KXAN: Lance Armstrong Foundation President named hero


Just wanted everyone to be aware of one of our own being honored for his outstanding work. Doug was nominated by Lance as one of the Austin Business Journal’s Health Care Heroes. This morning, he was chosen as the winner from a field of outstanding competition. Way to go, boss!

Lance Armstrong Found. Pres. named hero
AUSTIN, Texas – President and CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Doug Ulman, received the ‘Health Care Hero’ award from the Austin Business Journal’s public health category.

Ulman won this award based on his contributions to health care in Central Texas.

In 2007, Ulman helped promote the constitutional amendment to create a Texas Cancer Prevention and Research Institute. Ulman also organized the LIVESTRONG Survivorship Notebook, a resource for cancer survivors in low-income or uninsured families.

“I am honored to be recognized the Austin Business Journal as a health care hero. The true heroes, in my opinion, are the people who live with cancer every day and fight the disease with all they’ve got,” said Ulman.



  1. Doug deserves this award to the extent that I almost want to ask, “What took them so long to give him this award?”

    I have ordered and given out dozens of the LIVESTRONG Survivorship Notebooks and could fill a web page with stories I’ve been told about the positive impact these notebooks have had for cancer patients during their treatments.

    I have an order for another 10 notebooks being shipped to my home as I type this comment.

    Of course, I believe that every staff member at the Lance Armstrong Foundation deserves recognition and awards for the work they do.

  2. Scott Joy says:

    I don’t know anyone more deserving. Congratulations, Doug!

  3. Jeff Bennett says:

    Doug – well deserved – congratulations!

  4. Marcia Banta says:

    Great news for great work!

  5. Brian Dowd says:

    Congratulations to Doug on the award! This is awesome news!


  6. Henrike says:

    I told Doug at the Columbus LIVESTRONG summit that while most people think of Lance as their hero, first, I’ve always considered Doug my personal hero and inspiration during my own fight against cancer.

    Not only because we are both soccer players, but because of the way he turned his cancer experience into having this huge impact on cancer warriors and survivors all around the world.

    His enthusiasm about the LAF, the way he took the time to talk to so many people at the summit and the fact that he wasn’t afraid to wear a yellow shirt at the summit inspire me on a daily basis.

    This recognition is really well deserved! Thanks for everything you do, Doug.

  7. Ron Bye (NH) says:

    Congratulations Doug!

    An award well deserved!!

  8. Kelli says:

    Great job Doug!! You are an inspiration to us all.

  9. Dee ( NJ) says:

    Congratulations Doug. This is a well deserved honor. Thanks for all the great work you do.

  10. Russ (TX) says:

    What a great honor!!! Congratulation

  11. Lori Mishos says:

    YOU ROCK Doug!!! An award well deserved…

  12. Angela Gilchrist says:

    I echo Henrike’s post about Doug. I appreciated that Doug took the time(at the zoo) to personally talk to many of us and even posed for photos.

    Doug, you have proven yourself very worthy of this award, not only at the Texas level, but nationally! Kudos.

  13. Bob Hammer says:

    I echo everyone’s comments as well. I owe the creation of my own foundation to Mr. Doug Ulman. Met him in 2000 after my second bout with cancer, and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Congratulations Doug

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