We live strong every day because of our feerless, tenacious, inspiring leader. God certainly put you here for a reason. Go get ’em!

  121. Wetandem says:

    You go Lance! You are an inspiration to all of us. The ‘Old Farts’ applaud you.

    The Captain and Stoker

  122. Ian says:

    We love you, Lance and your undying commitment to fighting Cancer on a global level. Your dedication to the millions affected by this disease, whether directly or indirectly, is an inspiration to all of us.

    I’m just glad you didn’t decide to get back into Triathlon, because I wouldn’t want to compete in your Age Group.


    Ian McQueen

  123. Chris says:

    My son, Mark, lost his wife to cancer and was left with five small children. He has remarried and now has 8, but still finds time to train and ride for your foundation every yearin her memory and for his Dad. For Mark and all of you who fight this disease, God bless!

  124. Ashley (Melbourne, Australia) says:

    Hell yeah! Lance all the way !!!

  125. Thank you for continuing the fight against cancer. I am a 48 yr.old single mother and cancer survivor, I lost my husband at the age of 32 to this beast. I’ve had cancer for almost 2 yrs. Could not find treatment because of lack of insurance, lost my home and almost lost my life. Was homeless for a three weeks because of this beast. Still fighting every step of the way, without any help from anyone. You are my hero.

  126. Lou says:

    YOUR THE MAN !!!!

    Finally, I can enjoy watching TV again – during the month of July !!!

  127. Mike L says:

    I can’t wait to watch the tour again, not that I ever stopped but it will be great to see you on the route.

  128. Mark Molinaro says:

    Absolutely no chain! Tear their legs off…

  129. Michael Pedemonte says:

    Your actions speak volumes about your soul.


  130. Katie says:

    Go get ’em Lance!

    We lost my step-father to brain cancer just 3 weeks after being diagnosed in early 2007. Life got turned upside down to put it mildly. Thank you for doing what you do to end this disease and make sure no one else has to endure it.

  131. Michial says:

    My faded LIVESTRONG visor looked alot more snappy this morning on news of your decision to retutn to racing. Thank-you for the courage you’ve given to all whose lives have been touched by cancer.

  132. Dr. Carveth says:

    Lance, Thank you, I am a cancer surgeon and avid cyclist. I still wear and freely give out your yellow bracelets. Your return to cycling is the best thing you can do for the fight against cancer and for American Cycling. I am recharged and look forward to your sucess which reaps benefit for all cancer patients especially the young ones.

  133. Gary Neale says:

    Truly elated to hear of your return.
    I’ve often wondered and hoped you would once again show the world, what a true fighter can achieve.
    You’ve already won.
    May God speed be with you.

  134. David says:

    You are an inspiration to me; a caregiver to a cancer survivor of 1 year. It has been a difficult year but not as difficult as your personal war with cancer and the mountains of Spain, France Belgium and Italy.
    Continue to show us the way, the LiveStrong way!

  135. Ryan Kruger says:

    Best of luck, Lance. You’ve been an inspiration to me and to my family — my dad and I watched your last Tour daily while he was in treatment for stage 4 head and neck cancer. We’ll look forward to watching you on the bike again next summer and maybe catching a glimpse of you at the LIVESTRONG Challenge next month.

  136. Geoff says:

    Lance this is great news. You looked very strong and working hard last Saturday when you passed me and 2 of my mates. I will be there in France next year to cheer you on no matter what team you are on. Congradulations, when is the come back party in Austin time for a beer

  137. Eva Sanders says:

    Wonderful news!! I wish you all the best, may you fly on wings of angels. The Tour will be awesome to watch next July.

  138. Steve T says:

    Lance, thank you. We lost Michael, just 19, in May. Thank you, we’re behind you!!

  139. Michael Pedemonte says:

    Your actions speak volumes about your soul.

  140. John Foster says:

    Lancer….. I am very excited for you, Us, and the fight against CANCER……

    One more thing…. F’n A !!!


  141. Carrie says:

    I knew it was just a matter of time! Welcome back…

  142. Mike in Alabama says:

    Well done Lance. My wife is a survivor and I think of you often as I ride. Do your best…you are making a difference and many people livestrong today because you got involved.

  143. Steve (Fort Worth) says:

    Watching my father beat cancer and it affect many friends lives, its so heartening to see the toughest people are daring to take the fight to another level. Good luck!

  144. Karen Richards says:

    EIGHT IS GREAT!!! Wow! The timing couldn’t be better Lance! My 17 year old son is struggling to recover from brain tumor treatment. We will use your comeback as motivation for his comeback. You are truly and inspiration! I hope we see you next October in Columbus, Ohio. The LIVESTRONG Summit was awesome! Thanks for visiting OH-IO.

  145. Carlene says:

    Viva La Lance! Once again it will be a pleasure to watch the Tour on television. If ONLY I could be there!

  146. Terry says:

    I really like them _____ apples!!!!

  147. John Simpson says:

    We all have a reason to watch the Tour again.

  148. Rick Kehoe says:

    I’m a 4-year cancer survivor and I’ve ridden the RFTR/Austin Livestrong Challenge every year since. I ride in honor of my Mom and Dad who also had cancer. LAF is #1 in my priority list of charities, and I’m so stoked to hear that you will be riding the Tour again. OK then, France for my vacation in 2009! Keep the faith through that tough training, you are an inspiration!

  149. Craig McNiel says:

    I’m so excited that you will be returning to professional cycling. You are an inspiration to me and my family and we thank you for all that you have done in the fight against cancer. Live Strong

    3/17 – Survivor 2+ years

  150. Madame J.A. Chiet says:

    F?ɬ©licitations Lance! My French students and I are your biggest fans. You are our hero. Bonne chance!

  151. Victoria - Ojai CA says:

    Can’t wait for you to ride through Ojai again! Congratulations on your decision to continue to create awareness to the cancer cause and to get back in the saddle again!

  152. cheryl morgan says:

    Yipee! Bob Rolle will be so jazzed, and all the livestrong riders will go harder. Livestrong rules!Thank you Lance

  153. Robin says:

    Your message is loud and clear.
    Thank you.

  154. Frank Field says:

    You go, Lance! You’re riding for a lot of people and their families! 8! 8! 8! 8!..

  155. Mary says:

    I am truly inspired! As a fellow runner and cancer survivor I LiveStrong every day thanks in part to your efforts.

  156. Dustin Holmes says:


    You are truely an inspiration! Running NYC as part of the foundation was an awseome experience last November. LIVESTRONG, and give ’em hell!


  157. Kristi and Sylvain says:

    We are shouting for joy at hearing this and can’t wait to see you do what you do again, it’s GREAT GREAT GREAT! You are an inspiration to all.

  158. Cheryl Freedman says:

    As a 5 year survivor (this week!) of ovarian cancer I just returned from Survivor conference at MD Anderson last week and I KNOW we can kick cancer’s ass. I’ve read all your books and think you are the greatest….welcome back…we know you never really left. To health always.

  159. Karen says:

    I told my husband that if this turns out to be true, we were going to France in July! YIPPEE. I’m going to the Tour.Lance, you are an inspiration.


  160. Bill Goffredo says:

    Lance – You Rock! I think it will be a sorely needed boost to the sport and a great boost to “OUR” cause to have a champion of your caliber return and continue to spread the word and do all you can to fight this disease. I cannot wait to see you out there!

    It is not about the Tour…it is about finding the cure! Go get ’em Lance!!!

  161. Kathy says:

    Lance – the comeback kid! This world needs your courage and determination now more than ever. I never knew I’d mean this at SUCH a personal level, but I can’t stay silent. My husband, Chip, has been a avid fan of yours forever. He’s also been an avid street cyclist. I think we’ve watched every second of every Tour de France. We even named the raised-bed garden in our backyard Alpe d’Huez. (You get the picture.) This spring, Chip was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. An active, strong, healthy guy who treats his body like a temple. Yep, it can strike anyone, anytime. While recovering from surgery, he read your book. I swear it’s the only thing that kept him going. Now, 3 months into chemo, he is determined to “out-Lance Lance.” But yikes, you’re setting the bar even higher! Thanks for giving Chip AND SO MANY OTHERS OUT HERE the hope, vision, and the gut-it-out-no-matter-what will to dig deeper, and liveSTRONG. I owe you MUCH MORE than I’ll ever be able to repay. Rock on with your ride, Lance!

  162. Ron Eby says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done to raise awareness and funding. My father died of lung cancer, but my sister has survived breast cancer, my mother several melanomas and my 6 year old grandaughter has survived after being diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma two years ago. Cancer can be beat.

  163. Chris Houston says:

    Great news Lance! The timing is perfect. The cancer article in this week’s Newsweek reminds us all that we must up the ante.

  164. DeeDee says:

    Well, Giddy-up!!
    Fabulous news to all the supporters, fans, athletes and especially those fighting the nasty cancer fight.
    Thank you for all the action you take on behalf of the universe and for leaving your footprint on this fight.

  165. Ron M. says:

    Awesome news… I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m so happy and excited that you are returning to professional cycling. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for all that you have done in the fight against cancer. Live and Ride Strong

  166. Jamie - Ft. Hood, TX says:

    Outstanding! A true inspiration. Great for cancer research, great for cycling. A true role model. I look forward to seeing the intensity in your face as you dominate the Tour. I wish you the very best of luck in your training and competition and most of all with your never ending goal to find a cure for cancer! Hopefully, I will get to meet you one day and tell you what an inspiration you are to me. Go get’em Lance! LiveSTRONG!

  167. Dave says:

    Congrats and best of luck. It should be a fun year for fans.

  168. Rob Sartin says:


    If you need help training, Spencer and I can race you up some hills. It’s been three years since the last time we beat you 😉

    -Rob, Spencer’s Dad

  169. Laura says:

    Lance, I love you.
    I will leave my girl friend for you!

  170. Scott Woods says:

    You go big guy! You are an inspiration to all of us who are battling cancer. Can’t wait to see you win another Tour!

  171. Michelle says:

    Way to go, Lance! Like golf without Tiger, cycling just wasn’t the same. You’re an inspiration to us all!! Go bring home #8!!!

  172. Steve George - Corvallis says:

    Good decision Lance. This last Olympics proved you are never too old. I am guessing with your age/wisdom, you will train even smarter (not necessarily harder) this time around and be even more successful.

    Thank you for your inspiration.

  173. diana says:


    Cancer — of any kind, can effect anyone. You know that. I commend you for all you do to help everyone LIVESTRONG in this world. You are an amazing person, with a gift so many of us wish to possess. That’s not being able to ride insanely fast, or win a ton of races. Instead, it’s the ability to affect change — the kind that will forever change the future of cancer, the survivors, and those friends and family members who’ve lost loved ones……Go out there and have FUN and thank you for keeping it real. Carpe diem. and, oh yeah…..kick some butt in 2009!!!!!!!

  174. Carlos says:

    Your story and your will to beat this disease is truly inspirational. Thank you for all that you have done for cancer. Best of luck on your comeback to cycling.

  175. Rob Weaver says:

    Very cool – I am glad you have chosen to do this. Your continued presence in the sport definitely adds awareness and focus to both the sport and the cancer cause.

  176. Pete says:

    You are an inspiration to us all.


  177. Mick Brady says:

    Congrats on your achievement in the mountain bike race. Mountain biking is my first passion, road biking is a close second.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for returning. I watched the Tour every day and I could tell the Boys in the booth were missing you as well.
    Your involvement in the sport is vital to all. LIVESTRONG.

  178. Bebol says:

    Congratulations, Lance! You have been my inspiration since the day I learned I had cancer – not just in the way you have valiantly fought the disease, but in how you advocate & work to give cancer more global attention. May we – the many faces of cancer – be the wind that will lead you to the Big Win!

  179. Charlie Johnson says:

    Using your gift to spread the word is most generous. My wife and I are both cancer survivors.

    Finally some class will be put back in our sport. What took you so long? Welcome back and never give up!

    Cancer sucks!

  180. Lance – best of luck to you in racing and raising awareness and funds for cancer research. I’ve lost many friends to cancer, and currently have a 4-year old grandnephew Kaleb fighting brain cancer. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration.

  181. Bill R says:

    Thanks Lance
    Good to hear that you are coming back to the sport you love for the right reasons.
    It takes a strong team and not a single individual to win such a grueling race like Tour de France or even the Tour of Missouri hint hint .
    It takes a much stronger team to win the fight against different types of cancer .
    Our $$$ donated to different organizations for research even though it be only $1.00 will make a difference. Those $1.00 donataions add up to $5.00 – 10.00-20.00 and beyond. Like any race its 1 step or peddle at a time to get to the finish line .
    Hopefully the inspirations of knowing the cause you are doing it for will give you that added energy to peddle just 1 or 2 rpm faster on those grueling climbs.

  182. Martin Lewis says:

    Lance, way to go man! Maybe you will read this, maybe you won’t. Nonetheless, maybe American’s will get excited about cycling again! Last year was a bust and we all know why! By the way, love Mellow Johnny’s in Texas. Ever think about serving Peet’s coffee there? Good luck.

  183. Adam says:

    This news made my day, my week, my month, my year! Your story kept me motivated during my battle. I’m back to racing too! Good luck in ’09 and God bless all you do.

  184. Steve says:

    I just received my Livestrong special edition bike last night that I had been searching for, for the last three years and today this…can you say Champs-?É?Ä?lys?ɬ©es in July baby?

  185. Dave -So Cal says:

    Lance, I love the plan…..If anyone can make it back to the top, it you brother….Light it up!

  186. Dot Kostriken says:

    You chose the right venue in which to announce; I respect your life given to being strong in the fight, and Bill’s fight to remain strong in the fight for people and their rights. God bless you both!

  187. Sid Kaplan says:

    Hi Lance

    I just finished reading Johan’s book (We Might As Well Win) and found myself wishing you were still riding and taking up my entire July each year.

    This is the best thing that could happen to cycling and with you spearheading this increased focus on curing Cancer the world is a better place.

    I am grateful for all you do.

  188. Katie says:

    Wow. Words cannot describe…….wow.

    Thank you for all you do.

  189. Luis Correia - Rio - Brasil says:

    I wish you have all the luck and support you deserve.
    Your commitment to the cancer fight inpire us all
    Thank you
    Luis, Brasil

  190. Debbie says:

    This week, I have found out 4 friends have some form of cancer. Lance, this is what cancer survivors need to get America and the world to refocus and find a cure. Thank you.

  191. Rick Danner - Santa Barbara! says:

    Thank you! Lance! Your racing is always so inspiring, but now for global awareness of cancer! You are the greatest athlete ever Lance!

  192. Karch M. says:

    Hey Lance, I just want to say good luck! I’m 11 and new to road racing from bmx. I think what you’re doing for fighting cancer is awesome.

  193. Dave says:

    Thats great Lance that your heading back to the Altimate cycling race. You’ve been missed.
    As a son of both parents that have delt with cancer & survived im glad your heading back to spear head the fight of the # 1 killer on the planet, Cancer.
    Oh ya, and you will kick a** in the Tour De France. Cheers, Dave.

  194. Jack Bush says:

    I hate to be a nay sayer but as both a Republican and a double cancer survivor it is hard to understand how Lance can on the one hand put his energies into fighting cancer and encouraging more cancer research and on the other hand endorse John McCain for President. During his Senate career John McCain has consistently voted against the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institutes budgets. Over and over again, for his entire career. It seems quite hypocritical to me. I would not be alive today were it not for the research done at and sponsered by the NCI.

  195. Lance, 8 is Great and so are you. Your whole Army whole ARMY is behind you. Since you left no one knows what the Tour De France is. They should call it the El Tour De Texas!! Hey how about coming to El Tour De Tucson. We are honoring Robbie Ventura. Dr. Carmona is here. We are the only state with 9 Counties working together with bike lanes. Your Tucson Army Leader. Penny

  196. Joanie says:

    As a cycling fan and an Oncology RN, Welcome Back! Great for the sport, but even better for the fight against cancer. Thanks Lance.

  197. marie ubelhart says:

    thank you for giving my daughter kathleen a will to keep fighting!

  198. Carol - Kansas City says:

    Wow – great news and thanks for continuing the fight!! You’ve been a real inspiration to all of us, particularly my son who fought TC his senior year of high school. You brought us to Dr. Einhorn and the rest is history. 🙂 We’ll rally for you as you go for 8!

  199. Michael B. says:

    The seat you are now getting on is an even bigger one then the one on the bike you ride. Thanks for all your efforts and good luck on the ride.

  200. Dan says:

    Lance, You are a true inspiration and the world needs a sports figure like you to prove that hard work and a never give up attitude are better than any performance enhancing drug.

  201. bill says:

    The Baddest of the Bad is back on the bike, cant wait!

  202. Darrell P says:

    Thank you will never be strong enough words… so I will LIVESTRONG and fight with you

  203. marie ubelhart says:

    you are a great inspiration to cancer families everywhere

  204. Nancy C says:

    Fabulous news and such an inspirati8n. I’m going out and buying a bike so I can ride along with you. Cancer free for 8 yrs and lovin’ life.

  205. Lesley Clark says:


  206. Ray says:

    I ordered 1,000 Livestrong bracelets to give away at a conference a couple of years ago, and plan to order another 1,000 now that you have kicked it up to another level. You inspire us all. My bone marrow transplant in 1986 was a walk in the park compared to your next challenge, and you will win again. Thanks for being you.

  207. Marsha Danley says:


    This is the best news ever. Finally the excitement returns to the peloton and the dance begins. Cancer’s worst enemy is back, and he takes no prisoners. Yahoo!

  208. Dean says:

    You rock out loud Lance!! I am a huge fan, and was in St, Etienne fro your final ITT win and I still get goosebumps when I look at my photos of that day. Go get ’em champ!!!

  209. Nick Gianis says:

    Awesome news! Who better to take this fight global than Lance & Livestrong! Best wishes on your return & can’t wait to see you ride through Solvang, CA.

  210. Gayle M says:

    Tears of joy! I am going to be completely unbearable next year while the Tour is on.

    Welcome back Lance. We’ve missed you.

    8! 8! 8!

  211. Sharon says:

    SO HAPPY to hear the news. You are an inspiration to us all. Here’s to 8 in ’09!

  212. Don Fabiano says:

    Thank you Lance! Your decision is wonderful news. I rode the 100 in San Jose this year in support of the Livestrong Foundation and am proud to wear the Challenge jersey in honor of my daughter, a cancer survivor. I’m proud of you too, Lance. I’ll be cheering you on for number 8!

  213. Val Willman says:

    Lance: You have been and continue to be, an inspiration and Blessing for me. Your decision to return to cycling will bring you an even greater forum to stand for all of us and bring us into a greater appreciation for what “living strong” is all about. I “live strong…in HIM,” with recognition that none of us do this alone, but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I pray for your succes not only in this life, but for your reception of the treasures that you continue to build up in Heaven. Aloha Blessings, Val

  214. mark webster says:

    WOW!!! Lance I am so happy to learn of your imminent return to the game. It will do so much to raise awareness of CANCER.I have been lucky to side step melanoma and prostate cancer which were caught so early I didn’t even notice. But my father and two really good friends were not so lucky. Ride fast and be well.


  215. Charles Ingram says:

    Armstrong?Ǭ?, Win or not in your Second (or third) wind. You are an inspiration to be reckoned with. Never mind ‘Mike’ Nike, I wanna be like Lance. (I bet even Mike would sing that).

  216. Alex Gutierrez says:

    I think it’s admirable that the reason you are doing this is to raise the awareness of the world. Naysayers and doubters be damned! Go get em! God bless you and your cause.

  217. Loida Delgado says:

    You go Lance congratulations and good luck. Bring back Le tour.Eres una inspiracion para el mundo entero.Una buena excusa para ir a Francia.Go for 8!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. Bill Rost says:

    There is much that cannot be expressed in words…actions do speak louder and you lead from strength. You attacked the Alps and the Pyrenees, they lay wasted at your feet – we will do the same to cancer. Too late for my father, but as the Oakley poster of you climbing says…”Nothing is impossible!! As you go, so shall we.

  219. Neshat says:

    Congratulations Lance and welcome back to what you love. Hopefully the Tour de France can spend more time raising awareness about Cancer than trying to prove something that you did not do. Viva La Lance.

  220. Greg Milledge says:

    Thank you Lance for turning my horrible Birthday into something that is so incredibly exciting! Cycling needs you now with all of the sponsors that are pulling out after 2008. See you at the Amgen Tour of California!!!

  221. Gary Hoke says:


    As an employee of a clinical research organization (CRO) that helps conduct oncology trials, I applaud your selfless decision to return to cycling for a higher cause.


    Gary Hoke

  222. Nick Klase says:

    Way to go, Lance! I am 14 months outside of my treatment, and I am looking forward to riding in the Livestrong Challenge again this October in Austin. You were a huge inspiration for me during my chemo and radiation treatments. Looking forward to seeing you back on the bike! Go get ’em!

  223. Carlos Ramos says:

    “We are the lucky ones” Pain is temporary it might last a minute, an hour, a day, a month but quitting lasts forever…
    We share the same cancer, same treatment, same feeling-like shit experience but most importantly the willingness to always keep moving forward…
    Go get them Lance…Impossible is nothing…

  224. St Louis SEO says:

    Welcome back Lance! Can’t wait to see you rockin’ those pedals! You are an inspiration to a guy whose both parents have cancer. Good luck in all you do!

  225. Harlan says:

    Looking forward to your announcement on Sept. 24th which would of been my Moms 74th Birthday She lost her battle to breast cancer Jan. 21 2006. Good luck And to everyone LIVESTRONG.

  226. Astrid says:

    I’m so happy that I’m crying. Thank you, thank you thank you! LiveStrong!!

  227. Tammy says:

    It is not your cycling that impresses me most, (which is extremely impressive to say the least). It is what you do for those who have cancer that impresses and inspires me. Thank you for all that you do.

  228. Shari M says:


    Your return to professional cycling is a profound demonstration of your committment to the fight against cancer. You are riding for all of those who cannot.

  229. james perry says:

    Way to go Lance!
    Make the trip to France, witness
    inspiration on a bike.
    Go USA

  230. Drew says:

    I was hoping it was true. Thank God it is.

    I was a Livestrong supporter before my mother fought off breast cancer, and I’m sure as HELL a supporter now. I might strap 10 bracelets to my wrists now!!!

    You and all cancer survivors are such inspirations to us all.

    Go get ’em, Lance.

  231. Aaron says:

    Good for you Lance…Your last Tour De France helped me fight off life threatining Testicular Cancer. I lost my kidney, ureter and part of my colon…Now I am StockBroker and publice inspired and still inspire me to LiveStrong

  232. Connie Bell says:

    Sept.11 will be 7 years since I was given my last treatment for cancer…I feel so blessed to be in the “survivor” category. My brother-in-law was diagnosed with a head cancer last December but after months of chemo and radiation at MDA, his last check-up showed no signs of cancer. Both of us are living proof that early detection is the key to fighting this dreadful illness. You have been such an inspiration to the two of us. LIVESTRONG! We can’t wait to see you back in the saddle in France 2009!

  233. my son admired you but unfortunatly sept 4th was 1 year he was killed riding his bike now on sept 13th we will have a bicycle safety awarness ride in his honor but before he died he helped take care of a very sick friend that had colon cancer so he was for that too
    his name was frank j cabral he died 41years old sept 4th 2007

  234. Anne says:

    Thanks, Lance!
    Go for 8!

  235. Chris Bennett says:

    Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for your efforts in bringing awareness to so many of the battle we all have against cancer. We have many in our family who have survived cancer, and unfortunately others who still are in a fight for their lives. We will pray that they have the strength to carry on, just as we all applaud your return to the sport.

  236. John Alvarez says:

    Best wishes to Lance and every body that support him. Can wait to see you Race again.


  237. Jack Riester says:

    Lance, you are an inspiration to us all. We will be riding with you as you climb back up the ranks and we know you can reach the top again.
    Best of luck,

  238. Kim Coats says:

    Met you in Vegas a few months ago when you were in town for Livestrong day at Wolfgang’s. Thank you for coming out of retirement and using your physical gifts to promote the greater cause….fighting cancer!

  239. Margaret Nomi says:

    Simply EPIC Lance!
    You have helped me over so many hills.

    Never a doubt

  240. Brad Kelley says:

    This is a great day!!! As a recent stage 3 testicular cancer survivor, you have been a positive influence in my life and to all the people that helped me through my war. You do not get the credit you deserve. I hope this tour shows the world your commitment to winning the war on cancer. I hope to see you win the Tour de Georgia in person. LIVESTRONG!!!!

  241. Lance Fan-atic says:

    Better L8 than never.

  242. Donna says:

    This is great news! You have always been an inspiration for me. I have watched you race since 99 and I am always inspired by your strength and determination. I am a breast cancer survivor from Canada. Livestrong!

  243. Terry Zimmer says:

    My 9 year old son Jack is in the middle of treatment for leukemia. We are huge fans and look forward to your return on the bike. Go Mellow Johnny!!

  244. Mike Neuer says:

    Lance you are the best. We will all fight with you!!!

  245. I am so stoked about your return to cycling, Lance. The sport has missed you. You have been such an inspiration to me and others in so many ways. I am glad that you are, again, taking center stage to create awareness and lead the way in the fight against cancer. See you in Austin in October!

  246. Bill Bowes says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time . . . both from my perspective as a weekend warrior cyclist that subscribed to cable only so I could watch The Tour on OLN and from the perspective of a son who lost his mother to melanoma. I only wish I could ride with you. I guess I’ll opt for buying airline tickets to France for July ’09! I’ll be the one (of millions) wearing the yellow LIVESTRONG band, which I’ve worn every single day for 4 years straight . . . whether in a tux, a suit, cycling gear or nothing at all (TMI). Anyways, thanks, congrats and let us know what we can do to help!

    Fond regards,

  247. Steve Parsons says:

    AWSOME news!!!
    Step 1: Win 8th tour
    Step 2: Win 2010 Governorship of Texas
    Step 3: Totally kick cancer’s a** Worldwide!!!!
    You have my complete support on all three!!!
    Jaune t?ɬ?te de course!!


  248. Jim says:

    Lance –

    Great News! You continue to inspire all of us, especially those fighting cancer. You will continue to do this for decades to come! Bravo!

  249. Joseph Lee says:

    Lance you are a true Sports Hero and international wonderboy! God bless you for continuing to “fight like hell” like you did when you beat cancer 12 years ago. I couldn’t be more exstatic!

  250. Laura M says:

    I think everyone has covered how I feel but just wanted to let you know I am absolutely thrilled!!! Look forward to next year! Wow! How Exciting!! This is Huge!

  251. Bob Folger Jr says:

    Lance great job. Cancer can be defeated and will be defeated. Peddle on Lance!

  252. Andy Franklin says:

    Fantastic news Lance! I can’t wait for July! It’s the Tour de Lance again. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many people. I wear my LiveStrong bracelet still to this day to reminde me to LiveStrong.

  253. Helene says:

    Lance, thank you for being such an inspiration. You are incredible and a gift to everyone. Thank you for your dedication, determination, courage, and starting this crucial organization. Most of all thank you for being my inspiration during my own fight against this beast!! I applaud you!! Good luck, and here’s to number 8!!!!!! If anyone can do it, you can!!!!!

  254. Philly Mentor says:

    The true spirit of LIVESTRONG is displayed in the 250 messages above mine.

    We can make a difference.
    We can stretch that yellow band around the world.

    God Bless
    God Speed


  255. Gordon Tolbert says:

    Great news Lance! You’re an inspiration to all of us … BON VOYAGE my friend.

  256. Paulette says:

    It’s aboot time as the Canadians would say. You are the American Wayne Gretzky. My husband is an almost 5yr survivor. My Mom-in-law had skin cancer, one uncle with prostate cancer and recently another uncle with pancreatic cancer. We appreciate all that you do. See you in October at the Livestrong Challenge. Let’s kick Cancer in the Arse!

  257. "Stevie" says:

    I read the rumors the past few days, but was afraid to breathe until I heard it from the horse’s mouth. Yay!!! The horse has spoken! So glad to be able to see you racing again.
    Cycling is always great, but will be just that much better again. Most importantly, keeping the focus on the fight against all forms of cancer is the greater benefit from your return to the bike. Still wearing my LiveStrong bracelet loudly and proudly.

  258. Don Mueller says:

    This is a dream! I hope to be in Paris next year to watch you win #8. Train hard, best wishes, Don

  259. Andriene Sterlington says:

    Go Lance Go!!!! You are the best of the best and you inspire me everyday!!!

    – Andriene S.

  260. Kevin says:

    Allez, Lance. Kick cancer’s ass.

  261. Michelle says:

    Bravo. Lance is my hero. When I was diagnosed with cancer, his story kept me hopeful and sane through some dark days. I look forward to doing my part for a worthy cause.

  262. TJ says:

    See you in Paris!


    Alpharetta, GA

  263. philly says:

    brilliant news!

  264. Pam S says:

    This is great news indeed! It will only make the war against cancer stronger. I rode the Livestrong Challenge in Portland the last 2 years as a breast cancer survivor and took in your words of encouragement at the end. I LiveStrong for myself and all my other cancer survivor friends here in Seattle! You are an inspiration to so many people. Livestrong Lance!

  265. Craig says:

    Lance, you obviously are an inspiration and a role model in many ways for your work ethic and determination. I always felt that God was not finished with your story. You will continue to touch our lives. Go get em.

  266. Van says:

    Thanks Lance. I’ve got lymphoma but ride all I can with TNT for LLS. I support Livestrong too. Missed you when you were in San Jose CA but hope to still be pedaling when you’re back this way. You inspire me and countless others in a multitude of ways. Can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear this news. I’m just about 65. Don’t quit before me! We can win this fight!

  267. Jim G. says:

    Beauty! Congrats Lance. 8 on its side is infinity hopefully your new icon for this voyage. You have given many people close to me hope and strength to persevere to survive cancer. I promise I will not crack on my convictions like you. See you in California.

  268. George (Grapevine) says:

    Rock on Lance!!! It just wasn’t the same this year, you should have been there. Glad to hear your back in!! I’m back in too!! Signed, Loyal Peloton Project Alum. Still wearing yellow!!

  269. Christopher Whelchel says:

    Sweet! Your competitors are shaking… again! See you for the Livestrong Challenge in Austin for a 90 mile ride!

  270. Harry Volk says:

    I have been just diagnosed with cancer. May your courage and dignity wash over me through these times. Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us on our journey to wholeness.
    With hands folded, Harry

  271. tony mora says:

    Ok mate, good luck from Downunder. I suggest a name change – Armstronger,
    or how about Armstrongest?


  272. Linda S. says:

    Dear Lance,
    Great news for an even greater purpose! You teach us all how to LIVESTRONG! I’ll be there cheering you with the same passion you show on the bike, at a LIVESTRONG Challenge or fighting in Washington! THANKS!
    Always- Linda, 6 year LAF
    volunteer & fundraiser

  273. Scott Doniger says:

    lance, we met in 1996 at the atlanta olympics, before you were diagnosed. i worked for bmw of north america and managed the fleet of bmw cars and motorcycles that escorted all the cycling events. we all knew you were capable of winning that race, and were frankly dumbfounded when you were not there with pascal richard at the end. we soon learned why. i had been diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1991, and successfully treated at memorial sloan kettering with a lymph node dissection. i’ve been cancer free since — becoming a cat 3 racer in northern california in large part inspired by you — also almost worked with CTS, chris may remember me. as you enter a new dimension of physicality and mental challenge, there are only two things left to say: win — and thanks for everything you’re doing to help fight cancer. scott doniger

  274. Lance,

    You inspired Multi-Millions… Of all ages and all walks of Life…

    Pedal Hard, Pedal Often, But Most of all
    Pedal to LiveSTRONG!!!


  275. Tom says:

    Rock n’ Roll – go get it Champ! You do the racing and will do the raising:)
    and yes, LIVE STRONG!

  276. Deji says:

    Good to hear man! Good luck & keep the rubber side down!!

  277. Anne Cox says:

    I stopped riding when you pulled out of racing. When I heard your news on my way home from work tonight I decided to get out the bike and LIVESTRONG.
    Thank you again, fellow survivor!

  278. Louise says:

    Thanks for returning to a sport and a cause that need all the help they can get! The tour just hasn’t been the same without you. Next July will be something to look forward to.

  279. ARJUN MOHANDAS says:

    I think this is the greatest thing to happen to cycling and the cancer community in a while.

    As a physiciian, I see the renewed awareness that the LIVESTRONG posters in my exam room bring about in patients regarding the need for screening.

    As a cyclist…well, lets just say that I look forward to seeing the Tour de Lance once more….hopefully on Mont Ventoux or Alp D’Huez…!!

    Way to go Lance!!

  280. Kathy Hanley says:

    Thank you for all you do. My daughter met you at the Lake Tahoe golf tournament 2 years ago. You signed a Live Strong hat for her because she said it was for her mom. That hat symbolizes hope and promise to me.
    Go out and win in 2009!

  281. David Morse says:

    Lance, you are the first thing to cross my mind when my oncologist told me ‘you have cancer, and I can’t cure you’ – not quite six years ago. I guess now that today’s traffic has settled a bit it’s time to drag out my own two-wheeler and take a bit of a cruise.

  282. Keith says:

    Lance, good for you! Sounds like an excellent tactic to raise more awareness. Good luck with training and your races next year!!

  283. Molly says:

    It’s one thing to reenter the sport of cycling. It’s another to take on cancer at the global level. To do both together is the “perfect storm”. Best of luck. Hope to see you in the Tour of California!

  284. Rick Hyman says:

    You continue to amaze and inspire.

  285. Tom L says:

    I am speechless, excited, motivated but most of all grateful that you are taking a stance for those who have fought so hard to make it one more day.
    You are an inspiration to so many and our thoughts and prayers will be with you as you train daily for your day on stage. The prize is eternal!

  286. Christine says:

    Thank god for you, Lance!!! I love to watch the tour, but it is just not the same race without you! The news that you returned to cycling made my day, and I believe you will remind the world of what it means to make the most of your second chances. Viva Lance! Give it everything you’ve got. LIVESTRONG!!

  287. Tom Stillwell says:

    My dear friend Kent Struckmeyer and I used to talk daily about your amazing career. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer at about the same time as you. He survived like you. He was inspired by you. Then a completely unrelated, congenital brain tumor decided to rise up and take him when at 50. I gave him a Livestrong notebook when he was re-diagnosed. He was a survivor for as long as he could be.

    He would be so excited about your return, and the reason you’re doing it. In memory of my friend, and so we don’t have to lose too many others too soon, thank you for this decision.

    Allez! Allez! Allez!

  288. Aussies says:

    Great news Lance … Bring it on, Mate
    Cadel, Stewie n Robbie
    PS Want to be a super domestique for Cadel?

  289. James H says:

    Wonderful news! I’m excited to watch you dance on your pedals once more. You are an inspiration to many, including myself. We all need to LIVESTRONG!

  290. Nick A. says:

    And on the 8th day, God said, “LET THERE BE LANCE!”

    What a story, What a mission, What a ROLE MODEL!!! The world is behind you my friend! May God Bless you and everyone fighting the battle with cancer! I support you and salute you in all your efforts! I am counting the days to July 2009 and will LIVESTRONG everyday because of you!

  291. Michelle J. McLeod says:

    This has to be the best news this year! Because of your determination, spirit and compassion, the world will now have a chance to clasp hands together and fight this disease once and for all! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Go Lance!!

  292. Robert C. says:

    The best of the best is back !!! God bless you Lance.

  293. Lydia Stuart says:

    This is the best news!! Lance, you are a truly inspirational guy! Thank you for all that you do.

  294. Amazing decision. Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge 2008!

  295. Bob H. T.O. CA. says:

    Would love for 2009 to have been your 11th straight TDF victory, but we will be overjoyed for number 8!!! Great to see you back and hope Big George will be riding with you.

  296. Pat says:

    Way to go Lance!

    We are watching you in Canada.

  297. Joris Vanleene says:

    Good luck Lance beat them all at the next Tour de France.
    What a hero of and on the bike!

  298. Chuck Abbe says:

    You are still my hero Lance, welcome back. Your re-entry into professional cycling may be just what the sport needs to overcome the problems of the last few years and return cycling to the high visibility, professional competition that it needs to be.

  299. David Leath says:


    It’ll be a joy and an honor to see you take to the road again. You’ve always been an inspiration to me as I have ridden some of my toughest cycling rides. You are a true hero! Welcome back Lance, go get ’em!!

  300. Bonnie says:

    I suppose this means you won’t ride Ragbrai in 2009? Best of luck next year on the tour. Livestrong!!!

  301. Chris L. says:

    You are truly a remarkable man! Your raw passion and unwavering determination has given hope and inspiration to countless masses. It is certainly no exaggeration when I say that it is because of you and your tireless efforts that sick people like myself and so very many others may one day see a cure to this terrible ‘modern day plague’ we all know as cancer.
    Please always remember how many millions of us across the world that you have touched with your life, the challenges you have overcome, and your ongoing efforts to see that we all have a fair shot at living a longer, stronger life. Ignore the doubters and pessimists who would so foolishly try to tear you down at every step. I can say with complete certainty that you are genuinely loved and appreciated by myself and millions of others across the globe. Keep up the great work and LIVE STRONG!!!

  302. David Ballantyne says:

    Wonderful News! Your return will inspire those fighting cancer to LIVESTRONG, and it will instill fear in the Peleton.

    Go for it all, and God Bless!

  303. Rhonda says:

    What a day!, Lance Armstrong letting the world know he’s back! AWESOME! Thanks for all that you do in the fight against cancer!!
    Have you ever thought of running for President?????
    Love ya Lance 🙂
    from a fellow survivor

  304. Erik Franco says:

    A Beacon of Hope! for all of our love-ones battling Cancer, especially my only sister born 9-18-65 recently diagnois. The return of Lance! Great! News Today! A true inspiration! on Behalf of my Sister & the Cancer Community I will Always “LiveStrong” & “RideStrong” & Never Give-Up! God-Speed! Lance! Hurry! EveryOne! Wear Yellow!

  305. Robin Putnam says:

    Thank you for fighting for cancer patients’ rights on a broader scope! People forget that many survivors face on going challenges long after the chemo or radiation ends. I am thrilled that you will be riding again, but your willingness to use your fame for public good, rather than private gain is by far your greatest victory.

  306. Charlotte Y. B. says:

    I am so glad to hear you are racing again. You gave my family hope that I will always appreciate!

  307. Bill Davenport says:

    How ’bout them apples!

    I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

    Truly an inspiration to us all!

    Now I am putting down the Ben & Jerry’s and going for a run!

    Wear yellow!

  308. Cathie says:

    I can’t tell you how excited we are and it’s all for a cause near and dear to my heart… Thank God you’re back. It just wasn’t the same without you! LIVESTRONG!!

  309. francisco says:

    saludos lance
    tu eres el ciclista mas grande
    sin ti en el ciclismo no habia ciclismo. desde que te retiraste del ciclismo yo tambien me retire me puso triste pero ahora que has regresado me llenaste de energia, y vamos por el octavo tour. saludos desde Mexico

  310. Leo B says:

    This is great news indeed, my father and mother are both cnacer survivors, and being an avid Tour De France wathcer for over 20 years, I think this to totally awesome.

  311. ranithas says:

    que bueno k regresaste

    para que no anden hablando

    que te dopas cosa k no es cierto

    es pura envidia, erea cabron mis

    respetos, me motivast para que me

    subiera de nuevo ala bici

    gracias lance =D

  312. Thea says:

    Such great news!!

    I have stage IV cancer and watched you from the start of your career – you always represented hope to me, and you still do. I will really look forward to your riding, knowing you are riding for all of us. Thanks so much!

  313. Craig Hobart says:

    Lance –
    Maybe run for president of the United States – it might be an easier road against the losers we have running.

    However your autographed jersey is going back on the wall. We will cheer you on the whole way.




  315. Geert / Brussel, Belgium says:

    This is absolutely fantastic news, Lance !
    Will be great to see you back in Europe, on a bike !
    I’m sure Johan had a bottle of champagne last night, now that the news is in the open. Question : at what temperature can I clean my wristband? OK, I’ll have a new one!

  316. jorge ruiz says:

    Sabia que volverias, te vi colocar cuatro dedos en cada mano y tu miradalo decia.
    Ya puedes ir cambiando de bola de billar y usar la 9.
    No creo que falles, simplemente gracias de volver, desde Espa?ɬ±a.

  317. Peter says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…………
    All the best from Austria!!!
    I belive in you!

    Ps:….if you can dream ist you can do it……..

  318. Lance,
    Leading by example…yet again! Using your athletic ability to raise awareness for such an important cause has been inspiration to myself and others around the world. After reading 2 of your books a year ago..I was motivated to start having my cycling team raise money for local charities in the Tucson, AZ community. If we are blessed enough to be healthy and active…why not use it as a platform to give back to others. Thank you once again for being a role model and congrats on your 2009 Tour de France win!


  319. eri says:

    what a move
    that’ll give new hope to cancer victims and professional cycling as well.

  320. Kristy Horne says:

    That is fantastic news and cannot wait til the TDF 09
    Great decision Lance
    Cheers, Kristy

  321. Linda Haywood says:

    The news is terrific, you are truly an inspiration to all.
    Having lost someone to cancer, you give us hope to carry on.

    Cannot wait to watch you in the 2009 Tour de France.

    God Bless you and your family

  322. David Lapsley - Western Australia says:

    TDF 08 is going to be off the hook! When your not in pro cycling it just starts to fade for me (and I suspect I’m not alone). L.A. Legend x 8!

  323. Auke says:

    GREAT! Can’t wait to see you ride

    grtz from the Netherlands!

  324. Chad says:

    Welcome back Armstrong. What took you so long. You are an inspiration to millions. The whole world will be watching. I was looking forward to the Tour in 09 between
    Basso,Kloden,Contador,Kohl,Evans,Levi,The Schlecks and maybe Landis but with your return that is going to make it that much more entertaining. Wish you best of luck. Keep up the good fight we’ll see you at the top.

  325. DrumsForCures sounds a resounding rhythmic rumble of respect for your decision (and mission). ?Ǭ°BEAT cancer!

    By virtue of your efforts, my son found resolve as a survivor (as did I; a survivor, brother, son and parent of one).

    We?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢re making strong progress. The message of hope, survivorship and the needs for advocacy to fuel and fund research is no longer falling on deaf ears. There is forward motion.

    Take it to the next level! ALL communities need to know (and support) the cancer health resources available to them.

    Man, if anybody can make the world pay attention you’re the pedal pounding s.o.b. to do it!

    Drink that French Champagne (again)!

  326. Les Levin says:

    Your the man, Lance! So excited for the comeback- and to couple it with cancer awareness is genius. This is gonna be big- your biggest accomplishment ever! The peloton better watch out. Go Lance!

  327. Eric says:

    I’m going to wear *THREE* livestrong bracelets tomorrow. My wife was diagnosed with leukemia just over a year ago, and is now doing well. But seeing what she went through I applaud your efforts for raising cancer awareness.

    Oh, and welcome back, man! =) (BTW, I had the chance to ride up Haleakala in June — someone told me you once did that climb 3 times in one day while training… yikes!!)

  328. Rob Hofker says:

    I wait in excitement on your return. I have fond memories of your successes and hope you really do raise the awareness on the fight against cancer.
    Victory in that area is so much more important than another Tour de France win, but if you pull off an eigth … wow!

  329. Pascal says:

    Come one Lance !! We are dreaming of your victory !! Let them see that you are THE man !!

  330. Norah says:

    Viva la Lance!

    Go Lance; Go Lance; Go Lance!!

    We love you!! VIVA LA LANCE!

  331. Patrick (Nederland) says:

    Great news. Lance you are a real Champion! See you in Paris next year.

  332. romain le corre says:

    ThANks lance for you come back in the grand boucle, i M french you missed to tour de france ….


  333. Donna A says:

    Go Lance…
    Keep up the good fight! You are a soldier in this war, and I support you.

  334. JR Aguirre says:

    Go for #8! Your an inspiration to people around the world! There is life after cancer and we can win over it. Good luck Lance!

  335. Thank you Lance, thank you for the inspiration and the role model you are for all of us. Your decision has inspired me to, first, asseble a riding team to, second, participate on next years Ride for the Roses in The Netherlands.
    Keep riding strong
    See you at the mountains!

  336. Darragh Halpin says:

    Attaboy Lance!

    The Tour de France has become boring without you, it needs a boost and you are the man to do it!
    I’m looking forward to July already!

  337. Patricia Ledner - santa barbara says:

    My HERO!!!! ….
    Everyone’s Hero!!

    <3 <3 <3
    Ride on!
    Love, me

  338. Chris Hollis says:

    A true inspiration to those affected by cancer, and anyone wanting to push themselves when all around them are saying not to.
    Lance, you have long been an idol to many. Long may that continue.
    Livestrong is an attitude, not just a buzzword and you are the living embodiment of that.

    Best of luck – the world is behind you!

  339. Jeroen says:

    Thank you Lance, good luck and i cannot wait for see you riding again!

    The Netherlands, Veghel

  340. J?ɬ?rgen says:

    This is such great news!
    What an inspiration you are!

    Thanks! J?ɬ?rgen, the Netherlands

  341. Srinivasa says:

    Thanks Lance.. We wanna see you on the podium. You have been the source of inspiration for the people with cancer all throughout their lives. Anyone can just pump in their shoes back again if they see you on your bike again. This is the best way to tell the cycling world who a champ is.. rock lance.. Viva va la Lance..

  342. Jimmy says:

    You can do anything. I can’t wait to see you win n.o 8 tour! You are a total inspiration to us all and give everybody hope! It would be nice of you to come to Australia for the Tour Down Under! We will be all behind you!

  343. Vincent Wouters says:

    A small suggestion. Please come and join the Rabobank team =). Than I can come and watch you an awful lot more hopefully.

  344. GO LANCE!!!

    (My late husband, Mike Moore, and I would yell that at all the yellow-jersey-wearing cyclists who we often passed on our way to Mike’s chemo and check-ups at Stanford during Lance’s seven and Mike’s twelve inspiring years.)

    Sarah Wenstrand

  345. didy (belgium) says:

    after 3 times a sad TdF because “no more tour the lance” I ‘m so excited that you’ll be back ! can’t believe it, it’s like a dream. can’t wait for july for a new “tour the lance” !!!
    go for nr. 8, you can do it my friend !

  346. Sally from New Zealand says:

    Great to see you making a comeback with a cause. I only hope that not only are you looking for a cure – but as to why cancer in our world exists?

    Surely the indiscriminate use of chemicals in our everyday lives and unsustainable farming must contribute to CANCER in our lives.

  347. Kevin Barun says:

    Thanks Lance for coming Back.
    A victory in the next TDF will be a victory to all patients and the whole international community.


  348. nilam says:

    thank you very much Mr.lance.
    But i will be very thankful to you if you will run your efforts in India also…….i would be very thankful and willl help you for the same purpose…….nnnnnnnnnnn KEEP IT UP…………

  349. Martin UK says:

    About time Lance.

    The tour, cycling and all of us fellow surviors are glad to have you back (well I’m not sure about your competitors, but, hey, never mind)

    See you in the Alps!!

    Rock and Roll

  350. Thank You, See you in France!

  351. Michael (UK) says:

    When the darkness is all around you and the pain is too much to bear, dig deep my friend, you?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢ll find the strength deep in there.
    When all your senses are crying out to stop, push on we say, for, to stop is to lose, to give in, to accept our fate and die.
    What is one more hill to climb? One more sprint to fight out of yourself? One more challenge to over come?
    It is life; it is why we were born. To face the day, to push on to achieve what so many say we cannot, to stand there victories in the face of defeat.
    This is what makes us great. Then to turn these victories into inspiration and hope for the many you do not know or are ever likely to see.
    This is what makes you one of the greatest ever.

    Keep fighting, keep giving us hope, pleasure and prove.

  352. Alex Smith says:

    Allez Lance. The results are by the way. Your presence in the peleton will bring joy and hope to millions of those touched by cancer and those of us who love the sport of cycling and want to see it ridden clean.

  353. John MAINES says:

    Thanks Lance, this is the best news I heard this year !!! Next year I’ll be alongside the TDF road to give you some support !! You’re a great inspiration for people !!

  354. Bec says:

    I could not be more pleased and excited that you’re coming back to professional cycling, and I’ve really, really missed watching you race.

    You are just an amazing inspiration to everyone out there. Fantastic news. Thank you Lance.

  355. Mattias Thyr says:

    As said before. You have already won! It’s about getting in the fight! Live it!
    //M . Sweden

  356. j.thelen says:

    la france que je connaisse, a toujours ador?ɬ© les grands champion. cette d?ɬ©cision est digne d’un tr?ɬ®s grand champion.
    bravo lance-j’ai les larmes aux yeux. montre nous tous que tu es un champion propre et m?ɬ?me si tu ne gagne pas , tu joueras le r?ɬ¥le de ta vie!
    je traverserais la france comme toi pour soutenir l’id?ɬ©e du sport et de l’entraide pour les humains en souffrance.
    je te souhaite une bonne pr?ɬ©paration

  357. Matt says:

    Good man. There can never be enough publicity about cancer. Public awareness needs to be increased enormously. You’ve inspired me and millions of other cancer sufferers. LIVESTRONG

  358. isaac says:

    go for it lance we are crrosig fingers the survivers in Israel.
    we will be happy to see you in Isreal and to help and work for LAF.

  359. Manolo says:

    Hi Lance you are for my an idol,you are the best not just for your victory on the tour,you are special for your victory agains the cancer.Thanks for return,i was on your last tour waiting on the road just for seeing you.You are the best and iwill be Good welling waiting for your on the france roads,on the next tour.Bye and forgive me my mistakes

  360. Mark says:

    God Speed, Lance Armstrong!

  361. Davo says:

    Livestrong and Godspeed, Lance!!!

  362. brano says:

    Hello Lance,

    this is the biggest news for cycling worldwide since your retirment. I?Ǭ¥m your big fan and I follow cycling since your first victory on Tour very carefully. I?Ǭ¥m very happy. Thank you for all.

  363. Ludovic TOULOUSE says:

    Monsieur Lance Armstrong,

    Je dis RESPECT, c’est avec beaucoup de bonheur que j’apprends la nouvelle. Je vous souhaite de tout coeur que vous puissiez remporter une huiti?ɬ®me fois le tour de France. Et au plaisir de vous revoir sur nos routes.

    Tr?ɬ®s respectueusement, un ancien canc?ɬ©reux.

  364. Phil in LA says:

    If anyone could ever begin to imagine winning his EIGHTH Tour de France…it would absolutely be YOU..!!!

    Lance, you are THE man…!!!!

    Best of luck getting Johann and the team ready to sip champagne with on Champs Elysees …!!!

    I will see you in Feb. for the Tour of California…

  365. Jason St Hill says:

    Magnificent news !and typical of the courage and determination of a true champion for those suffering from or recovering from this pernicious disease ,Lance is an inspiration to us all. Best of luck with the training and look forward to seeing you ripping some legs next July !!!

  366. Great news, this is very exiting.
    Good luck and keep up the good work..!
    cheers Dick

  367. J Maloney says:

    Lost both my grandparents and auntie to cancer before I ever got the chance to know them, so have always lived with the fear that I could be struck down anytime.
    You’ve given me hope when I needed it most and I am glad that you’re back for all the right reasons.
    Go get ’em, champ!!!

  368. Frank says:

    Couldn’ t believe it at first.
    Now it seems to be true. The best cycling news in 3 year.
    Welcome back and hsow them who’s the best.

  369. Kehau says:

    Hawaii congratulates you for going global and getting the message out that cancer needs to be a national priority.

    Thank you for all that you do, keep on biking.

  370. Ian T says:

    I heard news late last night that you have confirmed reports that you’ll ride the pro tour again in 2009, and hopefully TDF! Nothing would satisfy me more than for you to return to pro cycling and win again. I will be watching your progress with interest and hope to see you on the top step once again.
    From the UK.

  371. Tony Castricum - AUSTRALIA says:

    What terrific news for all us fans. What terrible news for the rest of the tour riders who will have to stare you down! For cancer families you have provided so much hope already. For all older bike riders, you also provide hope that maybe we can handle one more ride on Alpe D’Huez. Ride hard!

  372. John C says:

    Lance – once again you have inspired millions – for all those 30 and 40 something athletes out there, you can be as great as you were at 20. Committment to any goal in life can result in great success – it’s never too late. Thanks man – Pro Cycling needs this injection of excitement.

  373. Anne says:

    Thank you for adressing Cancer on a global level.

  374. Sebastian Cuccia says:

    Go, Lance, go!! Keep kicking cancer`s ass.
    Bravo for you from Argentina

  375. Anecita T. Dangazo says:

    I am inspired of the news. How I wish all cancer patients will have a srong determination, a strong will to live in spite of the disease.

  376. serge says:

    This is truly amazing. Finally, it will be worth watching the Tour de France again. We have been waiting for this for a long time. The best thing that could happen to cycling.

  377. Nana says:

    What wonderful news!!! What an important decision for the fight against cancer, for cycling and for the youth of the world who so desperately need positive role models like yourself. Courage, strength, integrity, and an incredible work ethic in one person is rear and you personify all that and more. Thank you, thank you!

  378. pascal says:

    Lance, I am a huge fan. I watched all your tours, and it is something that I will remember as long as I live. And I benefited a lot in my life from that,it gave me a lot of motivation to do things even when things were not going well. I know a lot about cycling and I must admit I worry if it is possible to do it at 37, but if you say you can do it, I wish you good luck.

  379. Herman (SA) says:

    This is awesome news! I really hope that your efforts to create more awareness of cancer turn into actions taken by the global powers that exist, and that they truly do StandUp2Cancer! When you won for Casartelli & said you rode with the strength of 2 men, may your next TdF feel like the strength of a billion men!

  380. Gareth - Ireland says:

    Amazing…i recently lost my father to cancer 5 months ago. I have long since followed your journey through life and through cycling.

    Actions sometimes speak louder than words.

    I hope you win your 8th tour…but my biggest hope is that someday a cure for cancer is found…your efforts can only help this cause..

    Good luck…

  381. Rob - South Wales, GB says:

    All the best Lance. Not only will you restore some dignity to cycling after all the recent drug controversies, but you’ll also raise the profile (and hopefully lots of money) for the fight against cancer. Good luck and God bless.

  382. David Stevens says:

    What an inspiration!! The awareness that you have brought to cancer is already unbelievable and i am in awe at what you have achieved all ready hope all goes well with the training and really looking forward to you winning your next TDF. Dave from Ireland Maybe you could take part in the tour of Ireland Next Year ha ha 🙂

  383. Paul M says:

    Unbelievable! Go for it Lance!

    Good luck with the preparation and I hope you’re able to gather a great team around you.

    Thanks for the comeback, truly inspiring!

  384. Dave Shephard says:

    Awesome news! Will we be seeing Team Livestrong in the peleton next season? This mission seems to be about more than trying to win an 8th Tour. With Livestrong sponsoring a team, the fight to address cancer issues on a global scale will be taken on by the whole team not just the individual. Lance has given so much to cycling, perhaps cycling can give a little something back in return!

    Vive le Lance!


  385. simon innes says:

    great news lance , look forward to the greatest tour De france ever when you take on our aussie boy Cadel Evans next year , well done mate on your continued fight against cancer and we would love to see you fight it down under in the Tour down under . cheers

  386. DW says:

    Fantastic News! As a cyclist he has been an unbelievable inspiration to me.

  387. Graham Goddard (UK) says:

    I have been a fan from the very early days when Lance made the move the Pro Cycling and followed his career throughout.

    When the news of the canceer was annouced, I wrote to Lance expressing my best wishes, and got a reply, which blew me away.

    I stopped watching the TDF once Lance retired as it held no more interest for me.

    I will be glued to it next year though and will be following the run up to it like a hawk !

    You never know, I may even get back on my bike as well…….

    From a huge fan in the UK.

  388. Roland says:

    hi, I expected you to appear once in an ironman competition, but anyway – it’s great to have you back in sport. good luck and ride hard. all the best for the best !!

  389. Marc C says:

    Really glad to know your return to the profession cycling world again. It has been an unexpected news that will make TdF much more interesting next year! Thanks Lance!

  390. Matan says:

    Lance, you’re an inspiration to all of us, cyclists and viewers.

    I admire you, I wasn’t able to miss a stage when you raced at the Tour de France.

    Good luck on your major comeback, I hope we will be able to see you smile in yellow again,

    Never give up! =)

    Matan from Israel

  391. Paulo Roberto says:

    Nem acredito que vou ter o prazer de ver este fenomeno planar sobre o asfalto novamente.
    Fico lisongeado por ter nascido nessa gera?ɬß?ɬ£o e poder acompanhar o fenomeno Lance Armstrong.

  392. Cycling needs you as an ambassador!

    Hopefully you can do number eight?

    Your unselfish work on behalf of cancer has no equal. Long may you bring the urgency to governments to supply adequate research and funds.

  393. Thomas Opstrup says:

    Hey Lance.

    You look lean and in shape – This is one of the most courageous decisions you have made. Gambling you hole trackrecord as a cyclist. This is beyond reason and sense – that is why it is so inspirational, and so you.

    But this mad project will only be a succes for you if you stand at the top of the podium i Paris in the end of july 2009.

    I know you can do it – all the best of luck and hard work.

  394. Lance is my hero, I am so happy. I live in the UK and have dreamed Lance would ride again or write a new book. Lance is an inspiration to the world

  395. I just wanted to add that I lost both my Mum and Dad to cancer, Lance gives me hope and makes me determined to try and live my life to the full

  396. Luca ( Italy) says:

    Welcome back Lance. I will be in the Alps to see you dancing on pedals..time is come to show again who is the Astronaut.
    Thanks for your fight against cancer, you are a beatiful person
    Ciao LANCE !

  397. Paul (South Africa) says:

    Dude –

    I have never had cancer, but you have inspired me to know that if it ever does rear it’s ugly head, I can and will fight back!

    All strength to you in your quest…you’re an icon!

  398. Eakiouz says:

    Welcome back !!! 🙂
    Eakiouz, x

  399. Rob Bent says:

    Lance – you are THE CHAMPION – welcome back! From a fellow cyclist.

  400. eric says:

    Welcome back Lance ! Tres content que tu fasses ce retour. Tu vas encore grace ?ɬ? ton courage prouver qu’il n’y a pas d’age pour etre un sportif de haut niveau. Mon P?ɬ®re ?ɬ? 60 ans, gagne encore des ?ɬ©preuves amateurs en france ! Alors, ?ɬ? 37 ans, tu devrais encore nous montrer tout ton talent. @+ ?ɬ©ric

  401. Dave Richards says:

    WoW! What an astonishing news!!
    I’m looking forward to next years Tour de France already. You’ve been such an inspiration to all. Good luck in your quest for your eight victory!

  402. kurt says:

    i am happy my children will be able to see u kick some ass on ur bike.

    Goodluck from belgium

  403. Gav says:

    Absolutely fantastic news. One of the greatest sports icons ever

  404. chris c. says:

    Go for it Lance. Being the same age as you and having battled back from cancer myself, you were and still are my greatest inspiration. I was absolutely delighted to hear in the media today that you are going for a n 8th Tour de france victory. There is no doubt in my mind that you will achieve your goal. No athlete in history has transcended their sport in the way that you have. good luck

  405. Barbara J Weber says:

    Lance, You have long been an inspiration to me in my fight with ovarian cancer. I am wishing you all the luck in your future. Thank you for all you do.Babrara

  406. Edwin says:

    This news is surprising and I find it very interesting..

    One would wonder why a cycling champion, who left the sport at the peak of his abilities, return after his retirement. Especially with the current criticism from press and outsiders on the cycling sport.

    But here, we have a champion who states his cause, one larger than the sport. Someone who takes a brave decision, knowing the eyes of the world will be upon his reentry, knowing the expectations will be high.

    I haven’t watched cycling much since the past 2 Tour de Frances, this news will draw me back to the TV to watch the races once again.

    What else can I say than:
    Welcome back! Go for it Lance!

    This decision makes you much more than a cycling champion. But an inspiration for all of us.

  407. Ed says:

    Great news,
    The Tour will now have meaning. Thanks for all you have done for cancer research and for the human spirit.

    Go Lance !!!

  408. Darren C says:

    In January 2001 I was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. I penciled in July 17th as my last day 6 months exactly after I was told. As I lay on the hospital bed drifting in and out of consciousness I saw Lance appear to be struggling on the Alpe D’Huez stage and started to think the worst for myself. Then I saw Lance show the race he had been bluffing and looked back at Jan Ullrich as he left everyone.At that point I knew I was going to prove all the doctors wrong. After 7 yrs of struggling on and off with cancer I have just been told that the cancer has re appeared stronger than before. Hearing today you are returning gave me the biggest lift ever possible. My next goal is to see you next year for myself on the slopes of the alpes. Showing the world what a cancer surviver can do. If you have any plans to try to fake your strength to the peloton again can you let me know so I don’t panic again. If anyone can win, it’s you. All the best..

  409. Eugene says:


    Good on you for coming back – I am 36 as well – age is no barrier!

    Will you donate your winnings to the cause of cancer?


  410. Rachel Dye says:

    Go Lance – this is AWESOME news.

  411. Al Mesa says:

    Great news Lance, it will be great for cycling, and also great for the fight against cancer. Sounds like a win/win situation!


  412. Dan H. in NJ says:

    Fantastic! My son and I never miss “The Tour” – and are excited for Lance’s announcement. Good luck Lance!

  413. Ivan P. says:

    Lance, G-dspeed!

    You are truly an inspiration.
    Beating cancer and then winning the Tour is the greatest accomplishment ever in any sport bar none.

    I wish you all the best in your pursuit of #8.

  414. North Carolina says:

    All the haters will be drinking a big ol’ glass of haterade this morning! Sweet!!!!
    Welcome back Lance…the world has missed you!

  415. B Hull says:

    I feel bad for the competition. NOT!! Great news! Now I will watch pro cycling events again now that they will be more exciting…Your reasons for returning are the best of the best. Good Luck Lance & Best Wishes!!

  416. bernard says:

    BONJOUR lANCE je suis Fran?ɬßais et je suis fier de votre retour jesp?ɬ©re vous voir sur le tour de france,j’irai vous encourager,LA FRANCE VOUS AIME ET VOUS RESPECTE.MERCI ET BRAVO

  417. Adolf says:

    Hi Lance , great decision of a great person and a great cyclist.
    From Spain ,be lucky

  418. Wendell says:

    As a 11 year testicular cancer survivor, and one of Lance’s biggest fans, I hope that this proves to the world once and for all times that cancer is not a death sentence. It will also prove that cancer survivors are one tough bunch, and we are going to win this fight. I havent been this excited since the Austin Summit. Hope to see everyone in Paris wearing big yellow 8 shirts.

  419. Nick says:

    Awesome to hear that you are back to cycling! We will be watching!

  420. Neil D Armstrong says:

    Great news,Lance, for both cycling and the fight against cancer !

  421. Enid says:

    Yes! you are my hero and my inspiration!

  422. Simon Bunn says:

    Thanks Lance you are the reason i got my bike out after 12 years away and much to my wifes fustrasion iam still pushind them pedals at 42 3-4 time aweek will be yours

  423. Steve Potts says:

    Hey, Lance,
    Who’s running the bike shop when you’re away?!
    From a fellow testicular cancer survivor and a LIVESTRONG event organiser, I wish you all the best. Ad astra!

  424. Aaron B. says:

    You ARE the greatest! Make ’em suffer!!

  425. Taylor says:

    I was so excited to hear about you returning to cycling. I think that it is awesome. Now my little boy can see you ride.

  426. Moe says:

    As a cancer survivor, I salute you!

    Good luck!

  427. frank says:

    What can I say? In fact I’m just speechless. The cycling scene sure misses you. Have fun training and I wish you all the best, cause you are simply the best!

  428. Anthony and Carol Ann says:

    This is great news, the publicity of the Great One on the Bike will do a fantastic amount for cancer.
    It will also show all the accusers of Lance cheating that he has never been, and is not scared of them by getting out on the road again.
    We have missed the Blue Train..
    Long may it race.

    South Africans who never doubted !!

  429. Roberto Diaz says:

    Thanks Lance for these Great News !! Looking forward to see u next summer in Paris.
    Cycling is a hero’s sport and u are one of them.
    Thanks again.
    Madrid Spain

  430. Tracey says:

    Fantastic Cancer needs to be on the tip of everyone’s tounge and you as the most famous survivour it will be. Thank you Lance!

  431. Kieron says:


    WOW! I?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢m filled with enormous excitement and can?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢t wait to see you start the tour next year. I never thought my admiration for you could get any stronger, but it just has!
    It?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s a brave move but one we all know you can deliver ?¢?Ǩ?Äú Bring it on!

    Kieron (England)

  432. Joan W says:

    Way to go Lance. I know you will be in top form and take on all. I will see you in California, in person, on follow all the rest on TV. GO LANCE!

  433. Brian says:

    I am a four time cancer survivor and an Ironman triathlete. You inspire me more than you could ever know. I even tattooed LiveSTRONG with my Mdot on my ankle! Kick some ASS again!


  434. Richard says:

    What a man! I have made my mind up and am going to take my holidays in France next year to support Lance and a great return to Pro Cycling. He is an awesome guy with superhuman character and determination on and off the bike. Can’t wait to hear the plans on 24th Sep. Livestong people!

  435. Sherri says:

    KUDOS to you! You never cease to amaze and know we are on the “bike” with you!!

  436. Steven East says:

    Game on!!!!!

    If anyone can, Lance can.

    Good luck!!!!

  437. Rona says:

    As a cancer survivor I applaud your efforts to bring worldwide attention to this important cause. You are a voice for us all. Good luck and may you go from strength to strength.

  438. Judy says:

    This is the greatest news ever! You are my hero in the fight and on the bike! Thank you!

  439. Laura says:

    It’s the obligation of the cured! Keep fighting for all of us!!

  440. JimP says:

    Vive la Lance!!!! Lance in London in 2012? Yes!!!!!!!

  441. Heather says:

    Lance it’ll be great to watch you again, cheer for you again and hope that again the greatest cyclist in the world will win the hardest race on earth.
    However there is another race, a harder race: the race against cancer. A race that is sometimes winnable, and sadly sometimes, not. You have brought the world’s attention back to it, and together we can change that.
    Good Luck Lance.

  442. Dr Frank says:

    Dear Lance
    Love your work!!
    you are a true inspiration. I hate cancer,andI love cycling. Your decision to return to the T de F is wonderful….continue to fight the good fight.
    I shall be there to cheer you on from Downunder
    Bestwishes & the best of Luck

  443. Greg says:

    Remember when all those days or training wear you down, that the greater your success in your return the greater you impact on cancer will be for both those who look to you for inspiration in their personal battles and with the world wide attach on this disease. Go make us proud, the will to win is nothing without the will to train.

  444. David E says:

    Fantastic News! Was in Paris on final day in 2005 will be in Paris 2009 to seee Lance in yellow again.My mum had cancer successfully treated last year and LAF and Lance’s inspiration was a massive help. Again the British will cheer you on.

  445. jackie says:

    My family is thrilled about your return!!! We love the tour and we love your fight for cancer research even more! My brother is 14 years CA free this November, He was a patient of Drs.Einhorn and Nichols three years before you. We will watch together next year, maybe even in France!!! Vive Le Tour!

  446. Ever since I started wearing the yellow wristband (the very day my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer), I’ve tried to live up to what it says…

    These last years I’ve seen people take their wristbands off, as if with your farewell to profesional cyclism, the struggle was forgotten.

    I look forward to seeing you ride again…you’re the best!

  447. Chris says:

    This is huge…we need ya to bring some pride and cleanliness back to the sport. Get some in France Lance!

  448. Tim D. says:

    Thanks for your commitment to fighting this horrible disease.

    After loosing my Dad – a 16 year survivor of Colon Cancer – to Pancreatic cancer three years ago, I know the ravages of this disease all too well.

    Thanks Lance Ride On!!

    Tim D.

  449. steve says:

    The legend goes on.A truly awesome man doing great things.theres 1 thing for sure and thats all the media will be watching him so plenty of exposure for the cause.cant wait to see him back in the race,goodluck, im sure everyone will want him to win and be cheering him on.livestrong

  450. Paul Reynolds says:

    As a Lymphoma cancer survivor since 2004 I salute and and thank you for your dedication. God bless and God speed to you.

  451. Sue says:

    In the midst of a dispiriting election season, it’s great to have something to really cheer on and believe in again. The light you’ll shine on this global problem will dwarf what anyone else could do. (Plus, we’ll get to watch you in the Tour!) Vive Lance!

  452. Dee ( NJ) says:

    Great news! Thanks for bringing the needs of cancer survivors to the worldwide audience. You make your fellow survivors all very proud!

  453. Julian Turcotte says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    You’re my hero, Lance. Don’t ever stop.

  454. Nikos Sakellaridis says:

    Great news

    as a fan, a physician and a fellow carcinoma survivor
    (OK and as a ..slow cyclist)
    great news

    more power to you Lance

    We will beat this thing!


  455. John says:


    BE-U-TI-FUL man!! The world is a better place now that you are back in the race.
    Looking forward to all of your stellar moments in next year’s tour. Number 8 will be great for you and your global mission.

    Ride on and Livestrong!

  456. varun says:


  457. Beverly says:


    Great news of your return to professional cycling! LiveStrong has made me aware of what’s it really all about and has strengthened my resolve to fight against cancer. Good luck in all of your endeavors.

  458. Joshua says:


    You have been a hero of mine for so long and I admire everything that you have done in the past and will do in the future. You always seem to exude the light @ the end of the tunnel for so many Cancer Survivors and Patients alike. Having so many people in my family burdened with Cancer I know how the fight goes and am extremely familiar with it’s cycle of turmoil in people’s lives. Thank you for standing up (and sitting down on the bike) to get this done.

    You Are The Greatest Athlete Ever!!!

    Joshua Day

  459. Jim Terrell says:

    You are a true inspiration to all. I know you will take on this challenge just as you have in the past. Good luck and godspeed

  460. David Cunningham says:

    I’m lost for words. As retired bike rider, now just for the joy of riding, age 66 in the most disgusting good health, I pray for your success both on the bike and in the fight against cancer.

    David Cunningham. UK

  461. Terry B. / PBA / Plano, TX says:

    As I sat in the Houston Hobby airport yesterday waiting to fly back to Dallas, I heard the “offical” news on the CNN TV in the terminal. Next, I’m on the plane flying home and overhear the guy in the seat next to me discuss his trip to the lady on the aisle. This gentleman “Pat” had just found out at MD Anderson he had bone cancer and was flying home with his wife sporting a “Cancer Sucks” button on her blouse. So for my new friend Pat and all the others you are helping “Go kick some ass for the fight against cancer from the top of the podium”.

  462. Bob K says:


    You are an inspiration to us all. I wish that more of us could do the things that you do. It is great that you use your celebrity for a great cause. Cancer has touched us all and it would be wonderful to someday wipe it out altogether.

    We wish you well for years to come and 8,9 and even 10 would be great.

    May the wind always be at your back.
    Ride hard and LIVESTRONG!

    Bob K.

  463. Glenn Warner says:

    It has been one year today since I have returned to full duty status as a Firefighter aftere undergoing chemo and surgery for testicular cancer. Your story gave me strength and inspiration in what were the scariest moments of my life. What you do for people affected by cancer is truly a gift from God. May you have continued success in cycling, and thank you for being the maverick of cancer awareness.

  464. Susan Friend says:

    Hey Lance – My Aunt just died this past Saturday, Sept 6 after a year long battle with cancer. Her name was Linda Friend Adams. I know there are many, but if you can, please remember her when you ride. You are my hero. God bless you and Godspeed. I was so glad to hear your announcement.

  465. Peter Virok says:

    The people of France will need to follow you with road pavers as you tear up their countryside once again. Wear yellow, live strong!


  466. Bradley says:

    All the best. When man serves something greater than himself his power will lie in the thing he serves.

    Well done

  467. Thierry says:

    Great new!
    You are a model
    Welcome back champion.
    Que la force soit avec toi
    Yes you are more appreciate than you though

  468. mahesh says:

    You are the source of inspiration for millions of people like me, i lost heavily in my business, but being your fan helped, the pain what i went through is nothing when compared to yours, taking a leaf from your book , i faught against the odds and won.

    Without Lance Armstrong Tour de France is not the same , When ur back hope is back, looking forward to see u crack many more records. and many more mindsets. Your second edition is very special even more for us than for you.

    Take care in your preparation

    With warm regards

    your fan

  469. Cecilia Lanie Duran says:

    I am excited about your good news. We need someone like you to represent our country, you are the best of the best.

    You inspired a lot of people to livestrong. God bless.

  470. Robert Benjamin says:

    Your frankness talking about your cancer has made me more aware of my own body.

    I would not have started cycling
    if not for you thank you

  471. CYRIL says:

    Lance your an inspiration to everyone!
    I bought your books (It’s not about the bike and Every second counts) just last month and wish id bought them sooner.
    After reading i went straight to and bought a couple of items to support the cause.
    I play football(soccer) and now i want to buy myself a bike.
    Your the man!


  472. Brandon says:

    Do it right Lance. Make it big. We’re supporting you.

  473. mahesh says:

    Dear Lance

    You not only represent the cause for fight against cancer, you represent people who win when the odds are heavily stacked against them. You represent Hope , You represent perseverance, You represent those who want to win

    Keep marching we are behind you


  474. Mark says:


    Thank you so very much for all you have done and are doing for the cancer community! Thank you for returning to cycling “The Gratest Sport in the World”!We missed you!!! May God Bless you and your efforts!

  475. Patti says:

    Hi Lance,
    As a fellow cancer survivor I applaud your efforts – Thanks Lance for your commmitment and personal strength – I will be fighting the fight and riding the bike right along with you!

  476. Gary says:

    No better way to further raise awareness of the needs to combat cancer than to use your talents. “Lance” still appears on the Alpe d’Huez road, how appropriate. Ride hard for all of us and no compromises Buddy. Thanks Lance.

  477. Margaret Bryant says:

    As a metastatic breast cancer survivor I made a choice like you over 10 years ago when I was diagnosed as a stage
    1 non invasive.
    In 05 cancer did something they did not
    expect it to do in my case. It came
    back with a vengence.
    We have have choices. We can choose to be victims or we can choose to be survivors. Like you I chose to be a survivor. I looked at the stats I was given and took a different spin on those numbers and turned them in to a positive. We are living proof that cancer is not curable yet but
    we are so close. Survivorship isn’t about out living someone else as the dictionary states, to me it is about
    how one chooses to live.
    I choose to Livestrong!
    Welcome back Lance!

  478. Jeanine says:

    You are an inspiration for ALL. Think of the categories of people you inspire: cancer patients, cancer survivors, cyclists, all athletes, aging athletes with all new pains and so many more. Then layer all of these categories upon each other and you come up with all new categories. After the run for #8 will you run for political office? I am a 10 year cancer survivor who teaches Spinning. I dedicate all my Spin classes to you!!
    Thank you for your dedication so that so many lives can be changed for the better.

  479. Craig says:

    Win big Lance! You are truly an inspiration to us all. With all of the negative press about cycling recently, the sport needs you. I have no doubt you’ll be a champion not only in your sport, but in the war against Cancer. Good Luck Man!

  480. travis says:

    you can do it!

  481. Bob says:

    WOW! I haven’t been this excited since Brett Favre announced his come-back!! I mean that in the most positive and respectful way! I love Brett’s determination, but Lance, your’s is out of this world! Your ongoing, never-ending support for cancer survivors and research is phenominal. I’ll be watching you and supporting you’re quest for #8!!!

  482. Jeff says:

    Great News! Thank you Lance for fight against cancer and making cycling more fun to watch.

  483. You are awesome. Loved seeing you at the Human Race in Austin.
    Viva la Lance

  484. Diana, Boulder, CO says:

    We support you Lance. We LIVESTRONG, too. Wow! This is such big news. It seems like a huge anvil is about to come down on cancer..this time in a global way. We expect great results before, during, and after the race. Vive Lance, Vive Le Tour!

  485. Joe M says:

    Awesome! I’ve started praying that myself and my father-in-law, who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last month will be able to watch your 8th victory together. Last week I turned him on to Livestrong and it’s meaning, gave him the workbook packet, and I’m trying to help him Livestrong each day. I’m a roadie and have been a supporter wearing a Livestrong bracelet for 12yrs now in honor of my dad who lost his battle to cancer. I will keep you also in my prays to give you the strength to continue the battle to beat this evil we call cancer and now to climb that mountain to your 8th victory!
    God bless & Livestrong

  486. Diana P says:

    All causes need a voice, I thank and applaud you for being the voice of Cancer. Good luck in the next “Tour”!
    (we all need to do our part, I recommend ACS Relay for Life)

  487. Scott Joy says:

    This news was exciting yesterday, but its impact is really hitting me today. Just look at the response!

    I’m stoked about the global rally against cancer — and seeing Lance redefine the word “impossible” to mean “not done yet.”


  488. Fritz says:


    All the best from Germany.

  489. Nori says:

    Lance is a role model of faith and relentlesnes allover the world! We, amateur ciclying fans, are delighted with his decision!


  490. Antonio Guzman says:

    Incredible decision! Believe it or not, you’ll win!
    And about the cancer fight, please also consider other different cancer treatment which are really successful but are not considered in the U.S. because does not make money for the medical world. If you want to help, not only money is helpful but science. Check for example Demetrio Sodi treatments, which are used in Europe but not in U.S.
    Thanks for coming back to competition, is the best live example and motivation to LIVESTRONG!!!

  491. MArtin G Cruz says:

    WOOWW..! Awesome..! I think you’r an inspiration for all mankind, I’m 45, 2 years been a mtb and always thinking in your effort as an example. Thank you for come back

  492. Neil says:

    This is great news, I will be running in December in the McAllen TX marathon will all funds going to the Livestrong foundation. Together we can help beat this.

    Good luck Lance….Tear up the road

  493. Rick Bunting says:

    No matter what happens, you will always be a winner. THANKS for all you do!!

  494. Frode says:

    Wooow……Great 🙂
    Hope you take the 8 !!!

    Bike strong….Livestrong.

    All the best from Norway.

  495. Mike Marx says:

    It was awesome to watch you hammer away in the Leadville.

    I always knew you had it in you to keep riding. Your reason for riding makes your comeback that much sweeter.

    As the hundreds before me have already said, you are an inspiration to the world. Thank you for giving hope to us all.

    Better brush up on your French!

  496. DAN CASTANEDA says:


  497. Paul C says:

    Lance is everything we aspire to. Motivated, fights for a great cause, and doesn’t let age define this activities. Take it from a 40+ racer, you’ve got plenty to give this a real go!

  498. Stephanie says:

    I am So happy to hear this Lance – Congrats on this decision, I think it will help the sport of cycling and cancer awareness and we need both right now! I think it is amazing that I still see people with your Livestrong band on everyday – the awareness is still there, but now it is time for action! THANK YOU!

  499. Michelle Edinger says:

    Way to go Lance! Show the world that cancer survivors can “DO ANYTHING WE WANT TO DO” and just as good and in many cases BETTER then those without cancer!!!

  500. Rich says:

    My Dad passed away this April from cancer. After being diagnosed late last year, his two daughters, two of his grandchildren and I decided to participate in the San Jose LIVESTRONG event. Only one of his daughters was an avid cyclist. It was more than twice as far as I had ever ridden in a day before. My daughter only got on the bike for the first time 3 months ago. But, you were such an inspiration, we all dug deep inside and finished in our Dad’s honor. We wish you the best in your pursuit of number 8. LIVESTRONG!

  501. Henry Pommet says:

    WOwwwwwwww!!!! It’s gonna be great seeing you back on the roads of the tour!!!great decision!!! thanks

  502. Bike Diva says:

    You ROCK Lance! I was just hired to be the cycling blogger for the Charity Mile website. My Thursday post will be all about your return to professional cycling!

    My husband, 52 years old in October, and I, 45 years old in November, are participating in our third season with the Leukemia Society’s Team in Training cycle team. He is coaching and I am mentoring the team that is training for the October 26th Intracoastal Century Ride in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Age is just a number, it’s all about maintaining a positive attitude.

    All the bike rides we do benefit non-profit organizations. Some year we’d like to do the Livestrong Challenge, wish there was a ride in our area (S Florida).

    Take care,
    Lynn Smythe AKA the Bike Diva

  503. Abbie says:

    You GO!! Just wearing the livestrong wrist band is a GREAT inspiration to me, to me it is live strong spiritually, mentally, and physically!! You are an inspiration to everyone who is fighting some kind of battle. Thank you SO much for all that you do to help fight cancer. We love you, God Bless you and your family!

  504. Jon in the UK says:

    Welcome back!

    Cycling and sport in general needs true heroes like you. Maybe this time a few more people will believe in miracles.

    Thank you for giving us something to believe in.

  505. Dom L says:

    All the best lance in your comeback. i dont know why sites like CNN compare your comeback with guys who played baseball, NFL, NBA & NHL.

    Theirs only one guy you need tips from and thats Triathlete Dave Scott! 6x ironman champion 2nd at 40 y.o after 5 years off and 5th at 42.

  506. Patrick says:

    You are such an inspiration and all I can do is echo what everyone else has said. You got me hooked on the TDF but I never got chance to go watch. Now I’m going to the Alps for next years tour to see you crush Contador! Gogogogo Lance!

  507. Jannie says:

    Thank you for creating this foundation, it has helped me out alot. People are afraid of the “C” word. You are getting the word out! We need more of the ” In your face” attitude so people dont forget the millions of us with cancer that die. I have breast cancer with bone mets, and not afraid to die. I am afraid that I woulnt have enough fight in me as time goes by. Thank you for fighting for me and everyone else.
    Jannie ( a crazy sexy canser girl)

  508. Dave in NC says:

    Good to hear it – Win or Not – the greater good is served. To paraphrase another post… It’s not the Tour, It’s the Cure!

    We know you only made it LOOK easy – all the greuling training and prep, those greuling climbs, TTs & sweltering treks across the flats – for you to commit again to more of the training, pain-staking nutrition, travel, team dynamics, scheduling, drug-testing…for a cause benefiting others – that’s huge!!!! that’s what it’s all about.

    And let’s do it ALL! FIND CURES AND ELIMITATE CAUSES – Many Cancers are not so unlike the analogy aptly applied to most problems…we’ve found ourselves in a hole, so let’s STOP DIGGING (pollution, etc.) at the same time we’re trying to FILL IT (finding cures)!!

    For all those lost, for all those surviving, and for everyone who dreads the looming and growing possibility of leaving their loved ones, or losing loved ones…

    We’re looking forward to riding with you, willing you on to victories on the bike that inspire the human spirit and real action to improve everyone’s life.


  509. Christine in Denver says:

    Thank you for bringing the face of cancer out from the dark and lonely shadows to the golden light of the rising sun.

    I’ve ridden in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Denver, and I hope it comes back to my city! I’m now a survivor and I want to complete a century ride with you and my beautiful son.

    8 is a lucky number!
    You are my hero!

  510. Jon From Sweden says:

    I was so sad on your last tour, one of the commentators was saying ” enjoy it now cuz we will never see him dancing on the pedals again ” Most ppl in USA doesnt know you have millions and millions of fans in Europe.
    Go lance!!! Go lance!!! from Sweden

  511. Matt Mc. says:

    Dude…Not only does the Tour of CA go right by my house, but now I have the perfect reason to finally go to France. Can’t wait to hear which team colors you’ll be wearing.

  512. Steve Ashworth says:

    Well done Lance I can’t wait for you to be back at the top of World Cycling, after all Great Britain has been winning so much!
    Seriously, I’m delighted and to prmote the fight against global cancer is superb.
    I’ve been a cancer sufferer since the age of 17, when I lost my left leg and have since had cancer in my kidneys, lungs and neck. It hasn’t beaten me yet and never will and I’ve now made 44. Don’t think I was expected to make it to 20!!
    Live strong is my motto and keep up the fight for everyone.
    Look forward to the fight coming to the UK.


  513. Kathy says:

    Good luck Lance, everyone is pulling for you and your cause.

  514. Girls Raised In The South (GRITS) says:

    Can’t wait (8) for your return!
    Glad you talked to your kids & family first! Your priorities are in order! Hope you’ll also come back to Tour de Georgia!

  515. James & Suzi says:

    The boss is comming back.
    Viva le Tour and Lance…

  516. Len Archer says:

    Lance, Thanks for your commitment to this disease. I am a cancer survivor who has been inspired by by your committment. I join wiht you in the fight. I’ll be back on my bike as you ride to honor us all.

  517. #522 Drew Y. says:

    Kick some european ass! mr. armstrong you truly are an american hero and icon.

  518. jeff v says:

    Great to hear. Last years tour was a dud. Didn’t even get excited about watching it at all. Gooood Luck. Your fans in the USA will look forward to you putting them away in the mountains.

  519. Belveno Basso says:

    Dear Lance,
    phone George,phone Ivan Phone Jan.

    This is greater news than the US Election final.

    What a story,what a dream come true,what an inspiration
    You are truly the greatest athlete ever.
    Good luck with every revolution.

  520. John D. says:

    This is great news for cycling and the fight against cancer. I hope the Tour feels the same way. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Tour of California! I have no doubt you will win the Tour de France, but I won’t care if you do or not. I care that you are making a statement on a global stage for people to use their energy, talents, and determination to work for something they believe in. That will be more important for more people, including those who do not know anything about cycling, than another trip to the top of the podium. I wish you luck.

  521. Kent & Cehri Key says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! We couldn’t be more excited and thrilled by the news of your return. It just hasn’t been the same since you left so go back & show ’em how it’s done once more. We were lucky to witness your last historic victory in the TdF and are already plotting another adventure over the Atlantic next June.

    Best of luck and Viva de Lance forever!!

  522. HikingDrew says:

    While I may not be a world class athlete, or even a really good one, I have been inspired by Lance and the foundation for several years. So many things touch me about the cause that it has invigorated me to hike farther and more often than ever. Each time I am on the trail I have the company of my sister who I lost to cancer. IT may sound odd, but support and drive come from many sources. This is a major one in my life! At 48 I now know just how fast life goes by, and in-action just doesn’t cut it. I say Let’s Kick-Ass and drive forward!!!

    Thank You all

  523. Go Kick booty – More Mellow Johnny!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Sir Lance

  524. Jim Pettit says:

    Whether you win races again or not, your comeback puts you in a very special and highly visible place in the world of international cycling. The buzz will not only be “will he succeed as a competitive racer after being away from the scene for so long?” but it will also be “his dedication to the cause (finding a cure for cancer) is truly amazing.” It is impossible to think about Lance Armstrong without also thinking about “LIVESTRONG” and finding a cure for cancer. My heartfelt best wishes go out to you — and thank you for all that you have done to raise awareness in the fight against cancer.

  525. I will always remember you best when you were just 19 on your very first international bike race, The Tour of Sweden, I was the team athletic trainer/soigneur. You were just a kid with a big attitude, a head full of floppy brown curly hair and oh so much talent. We all called you the young king. When I sit by my fathers bed in the hospital as he fights leukemia I often think of your strength, then and now. It makes me smile, it makes me strong. I think of how we never know when we may be in the presence of greatness, of miraculous strength. Thank you for the inspiration, strength, character and commitment. Let me know if you need a soigneur, I may come out of retirement as well!
    Allez, Allez,Allez,
    Melanie Morlan, Livestrong Delegate from Spokane Washington

  526. Tom Donlon says:


    Ride for those who cant.
    Gods speed.

  527. Kathy says:

    Our son who has colorectal cancer has walked in the last two Portland Livestrong Challenges. You are an inspiration to him, his family, relatives and friends. Thank you for all you do and the fight you inspire in those who have cancer. Good luck, good biking and thank you for leading the fight.

  528. Beth says:

    Congratulations and good luck with your efforts. I am glad to see your return to professional cycling and applaud all of your efforts in the fight against cancer.

  529. Rick in Manteca says:

    I too have cancer. As I lay in the hospital on one of the darkest days, a package arrrived. In it was several Lance Armstrong autographed items and a bike jersey. My recovery started that day. Today I am 202 days after my bone marrow transplant. Although recovery is still years away, I am walking more than a mile a day and cycling 2.5 miles a day.
    Thank you for the inspiration and welcome back. Here’s to nunber 8.

  530. gabor says:

    P.S.> Respesct for your efforts to raise attention against cancer!

  531. Arnold Paster says:

    Good for you. Having done triathlons over 25 years ago, I know how hard it is to quit. How great it must feel to return.

    Being a cancer survivor, I know how wonderful it is to think we feel normal.
    Live long, live hard, never grow old.

  532. Ronald says:

    You are the catalyst that motivated me to return to cycling after a serious accident while cycling – the yellow bracelet on my right wrist is a constant reminder of your tenacity and I have been inspired to unprecedented heights in my cycling career.Multiple Pan American Masters Champion; World Masters Games Champion. On my return from a Pan American Masters games I received the heart rendering news of the diagnosis of Breast cancer of my wife – because of your experience I was able to take the necessary steps and thanks to God, and to you she is a survivor. Cogratulations on your decision. Peace and Love.

  533. Mindy Feldman says:

    THANK YOU!! Your selflessness in returning to racing to keep cancer awareness alive is truly inspirational! I’ve lost many loved ones to cancer and it sickens me everytime I have to say “here we go again”.

    Your announcement also came on a day where it hit home with myself and my coworkers.

    A long time employee of the company I work for, was just informed on September 9, 2008, that his cancer had returned. This time, though, instead of just one location, the cancer is now in his brain and lungs and there are mulitple tumors. The doctors are not optimistic and say he has only a very short time left.
    This gentleman is a well loved man of this company and his community. He’s been involved with sports (coaching and spectating) all of his 69 years and knows his statistics like the back of his hand. His jokes and sense of humor have touched many people through the years and we all love to hear them over and over again. We are all pulling for him and hoping for only the very best!
    So, again, THANK YOU for getting the word out there that we need something done! That more awareness and more research is needed to end this fight with cancer.
    I look forward to you coming to California in February for the Amgen Tour, which will be stopping in our Northern Cal town of Santa Rosa.


  534. Rick says:

    Make sure you get on a team that will be allowed to compete in the tour 😉

  535. cindy says:

    YEs, Yes, Yes!!!

  536. Jim Manley, LIVESTRONG Army Leader, Alpharetta, Georgia says:

    Incredible decision! Very inspiring. Ready to help take the LIVESTRONG message to the world! See you in Austin this October.

  537. Cisco says:

    I would like to listen to his mouth that returns because he loves the cycling.

  538. Arleen says:



  539. DEBORAH says:

    Lance: I met you at the Waverly Inn. You have all my respect and admiration. I want to know who DOES offer the best policy in terms of funding cancer research and prevention, etal.

  540. Rita Perini says:

    I believe as you do: Live in the moment, change a life by what we DO, love tremendously, smile at the critics as you pass by them and never, never step out of the sunlight! From Rita, one survivor to another!You’re back! 🙂

  541. Dan says:

    Awesome Lance, I was thrilled to hear you are coming back, not just for cycle but for you fight for cancer. I lost a close friend and fellow triathlet to skin cancer. We started a foundation in her name to help the fight. Every little bit we all can do can make a huge difference. Her web site is listed above. Ride hard, kick some ass and take some names.

  542. Steve says:


    Awesome! Don’t forget to include the Leadville 100 again!


  543. Kathy Johnson says:

    This is the best news; thank-you for coming back to cycling! May the wind and sun be at your back while you spread the word that cancer needs to be cured now, not later.

    You are a true hero! We are seriously jazzed we can watch the best cyclist in the world ride again and we have faith your efforts will come to fruition to find a cure.

    I rode a century with you in Austin a few years ago in memory of my mom who lost the fight against colon cancer. Now my brother has brain cancer and his 32 year old daughter, my niece, has pancreatic cancer. What are the odds of that? Their prognoses aren’t what anyone wants to hear. What an ugly devastating disease.

    My brother doesn’t have insurance, has lost every single thing and hasn’t any money for treatment.

    Ride at God speed, dear Lance.

  544. S Mendel says:

    Never stop inspiring us with your winning spirit…LIVESTRONG!

  545. Patrick Linzi, Tampa, FL says:

    What an insperation you are, my wife an M.D. had cervical cancer at 29 she is now a proud mother of 2 boys at 37. We give away your LIVESTRONG bands every year as stocking stuffers. We just want to say thank you, for only a cancer survivor can truly know the fight that one has to go through. what a tremendous person you are. LIVESTRONG and we will keep spreading the word.

  546. Robert Levin says:

    That’s great Lance. It will be wonderful to have you back in racing. I hope you will be joining one of the cycling teams that prides itself on being drug free, so that you can also further the fight against drug use.

  547. Jeff Galletta, LIVESTRONG Army Soldier, San Jose, CA says:

    FANTASTIC NEWS, LANCE!!! Me and the rest of the USA are behind you in this endeavor. Go, Lance, GO!!!!!!!!!!

    Wear yellow.

    Live Strong.

  548. Tamas says:

    I read your book. Now i think different, and i live my live in an other way! Thank you!
    I am happy to see you on the track again! (From Hungary)

  549. Thomas says:

    Hey Lance,

    you are the greatest bicycle rider in the world!Because of this you are a idol for many people and so many believe in you and you give so many new power with your strength!good luck for your future and I am sure you will be the champion of the TOUR DE FRANCE 2009!
    Greetings from your greatest fan over the sea ,
    Thomas from Germany

  550. Adie says:

    Welcome back to a true sporting legend. Best of luck in your quest for No 8

  551. Larry says:

    I do hope you come back and form your own team and give Michael Rasmussen a second chance. They should have either not let him start the race, for breaking the rules, or let him finish because he never tested positive.

  552. Martha says:


    Thanks! You are an inspiration for everybody!

  553. Ken S. says:


  554. Mollie McCormick says:

    Cannot stop smiling!

  555. Jill says:

    Rock ON Lance!You have all of the support of family, friends, fellow cyclists,and Cancer survivors on your side.

  556. JO SNEBIL says:

    After Eddy Merckx, you are the best Good luck for 2009

  557. On behalf of Pirana Brothers in Oklahoma City, we are excite to see Lance get back in the game. We also think that it is awesome that he is returning not just for himself, but for something much bigger; the battle against cancer. We are behind you 100% Lance.

  558. Margie says:

    This is such great news. My hubby and I are on our way to France next year to see the Tour and were disappointed that it would be without Lance once again…… Can hardly wait. We will be there cheering you on! LIVESTRONG indeed. Love it, and thanks for all yo do

  559. Richard Janssens says:

    A Hero is returning i am looking forward to see you in the Tour again.
    Go get them.

  560. Bill says:

    A good reason to go to France next summer! Yeah!

  561. JC says:


    My son and I made the trip from Austin to France for #7. It was the trip of a life time for both of us!! Now we are already talking about doing it again (even if we have to sleep in the car again:). We are all behind you!!!!

    Thanks for coming back.

  562. J?ɬºrgen says:

    such great news! the tour de france will be interesting again. Allez Lance

    All the best from Germany

  563. Tracy says:

    Welcome back!! What took you so long.
    See you in Paris!!!

  564. Bart moreno says:

    Your fight, it’s my fight.
    I’m a survivor of testicular cancer, like you Lance. You are a symbol for a million of people, good bless you!!!!
    From Barcelona, Spain, Europe… LIVESTRONG LANCE !!!!!!!

  565. smadar says:

    you are an inspiration to us all.
    our tickets are booked-we will be with you for #8 all the way
    and help the cause anyway we can.

  566. Debra DC says:

    From one crazy cycling Texan to another – go get’em, Lance! We’ll be watching and sending you our best wishes! LIVESTRONG!

  567. jean g says:

    My heart is smiling. What you are doing means so much to so many. Biking,and fighting cancer. Two of the most important things in the world to me. I am a nurse, and have watched way to many people die of this disease, including both my parents. Biking is what helps me survive. GO LANCE.

  568. Patrice Emrie says:

    My husband (who I met in Austin, and also a cancer survivor) and I had the joy to travel from Albuquerque to Paris and watch you win #7 ~ you are quite an inspiration. LIVESTRONG, enjoy life, God bless you.

  569. Martin says:


    You should really consider doing the Race Across America (RAAM) if you want to bring awareness to cancer. It is an international race done on US soil. People and cancer survivors would be lined all along the course to see you race by their communities in the World’s Toughest Bike Race! Sponsors would be lined up as well.

  570. Mark says:

    Thanks for coming back! The excitement is back, I can feel it! Now prove the doubters wrong!

    Good Luck!

  571. Philip >bonvie says:

    Living in Europe I was very sad with all the comments about you after your 7th victory on the Tour the France. Your come back is just the best thing you can do and show them how you can handle a new one with only one objective. I am all with you and I can’t wait next year. Go Lance, God bless you

  572. Bruce Watts says:

    You’re the man, Lance!

  573. Jakob says:

    Hi Lance I think it?Ǭ¥s awesome.
    I believe in you.
    I?Ǭ¥ll follow you.


  574. Rhonda DelCampo says:

    You are an incredible athlete…whether cycling or running! I am a runner so thrilled when you came over to “our side”! I am an RN in a wonderful cancer center in Tampa…kudos to you and your efforts in contributing to this effort for a CURE!

  575. Sally says:

    You are inspirational, like my friend Cuth who has prostate cancer (and leukemia) and recently won the men’s 75 to 79 age group world triathlon champs. You are never to old to be a champ in my book.

    Can you please consider doing the Tour of Britain in 2009. It would help raise the profile of cycling and the fight against cancer in the UK.

  576. Hello Lance

    I’m from France and I say you : ” please come again on the Tour de France ! France needs champions like you … Well done for helping against the cancer ( my father died of lung cancer last year and Welcome to The Tour de France !! ”



  577. daz and lauren says:

    fantastic news.
    looking forward to seeing you in action again.
    an inspiration to all those who have suffered or seen loved ones suffer!

  578. Stephen Weafer says:

    welcome back!your such a legend lance,cant wait for no 8,if anyone can its you my man,best news i’ve heard all year,good luck

  579. paul & martine says:

    THANK YOU !!!
    wonderfull news – hope you return to johan and dirk
    wish you all the best and see you next year in France
    !!!!!! LIVESTRONG!!!!!!!
    love from belgium
    your greatest belgian fans
    paul and martine

  580. Jonny Damon says:

    I’m taking my wife to France this time instead of my bike. I’ve paid dearly for that decision! Thanks for the chance to rectify my situation. Oh and Good luck!

  581. dave twyman says:

    its such great news to see you back, your passion and winning ways always gave people strength to fight there own challenge, and it will inspire millions of people again to never give up. thanks

  582. Florian says:

    GO Lance! You are such a huge source of inspiration.

  583. Scott says:

    Lance you are an inspiration to everyone not just cancer patients, keep up the good work

  584. LC says:

    Its a great day good luck to you

  585. bev nagel says:

    Lance, you are AWESOME. You are such an inspiration to me and my family. Way to go………………the best to you…

  586. Froschl says:

    Fantastische Ank?ɬºndigung Lance! Du bist unser Held im Kampf gegen Krebs, ganz zu schweigen vom Radsport.
    Viel Erfolg w?ɬºnsche ich Dir – Much success!

  587. Benny says:

    When I heard the news, all I could do was say “WOW” and smile. Fantastic news! I saw you at the Tour de France in 2003 and hope to see you there again next year. You set a wonderful example for everyone with your drive and determination. Best of luck!

  588. Jorgen says:

    Lance your book directed me in my fight against cancer. I’m 2?Ǭ? year cancer free. I’m convinced that your fight against the cancer catapulted you in to your tremendeus results. May you also have success in gaining more support for the international fight against cancer.

  589. Russ - Warrington.UK says:


    I have nothing but admiration and respect for Lance and the news that he is to return to cycling is fantastic, hopefully I’ll get to see the man who has inspired both myself and millions of other people “Live” next year when I attend the TDF09. Keep proving them wrong Lance!

  590. Anne C (Ireland) says:

    Continued success with the Livestrong Challenge. You are an inspiration and Ireland will be watching!

    Go n’eirigh an mbothar leat.
    Go dte tu slan!
    Anne Cawley

  591. jacques says:

    Bravo Lance pour ton retour sur le Tour de France;j’y crois tu peux le faire.
    Cela fera du bien a pas mal de mes compatriotes… les anti armstrong!!;
    Je me rejouis du prochain tour, il y aura de l’action!!

  592. Mark Schoombee says:

    I was having a bad day until I heard you were making a comeback… awesome! It is truly amazing and inspiring that there are people like you out there who defy all odds to achieve what many deem impossible. With an attitude like yours, cancer can be beaten and no doubt an 8th Tour de Lance can be conquered. I was there for no 7 and will do my damndest to be there for no 8! Well done Lance, for all that you stand for.

  593. Pamela Elliott says:

    I am so thrilled Lance is coming back! My mother is a cancer survivor/thriver and I am a cyclist. I hope there is some way that we can follow Lance’s training on line. Something in the way of “Train with Lance.” To help inspire all of us to live daily to our fullest potential then pass it on!

    God Bless!

  594. Bally says:

    The legend returns!! All the very best with your preperation. dig deep as you always do. I look forward to watching the racing next summer. Good luck Lance.

  595. Marysue says:

    I know…the Marathon was just too tough, you need to be sitting down on your bum for YOUR Endurance sport. We were hoping to see you on the cover of Ultra-Running, 31 miles on the trail is alot more fun than a 26.2 road marathon! Good Luck-Ride-strong! Lance!
    Placerville, California

  596. Marsha Wessels says:

    Good luck Lance for your journey back into the cycling arena and the research for cancer.

    Always in my prayers!!!!

    Marsha( Proudly South African)

  597. Martin says:

    Man, this is so awesome. I’ve seen you finish on the Champs Elysees so many times and it is one of the sporting spectacles which will live with me forever. I’ll be on one of the Alps watching you grind the peloton into the mountain side in ’09 and I’ll be back on the Elysees to see you come in at the finish line. A truly inspirational athlete!

  598. Kristen says:

    This is wonderful news! You inspire so many people and give hope to so many that are living with cancer and other diseases. I look forward to following all of your future success! LIVESTRONG!!!

  599. Adam M says:

    Yes Liiiiiiid!

    Looking forward to watching you nail it in 2009… How about an Ironman in 2010?


  600. Violeta says:

    Great news for those of us who have been affected by cancer! You are an inspiration Lance!

  601. Gary Power says:


    When I heard the news that you were returning, I was at first surprised, but then I realised that for someone like yourself, you constantly need great challenges. As this is for such a great cause, I think it is fantastic! It will be great to see you back in the peleton.


    Gary Power,

  602. Colin says:

    Great to have you back — I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out with you and your teammates on Astana (at least that is where I heard you are going).
    Also, after all these years out of racing how long will it take to work back up from a Cat 5 to the pro’s again? (just kidding there).

  603. Mick C says:

    Wow! I’m speechless-always wondered if you would be able to stay off the bike-and now you’re coming back-a decade after your first comeback from Cancer! Great news! The odds will be tough, but if anyone can do it, it’s you!

    Dance on those pedals!

  604. Wenche T says:

    Suerte, Lance! Estoy seguro de que competir?ɬ°s dignamente en tu regreso al ciclismo profesional, al igual que ya hiciste en tu anterior regreso, tras el c?ɬ°ncer. Eres un luchador, y siempre lo seguir?ɬ°s siendo. Gracias por todo!

  605. Jaco Maree says:

    You’re the greatest. I’m surely looking forward to the Tour ’09. You are a great inspiration to us all.

  606. Rick Czap says:

    I am so happy for you Lance and will be cheering you on! My son, Lance, and I are with you every turn of the crank. Do it for cancer and do it for you.

  607. Its Admirable, I’ hope the best for Lans, and I’m sure hes gon a win.

  608. Jeff says:

    Are you going to race a full schedule or just do the Tour?

  609. Linda says:

    Dear Lance,
    As I sit here in the hospital getting my bone marrow transplant, I’m grateful I get the opportunity to say Thanks to you. I love watching the tours!! I’ve been especially now proud of the Amgen Tour of Cal. No matter what you do, you’ve already done so much to be my hero. I wish you so much success in cycling-you are such an inspiration to keep our bodies healthy with exercise. The biggest hope I have is that you will help bring people together for the cures. Many blessings to You!!!

  610. Butch says:

    I lost my mom to cancer. It’s was a horrific thing to witness. God Bless you for all you have done and continue to do on behalf of those who like yourself have to face this dreaded disease. Go get em,

  611. Sherry says:

    Fantastic news! The tour will be fun to watch again! Best of luck in all you do.

  612. Tony Simmons says:

    A great ambassador for a more than worthy cause. Your autobiographies have been an inspiration to me… I wish you all the very best in 2009…I’ll be following you all the way.

  613. trey says:

    GREG september 9, 3.45 english translation: “What an unconvincing news!
    Your return still goes to us bluffed”.
    Lance is an inspiration to all those that have cancer or who have lost someone, his return is a blessing! God Bless You Lance

  614. Pam Bennett says:

    Thats my boy!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! The tour will be worth paying that high cable bill again for after all!! You da’ man!!!!

  615. ivan luque says:

    you are a winer,but what you gonna do is awesome i have a autistic kid and he admir you a lot he can’t speack jus few words his name is sebastian and is five years old and when i told him, you back! he say it; go go bike. that was greit,lance armstrong thank you very much god bless you!

  616. Andrew Holt says:

    Fantastic news! The look you gave Jan Ulrick on Alpe D’Huez and then left him for dead on the tour of 2004 (was it?)still gives me goose bumps….the sport has missed you. The very best of luck for The Tour of 2009.

  617. Christian Fisco says:

    My name is Christian and I am 7 years old. Both of my grandpas died before I was born. One of my grandpas had cancer. Thank you for riding your bike to help people with cancer and their families. My grandma, mom and dad still really miss my grandpa. I do a cancer walk each year with my family.

    I really want a yellow road race! My parents want me to earn it so I set up a bank account. Maybe one day I can ride in a race for cancer just like you! Or, maybe I’ll make a race of my own in the neighborhood to earn some money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I think I will do that!

    We are coming out to watch you in the AMGEN Tour of California in Santa Clarita! We are so excited to see you race! I don’t want to blink as you ride by because I’ll miss ya! Have fun training!

    My mom and dad take me to the running track and let me speed around the track on my bike (ssshh, don’t tell anyone – bikes aren’t allowed). My 3 year old sister Bella rides her bike with training wheels on the track too – she can’t go as far as I can yet! Maybe one day you will see us both in the Tour! Look for me on the yellow road bike! Look for my sister on a purple road bike! I think she needs to get a lot taller! Until then, she’s on my old red bike with training wheels!

    Have fun!

    Christian Fisco

  618. Christian Fisco says:

    Oh, it’s me again. My mom gave me permission to put this on your website.

  619. Bob K. says:


    Cancer has touched us all and it is a great thing that you are doing.

    I wish you continued success with the fight and the global awareness.

    LIVESTRONG and may the wind always be at your back. Love to see you take #’s 8,9 and 10.

    In memory of Colleen Fletcher.

  620. Jim Eitel says:

    Welcome back SUPERMAN;win orlose you are a hero to all. The war against cancer has just gotten a very big boost. RIP THEIR BALLS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  621. Heather- proud Nike employee says:

    I am crying…I learned of Cancer at a young age, have seen women in my family die, deal and survive,you have inpsired me to learn more, to fight harder and in the meantime love the game of cycling, I will love to see you out of the saddle, dancing on your pedals and riding like the wind!!!!!! Best Wishes!!!!

  622. Junko MItani says:

    Greetings from Kanagawa, Japan!

    Not only is this news a great one for American Cycling, this is one of the best news this year for the entire cancer community. Your very clear statement for why you are returning to professional racing has helped making it all clear for the rest of us. It really is not about the bike, isn’t it? And every second really does count. I loved your books, and I have extremely high respect for you, but I have never been prouder to have been your fan for all these years.

    I do not know if you even remember visiting or racing here in Japan, but we would love it, if you could maybe someday come back here again not just to race, but to speak about this disease – if you are so inclined.

    Most sincerely,

  623. Janet says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! This is my chance to see you at the TOUR De FRANCE. I said, “if he ever rides again I will see him at the top of Alp DuEz.” I love you. Signed a 43 year old mom in Bloomfield Hills Mi. GO LANCE!!!!!

  624. Scott Gerhardt says:

    You’ve changed my life and countless others, and I can’t wait to see you back in the peloton. You have an army behind you!!!!!

  625. LisaP says:

    I am thrilled to hear you are coming back. I lost my younger sister to cancer 2 years ago (she adored you) and just lost my dad to cancer last month. We buried them both with their LIVESTRONG

  626. Matthew Flynn says:

    Lance, you’ve been an inspiration to me ever since I first read “It’s Not About the Bike” in my Chemo chair. You can do it, we all know you can, and you can bet I’ll be Yelling “Allez Lance, Allez” at my TV come July!

  627. LisaP says:

    (continuation of previous interrupted post) bracelets on. You are such an inspiration to so many. Good Luck!

  628. Lisa Gallagher says:

    Lance!! I am sooo happy
    with your decision!! OMG!!
    It has been tooooooo long
    since we saw you doing what you love!! Congrats Lance!! YOU ROCK! I will see you in Paris during your victory lap with champagne!!

  629. Ant?ɬ?nio Guedes says:

    Hi (from Portugal)!

    Lance, who better than you to make Cancer a global issue?

    I’m already a member of LAF’s army but, because your goal was only the US, I’d never been able to help. Now I hope to help you making a diference.

    You can count on me.

    And best of luck to Tour 2009.

  630. Congratultions on an incredible idea, I am shure that both, the cycling comunity and the fight for cancer will be in a different level of intensity with your comeback. I strongly believe that your example sets a very high standard for the human consiousness. We are fortunate to have Lance Armstrong among us, perhaps this idea will help also to inspire others to follow your incredible path! THANKS A MILLION!

  631. dan kehoe says:

    livespring, livestrong,livelong,allez de allez,win clean for#8. 9year working at the rftr, livestrong challanage piss on cancer…….

  632. Aria Sungkono says:

    Watch out ! The real Champ will be back .. Welcome Back Lance

    all the best & God Bless
    from Bandung, Indonesia

  633. Silvia Mendes says:

    Thanks Lance!
    As you can see, you inspire people all over the world!!! Welcome back!!!!
    From Brazil

  634. Dave Anthony says:

    What an inspiration. Five years ago I was watching a story on your fight against cancer and I am convinced it saved my life. I can’t wait to see you make them pay in the mountains again.

  635. Bob L says:

    Outstanding!!!! I’m proud to be a member of the Livestrong team. Go Lance!! It’s been too long taht you’ve been gone. Good luck!!!!

  636. Matt G says:

    Brilliant. Carpe Diem.
    Hope to see you racing at the first UCI tour event in Adelaide in 2009.

  637. Brandon Davidson says:

    Time to bust out the USPS and Disco gear from retirment. And if you choose Astana, i’ve already got the hat for that. Do it Lance.

  638. David Glusman says:

    After riding along with you in the Philadelphia Livestrong Challenge (OK, I only kept up for about 20 seconds! – thanks for the quick thumbs up) I am thrilled to be able to see you “in the race” again and cheer your efforts, towards the finish line and the efforts to Cure this awful killer.

  639. Jose de Anchieta says:


    You are amazing!

    Had you not existed you would have to be invented.

  640. Deborah Hawkins says:

    Next year’s Tour will definitely be interesting. I utterly believe you can do this. You have the iron core. You are a lightening rod. I don’t think there is anything better you could do with your life. To have such an opportunity ….. it would be impossible to turn away from it.

  641. Theresa Turner says:

    I just wanted everyone to know that I believe the reason cancer is so prevalent is all the chemicals in everything from our food to our personal hygiene products. I was a hairdresser for 10 years and because of being around all the chemicals I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. My mother and grandmother both had cancer. It took my grandmother and almost took my mother. I think we should make the government open their eyes and realize that all the chemicals in our everyday products is slowly killing us all. I hope Lance has wonderful luck with bringing this to the forefront. We all need all the help we can get. God bless us all!!!!

  642. Matt Koch says:

    Lance, this is great news! I saw some of your old buddies flying by live on Monday in KC at the Tour of Missouri. Would love it if your schedule next year brought to our Tour! Love ya, Man.

  643. Vince Talavera says:

    Big Tex back in the peloton!

    You are doing amazing things for the cancer community.. You rock Lance!

  644. Stephen Chan says:

    I cannot hide my excitement on your decision to compete again Lance.

    You have also inspire a fat old man like me to ride again. Let’s do the training ‘together’….

  645. Chris Fry says:

    Wow I watched in aww when you won all 8 now more!! I can barely contan myself.
    PS go after the SPANARDS
    SEE ya in JULY

  646. Estebandido says:

    Is very nice to hear that you are getting back to the biking, it will inspire more people to keep fighting on live.

    Keep doing it

    Live strong!!

  647. Jeanri says:


  648. Bert Ravelli says:

    Congrat on your announcement Lance…!

    If anyone can make such a comeback it’s you. Its is what international cycling needs and it’s a great opportunity to push ahead with Livestrong.

    If you want to build Livestrong here in Europe and give it a huge kick off in 2009, I offer you my fully committed support. If you want to spar on that I’m available!

    Ciao from the Netherlands

  649. I punched the air with delight at the news of your return! You were my inspiration to overcome my life long asthma
    with hard training on my bike and I’m so,so happy at this news. Go Lance! Dance on them pedals! Thankyou very much!

  650. Helen says:

    Thank you for keeping up the fight. We were inspired to do the Philly LiveStrong challenge in honor of a friend who was battling a bad cancer situation. He had near miraculous results from his treatment. It’s your passion and efforts that drive this movement.

  651. Luis G. says:

    Cycling needs you.
    Viva Armstrong y Contador!
    Good luck from Spain

  652. Nicole says:

    From France:

    That’s great! I and my husband belong to your best fans in our country, where you are unfortunately much critized by stupid people! But: just take it easy …

    Your comeback is wonderful news for us, Tour de France and sports in general. Since you’ve left this exceptional event, Tour de France has become incredibly boring and not exciting at all.

    This is why we look forward to seeing you on our French roads in July 2009. You’ll win again and show everybody you’re the most brave rider of all times!

    We wish you the best – Good luck! Nicole and Gilles / St Etienne France

  653. Resty Saguil says:

    It was 5:30am 09 Sept (RP time)when CNN broke the news here in the Philippines…
    Oh my… The collective hearts of next years TdF podium hopefulls have just skipped a beat! And that familiar sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs have just reared it’s head… Lance, you’ve just made the waiting period for next July
    so longgg. You’r fans in my country wants you to take that
    8th yellow jersey!

  654. Steve says:

    Lance or should I call you Mr Armstrong?

    Your decision to compete again, sparked many debates in the pub last week until we found out why, Promoting charity. There could be no better cause.

    I have been a fan of your cycling since I 1st heard of your name on the scene the start of the ’99 tour.

    I belive that you can win the tour, but there will be many doubters. From your books you thrive of this.

    I wish you the best of luck…

    but whatever you do WIN!

    you have a huge legacy in the UK and it would be devastating to see that weaken. I have a photo of you on my wall from your 6th tour victory that I took myself.

    Your work to battle cancer is helping thousands world wide…

    I wait excitment to see you ride again,

  655. Micha?Ö?Äö Kania says:

    Its a great news. I live in Poland and I think that what Boss is doing now is very necessery for fightting agains cancer in another countries. Yesterday I have bought a ticket to Paris to see Lance on Paris Nice. I was so lucky. See U Boss in Paris.Its time for fight against cancer all over the world!!!!

  656. Matt says:

    Well done mate Good luck with it all

  657. Tim Swanson says:

    you’ve been an inspiration for me ever since I read “It’s Not about the Bike”. Good luck with your training!

  658. daz says:

    nice one lance m8 just hope you ride with the astana team, your a credit to cycling just dont retire again lol

  659. Kelli says:


    I think it’s so wonderful that you are putting forth this effort. You and Randy Pausch are my heroes of all time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will beat this cancer beast!!

  660. Linda Tucson AZ says:

    Wind to your back my friend. Your a insperation to us Lance! GOD Bless you and your family.

  661. The Frenchy says:

    Yeah Lance, we need you for the Tour de France 2009.

  662. Brian Dowd says:

    I love seeing this many comments! Lance’s return is going to bring a new wave of LAF supporters (which we welcome with open arms) and also raise much needed awareness around the world. I look forward to great things to come.

  663. Maria says:


    You are an inspiration to many who battle this obstacle, called cancer. I stand with you in turning this obstacle into an “opportunity” to change the lives of many who may consider themselves to be “victims” into “survivors” and as they transition into “overcomers”. Congratulations on your return to cycling. Much success to you in your endeavor to find “The” cure.


  664. Tom says:

    Lance, If anybody can do this, it’s you. You have my support and thanks for everything you do for the fight against cancer. My dad is in the fight of his life and you and your story has been a inspiration to him and my whole family. I will always support you and the LAF. 7 was cool, but 8 will be GREAT!!!

  665. Chad and Debora says:

    Amazing! As a cancer survivor and wife of a triathlete I cannot wait to see you ride again! You have been an inspiration to us both. Personally for me in my fight with cancer, and for my husband as he rides like the wind in his triathlons!

    God Bless,


  666. Wheelworks says:

    See if you can get Floyd Landis to be your team mate again!

  667. Jordan says:

    Thank you lance.

    You are one of the best things in cycling and in the world of cancer.

    You have help me get over the death of my gradfather by cancer and i thank you.

  668. Cindy says:

    Best News Ever! Go Lance…..our prayers are with you to succeed again and make us all proud.

  669. emmanuel says:

    very best news, you are my hero
    i am a marathoner.
    i follow you with my new bike trek 2.3
    go lance go
    thank you.

  670. Jen says:

    I’m psyched for your return! I do not care what the critics say, you are an amazing athlete and person and it is an inspiration to us all!

  671. Carolina says:

    My son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when he was 4 years old, in the year 2000. We made all his treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and we knew all about you there. Lance, you were his hero since then!!! Now, he is a 12, and healthy!!! year old, and we were so happy to knew that you are coming back! When I see you cycling up a mountain, I think of the hard times we passed, and victory for us is that: DARE TO! Thanks a lot for your example, LIVESTRONG!!!

  672. TG says:

    Ride Strong! Fight Strong! Livestrong! You’re the man!

  673. lee askew says:


    the best news,you are totally amazing, your are a real inspiration to all on this planet they will stop and listen,good luck with your training,all those miles will flow and flow well,be strong mr armstrong ,we are all truly with you

  674. Margriet says:

    A shame the 09 Tour will probably be not passing by our house like it did this year (we live in Le Mont-Dore at the foot of the Col de Croix-Morand). But I will make sure I will be going to see one of the stages and shout my lungs out to encourage you.

    Go Lance Go!

  675. Michael W. Waters Jr. says:

    This is another reason for people all around the world to look up to you!. You are truly an amazing human being . thank you Lance !!!!!!


  676. Marian Presto says:

    You are truly an example of what we were put here for. What an inspiration! I have been an Oncology RN for most of my 30 year career and have given lots and lots of yellow bracelets away to colleagues and patients! Can’t seem to keep one for myself…gonna try again! Thanks for all you do.

  677. Lance says:

    Keep up the fight !

  678. ivan luque says:


  679. grace mcdevitt says:

    i think this is fabulous. you are still an inspiration to me, lance. train hard and go get ’em.

  680. Robertojg says:


    2003 TDF – Hanging onto the edge of my seat. I superb athletic performance. Took up cycling at 50 and did the Etape du Tour (Twice) based on what I watched on the TV.
    A truly inspirational athlete and person.
    No better baton carrier for the the fight against the greatest scourge of mankind.
    See you somewhere in France in July 2009!

    Rob UK.

  681. Brett Watson says:

    Well done mate,
    As a rare cancer (Carcinoid) sufferer but determined survivor from Australia I am in awe of your attitude, fitness, toughness and willingness to tackle another huge challenge. All the very best of luck and thanks.
    Brett, Adelaide, South Australia

  682. Carol Proctor says:

    Still love to watch the cycling but it just has not been the same with the man from Austin. We are so happy that you will be back.

  683. Aimee says:

    Lance, you are an inspiration to us all. Your strength, drive, crazy talent and passion for making a difference continue to amaze me. So glad you’re coming back to cycling and not at all surprised by your selfless motivation for coming back. Yet again, thanks for the inspiration to be a better person and good luck!

  684. Thea says:

    Just a reminder, eri & others – we are not cancer victims, we are LiveSTRONG survivors!!! 🙂

    We need you, Lance, and so does cycling!

  685. Kaj says:

    Lance, you have nothing to prove. You’re a great champ, a comeback will only bring this legend down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very anxious to see it!

  686. Matteo says:

    Thanks Lance, I’m very happy to hear that!

    Matteo – Florence Italy

  687. Val Logan-Davis says:

    I have been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My stunning daughter, Bronwyn introduced me to this site and has just dropped off your book for me to read. You are an amazing inspiration to us. We (Durban South Africa) are behind you – and we wish you all the love, energy and strength to achieve your next dream.

  688. Carol Mustillo says:

    Lance, as I watched you at the LiveStrong Summit in July 2008, I wondered briefly if you would ride again. You looked at times frustrated and anxious to see your goals for cancer survivorship and cancer research realized. My family and I are supporting your strength and great leadership in the fight against cancer. As a cancer registrar, I can only hope that in my lifetime I am out of a job because a cure for cancer will be found. God Bless, Lance, and know that the world supports your fine efforts. There is no greater leader for the cause or greater athelete. Thanks, Lance, for all you do!

    The Mustillo Family – Union NJ

  689. Gauquier says:

    Merci Lance…
    Merci pour ton combat “Livestrong”…
    Merci pour le sport…
    Thank you…
    Jonathan (Belgique)

  690. Kirk from Grand Rapids says:

    It takes courage to battle cancer and it takes courage to return to battle the world’s top atheletes. It will take great focus to keep the reason for returning on top of all the other distractions. The press and fans will focus on the bike and as you have shown before, it is not about the bike. Best of luck and know many support your cause. And maybe the sucesses will include both progress towards cure and a bike race win.

  691. Donal O' Brien says:

    It is the bike, a cyclist always knows…I was a fan before the cancer, I am a fan despite the cancer, I look forward to being a fan to help beat cancer.

    Lance, please give us back the real tour, the real race, the real passion of the Yellow.

    From our sport, welcome back, sir.

  692. Brian Muller says:

    You are a hero and inspiration to alot of people. I haven’t taken off my wristband since your seventh victory as it is my reminder to think, pray, and “livestrong”. Thanks for what you do.

  693. Chris B says:

    Lance I had the pleasure and privilege to watch from the Champs-Ellesay your 6th and 7th Tour de France wins. If anyone can make a successful professional cycling comeback – “you’re the one”. I look forward to witnessing your 8th.

    Chris – London UK

  694. Ron says:


    Your words of “knowledge is power, and attitude is everything” inspired me through surgery. You are making a difference in many lives… keep up the good work. Thank you.

  695. marcel says:


    I lost my daddy to the awful disease, you’ll give many people hope we can beat it in the future!

    All the best with your training, i’ll love to see you back in the Tour.

    Thanks a lot….

  696. Shannon says:


    Your drive and attitude are what make you who you are and an inspiration to so many. Your leadership and fight against cancer has touched so many millions of people. I can’t think of a more fitting way to continue that fight and promote a cure than on the stage of the Tour de France where I know we will all see you prove your dominance on the world’s biggest stage in professional cycling. I look forward to watching you crush the competition! Good luck!


    Shannon – Springfield, VA

  697. gregory says:

    Thank you Lance for your comeback. You are both a nice human being and the greatest professional cyclist. I hope you’ll win a 8th Tour de France.
    Wear Livestrong!!!
    Good training…
    La France vous aime.
    Gr?ɬ©gory – Nancy, France

  698. Ian Ward says:

    This is awesome! Good luck Lance and LiveStrong!

  699. Dagmar says:

    I wish you all the best and good luck
    for the tour 2009!!!

  700. Tom says:

    Lance, you continue to inspire! Yesterday I won my age group (70+) for the fifth time in five triathlons this season. It was beautiful if challenging ride in the Boone, NC area, where you rebuilt yourself some years ago. Thanks for all you do for cancer survivors, cancer research and cycling.

  701. Dan says:

    This is way beyond Awe-inspiring…This is the way we should all live our lives ?¢?Ǩ?Äú GO LANCE!!!

  702. Kevin Johnson says:

    This is fabulous news that you are returning to professional cycling. You are a hero of mine and co-incidently I was ill around the same time and age as you, but with detached retina’s in both my eyes. Thankfully after a number of operations my eyes were repaired. So when you celebrated your ten years getting better after cancer, I celebrated that I can see!
    Even with all the surgery I can see well enough to drive and cycle again, thanks to the wonderful doctors at the Western Eye Hospital, London. You were one of the biggest inspirations when I got back into cycling, in 2000 after reading your books and watching you ride. Ok I’m not gonna win a Tour like you, but I still love to ride! I’ll be praying for you in the coming 2009 season, be safe and successful Lance. God Bless you Lance and your will to make a difference in this world for the good of all..

  703. Rosemarie Stone says:

    I respect and wish you all the best for the decision you made to return to professional cycling and to continue to battle this devastating disease. I’ll be pulling and praying for a victory for you in 2009. You’re a winner in my book!

  704. Cheryl says:

    I am so excited that you are returning to Professional Cycling. The Tour has just not been the same without, an exciting, inspirational and clean champion. 2009 will be a year to be savoured.
    I wish you well with the hard graft and training and look forward to shouting at the tv as you show them how its done and dance on the pedals to no. 8.
    Your determination to ‘Livestrong’ is a source of great encouragement and inspiration to me.
    All the best.

  705. Leonard says:

    Outstanding !!!!

    Can’t wait to see you showing them how it’s done once again. Both the cycling world regarding cycling and the socio-political world regarding Cancer.
    I only hope it doesn’t mean we wont be seeing you at the LAF Philly ride.

  706. Tony says:

    Congratulations on your decision! This is such inspirational news.

    I hope you can make it for the tour down under in Australia. That would be gold. Good onya Lance!

  707. pascal says:

    Hey Lance!

    I understand you have enemies who wouldnt hesitate to write another book, publish another article if they get something. Some ppl, including close relatives would do/say anything if some tv offers them $1000,000. I hope you watch every bottle you get, everything you put in your mouth. A lot of ppl dont know a cycling team is like a huge factory. Good luck Lance!

  708. Simon Jones says:

    Fantastic news!!! Already people are talking about cancer more. On a sporting front you can absolutely reclaim the Tour if you want to – just look at Malcolm Elliot still riding pro here in the UK at the age of 47!!! All the best from Scotland!

  709. Anne Reyes says:

    Hey Lance, Great news, I’m 7mths in to my LIVINGSTRONG. You are a great inspiration to us survivors. Kick Butt!!!!

  710. Julie Prince says:

    Awesome news. A true inspiration – as I gear up for my first Livestrong Challenge (Austin), can’t help but wonder/grieve – guess Lance won’t be riding any of RAGBRAI next year. France over Iowa? Come on! 😉
    Awesome to have seen him two years ago on RAGBRAI (in a beer garden!) and to actually meet him and share with him about my Dad, who unfortunately did not beat cancer, during this year’s RAGBRAI. His empathy and sympathetic ear meant a lot to me. 🙂

  711. Rita Rivera says:

    Congratulations for your desition!!
    you are awesome

    go ahead with your fight against the cancer!

    you are an inspiration for lots of people around the world!!?¢?Ñ¢¬?I LOVE YOU!!?¢?Ñ¢¬?
    …God bless you…

  712. mauro gamboa says:

    Tan grande como tu historia son pocos, ya sin subirte a la bici ganaste, eres estandarte de esfuerzo y trabajo en equipo, adelante campeon, sin cadena a subir monta?ɬ±as, alegras al mundo del ciclismo y a cualquier persona que haya tenido el cancer cerca

  713. Lucy says:

    This is the best news ever. Looking forward to the LIVESTRONG challenge in Austin – and see you in Paris 2009.
    Go Lance!

  714. caroline D says:

    Well, you will have to come now in front of the hotel de Crillon in Paris to drink champagne with PJ and I!
    Happy birthay LANCE !

  715. lightning Jr. says:

    Thanks Lance
    Look out cancer!

  716. stig carlson strandhagen says:

    I have realised why I became interesting in cycling. The reason is Lance Armstrong.

    Now that my mother has got cancer, I am even happier to see you back in the Tour de France. It’s not the same without Lance on the top of the podium<3

  717. Smouch says:


    Its good that you are returning for the fight against cancer, but i would have to say that the TDF have been better since you retired, you made them boring to watch either live or by broadcast, try the tour of Italy or Spain

  718. Valentina says:


    J’ai pas de mots sauf de te dire que tu est UNIQUE!!!
    You are really the best!
    Thank you for all that you do!
    Bon courage! Hope see you soon!And Happy Birthday!:):)


  719. Jennifer says:

    First of, Happy Birthday.
    Second, look out cancer !!! I am thrilled that you are making a comeback and making this awful disease a priority. Keep up the training and wonderful pictures.

  720. Sebastian says:

    Dear Lance,
    I?Ǭ¥m form Jena. Thats a small town in Germany and I am a sportsman like you. Not at the Level you are but I was a very good swimmer.
    Last year in November I got a Nasopharynxkarzinom and today there is no tumor in my head. I train to made a marathon.
    Thanks for giving a feeling, witch i can?Ǭ¥t describe, in bad situations.

    We are not here to give up.

    i wish good legs to you in all the races before

  721. Rita Rivera says:

    Happy birthday:::: lots of all kind of blessings to you

  722. Kevin F. says:


    It sure will be nice to see you back in the saddle for your cause,just remember all the lives you are touching with your efforts to fight this battle.Best of luck in your upcoming season I know you will make it an interesting one.


  723. Anne Breen says:

    Merci Beaucoup Lance,
    I hope and pray and wish you could figure out how to make cancer patient health care funding for services and state of the art treatment a bigger election spending issue for voters in this country when you meet and speak next month with Clintons Global initiative.
    Both Senators running are very weak in this area and getting weaker by the week. I was truly so inspired by you and Elizabeth Edwards attitude addressing the unmet daily needs of many other long term survivors when I went to Austin to a LIVESTRONG Summit in October of 2007 as a twenty year low grade brain tumor survivor myself. Thank You for your excellent example and for all you do to help inspire others less fortunate than you yourself, I really admire your determination and dedication to LIVESTRONG for others again by grabbing the international media attention to raise awareness of the real terrorist cancer cells in the world hiding in our own bodies and the bodies of our loved ones. Thank You for being truly pro-life in the best sense of those words as you ride on again over mountains and valleys. I wish you continued good health in the future and hope you find the strength from the Lord of All to keep on keepin on! You can do it!
    GBYAY Anne Breen
    Ps I don’t think I’ll get to go see you win in Paris this time, but I will probably see you more better right here at home in Tucson, and I hope someday you will consider riding in the El Tour De Tucson. so I can see you again.

  724. Vicky says:

    Lance you are the true definition of one person can make a difference. Ride on!

  725. Christopher C. Colby says:


    You are everything and everything is you. Congratulations on your triumphant return to cycling (I can see the future…lol) and thank you for never ceasing to be a real hero. Ciao.


  726. Jorge Chapa says:

    Its great to hear good news about your comeback and the best of all with a purpose to fight cancer back.

    Cyclist around the world, and specially in my case, in Mexico, are truly supportive, let us know what you need and we will gladly contribute.


    Jorge Chapa
    Monterrey, Mexico

  727. Ferran Albuixech says:

    Thank you for everything Lance.
    Your my inspiration.
    My mother died because of a cancer when I was 11 years old,now I’m 32, since then, my life changed, but when I read It’s not about the bike, you became my inspiration on most of my everyday stuff,Thank you Lance for teach me how to get over everything.

  728. Justin says:

    Kick some ass!

  729. Greg says:


  730. derek cullen says:

    thank you,what an inspiration,an icon,and a true legend,great news,now lets go on and win tdf 09

  731. LuisMosh says:

    Lance Lance… thanks for returning and give us again the amazing sensation to feel like champions! The inspiration to keep on the fight… Congratulations for the Leadville 100! I just love you man! From Brazil, Luis Mosh…

  732. Angela says:

    I am a 32 year old from Arkansas and yes I do admit that even though Texas beat us pretty bad Saturday. Anyway, my passion is waterskiing, but I am so excited that you are returning to cycling. You have been such an inspiration to me. I lost my mom to lung cancer on April 16, 2008. She was a fighter though, because of you. I can’t wait to watch you go all the way. Good Luck!!!

  733. Gianluca Innocenti says:

    October 15th,2008 at 19:40 pm (in Italy)
    LANCE,you are an HERO,I believe in your fight at the cancer.You can make a difference at the Tour!I am so happy,I can see you again to ride. LANCE only you can WINN the 8th TDF.
    I am waiting you on GIRO D’ITALIA!!!I an sure that you can WINN IT.
    Ciao da FIRENZE!

  734. Thank you to you Lance for this good news, but I think that you should better explain on French your return and in particular the place of your fontation, the sports correspondents here retain onlythe sporting part. I will be disappointed not to see you on our roads this summer the more so as for once the TDF spends several times close of at home (Saint P?ɬ©ray, Ard?ɬ®che). And I will be happy to finally see you winning at the top of Ventoux! I have a tumour which has eaten my knee for several years, thanks to your first book I fight with the to continue to make cycling, I adore the strong rises I dream to roll with you one day, which knows at the time of a recognition in Ventoux! Friendships

  735. David Lovett says:

    We needed your excitement to return. I met you the last yr of the Tour DuPont @ the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. I have since moved (13yrs ago) within 30 miles of Asheville. I live in Waynesville, NC…right in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you are ever traveling thru, you will always have a free place to stay & ride. Your reason for coming back is Awesome & what a great creative way for you to go about the campaign to fight cancer. May God keep blessing you in all your success:)!

  736. 'Aunt' Darla says:

    way to go…….. 🙂

  737. Sindy says:

    Dear Lance,
    I like them apples just fine…courage, daily.
    Member of the community,

  738. Gostixel says:

    ??,???????? ? ??????????? ?????????
    ????? 🙂

  739. nick cole says:

    I salute you Lance, your one of the best!

  740. Ruthe Lorna says:

    Whilst we’re still in the strategy of negotiating our collective long run, it doesn?t mean that we have to sacrifice our personal identities. And it is most likely this realisation, consciously or now not, along with reality we’re at the edge of the arena, which makes Durban a spot where the spirit of freedom resides.

  741. Jennifer says:

    Great video,

    thank you

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