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Recently we were made aware of a documentary film about an extraordinary man, Brian Reynolds. Although Brian’s fight with cancer ended in 2007, his story lives on to inspire all of us. The film is not about cancer; it’s not about the bike; it tells the story of friendship, love and support Brian gets amid his 430-mile journey at Cycle Oregon and his cancer battle.

If you are interested in learning more about this film or Brian’s journey visit:


  1. Ian Devan says:

    A truly amazing and inspiring story of courage and determination that should serve to motivate all the LAF army, in our endevours and the fight, that we have all chosen to be part of.

  2. Scott G says:

    Everyone needs to watch this film.

    Amazing documentary about an amazing person, and an amazing story.

    I wrote a little bit about it on my blog at

  3. agent zoey says:

    Yes, please watch the video. It is a beautiful story of life, courage, cancer and the bike. Everyone involved in the documentary did it with no compensation…thank you Gail, Valerie, Tae, Yuna, Justin, (and many more) and of course Brian…we love and miss you.

  4. Debra Carus says:

    If you feel down and discouraged, never forget this man who lived every second of his too brief life…and never left you with a feeling of hopelessness or despair. We’ll never forget you, Brian. And love to Gail and Valerie always.

  5. Don Ford says:

    An outstanding documentary
    of a man with dedication,
    drive and will, who along with his family; Gail and Valerie are an inspiration to all of us
    in living life to the fullest and seeking our own meaning and purpose.

  6. Kev Moore says:

    What a giant of a man. He humbles us all. His inspiration will surely live on. Sincere good wishes to his family.

  7. chappie conrad says:

    Brian is an inspiration to many of us and I am so happy this documentary records a small part of his incredible courage and strength.
    Chappie Conrad

  8. J K says:

    The BRIAN Documentary was just in the Bend Film Festival (Bend, OR) this last weekend. It was awarded the ‘Audience Choice’ Award! The family was completely surprised by this, and was so moved… Brian would be honored and humbled by the recognition. LIVESTRONG!

    To view the 59min film in it’s entirety – go to:

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