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Hey folks, Katherine from LAF Communications here. Wanted to share this thorough and comprehensive story by TIME’s Bill Saporito about the state of the war against cancer. Bill, himself a survivor, came to our Philly Challenge to see America’s cancer community in action and spent a great deal of time doing the homework that an in-depth piece like this one requires. The LAF was proud to help out with this story and we’re glad that journalists like Bill are bringing attention to the challenges survivors face and the obstacles that exist on a national level to winning this war. Let us know what you think!


  1. Wendy, Rochester NY says:

    The answer to fighting cancer is not going to be in more drugs– more chemicals in our bodies and in the environment, poisons, really. With every new drug and toxic treatment that is developed, we continue down this path that leaves us spinning our wheels. This article is correct in recognizing that a “paradigm shift” is in order. Please work to support Congresswoman Louise Slaughter’s Environmental Health Research Act. She realizes that so many of the health woes we face must be understood from an environmental perspective. Studies need to be done on how everyday chemicals are (and they most certainly are) affecting our health. Working to remove those causative factors must be an integral piece to the cancer puzzle. SU2C must also involve the work of alternative therapists in their new research push!!! Please look into the work of Aromatherapist D. Gary Young, who has documented amazing success in using frankincense oil to treat melanomas. At pubmed.org you can search “essential oils, cancer” and be amazed at the promising research that exists. However, these therapies lie undeveloped since they are natural and can earn no one a royalty. They’re non-toxic to boot! In your talking with McCain and Obama, please get them to pledge at least some of those billions toward alternative, bio-friendly therapies. Why should big Pharma get all the cash, when they don’t deliver?
    some links of interest:
    I care about this issue and have lost too many loved ones because Drs. had too little to offer. Thanks for trying to be the visionaries that this issue so desperately requires.

  2. Gianluca Innocenti says:

    September,22th 2008 18,45 pm ITALY
    ATTENTION the Frenchpeople and the WADA waiting you!!!
    You are a KING and you DANCE on the pedals.You are an hero for me,my family know the cancer.I am prond to be a member of Livestrong.
    Go in France e winn.
    Mille Grazie dall’ITALIA.
    Gianluca e Viviana.

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