Once Again From Leadville


Greetings from Leadville,CO. I had the privilege of racing in the Leadville 100 this past weekend and it was a total blast. The crowds were great and the race was dare I say fun. Dave Wiens was an absolute monster out there and rode a great race. My hats off to him for his sixth straight victory. Special thanks to Ken and his staff and all the folks who came on out to cheer on the 1000 riders.




  1. Mike Nekuda says:

    Great job Lance, my two year old daughter – Brook and I were there to catch the race. It was amazing, hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of catching you there again next year. Would you consider the Copper Triangle ride as a warm up for Leadville?

  2. Annemieke says:


    Congratulations on a great result and a job well done. I hope you had a great day and enjoyed yourself more than anything else. I think you can be proud of what you did out there, you have always been the #1 cyclist for me and this result proves me right.

  3. Ryan says:

    So great to see a champion like your self back on the saddle.GRITTY RACE ON SATURDAY!! I honestly hope you will race it again next year.

  4. Bob says:

    It was a thrill to watch you bomb down the mountain with Dave on your wheel. When I realized I was two hours behind, I gave up all hope of winning and decided to go for a top 500 finish.

  5. Steve K says:

    Thanks for coming to “our” race and congrats on a great ride. I especially want to thank you for your graciousness on Friday with my 11 year old son in back of the gym. The picture Dave took of you two and the signed poster will hang on his wall for a long, long time. I think you made his whole summer right there.
    I asked him if he told you his dad was riding leadville for the 5th time or his uncle was riding it for the 11th time or his cousin (two time cancer survivor) who is 21 was riding it for the 1st time. I think he was just amazed to be standing next to you and couldn’t say anything. He hasn’t stopped smiling yet.
    We ride the race for the same reasons you’ve stated. It is truly a worthy goal.

    Thank you so much.

  6. Spartacus says:

    You are indomitable-
    a true force of nature and omnipresent inspiration. What you did in Leadville is craaaazzzy- congratulations.

    If time allows, you may find the story of Maximus
    Spartacus and his incredible parents to be inspiration as well.


    Best regards for good health and prosperity;


  7. danny says:

    keep up the good

    quick question Lance
    how did u get rid of ur shin splits i know u struggled with them and ive been wondering how why i keep getting them i run
    Track for Santa Ana High


  8. Matt of Philippines says:



    For me your still the man!! though I didn’t watch your video when your climbing leadville, I am just reading the article all about you, I know you have done a great job up there. Keep up Lance!!! your my inspiration here everytime I ride my bike. God Bless!!!

  9. gwalter says:

    Great job on the mountian bike.
    Any plans for the road bike?
    Tour comeback perhaps?

    A fan

  10. Geoff Eyer says:

    I was wondering what bike Lance rode in the Leadville 100. Was it a 29er or 26?

  11. rkemp says:

    I was looking at the different sites on “livestrong” and came acrossed your leadville video. The sound of you voice…that I had fun and now I’m cooked…biker guy thing made me cry. I’m glad you had a (blank) busting time! My husband is doing a ride from our house in St.Louis to the Lake house at the Lake of the Ozarks for my 6th year cancer free celebration. He calls it his outlaw ride…I call it a great idea on his part to get my support on the home front. He has timed the ride to pass the “Big Boys” going the opposite way. The Tour of Missouri. What a guy 175miles riding and see the Tour near Jefferson City, mo. Joe will be raising donations for the great “Livestrong” foundation. I’m truly blessed with 6 more years of life and a husband that loves me. If anyone wants to help Joe on his “outlaw bike trip” It’s under Joseph Kemp. I’m most proud of all the support and encouagement that you show us. Thank you Lance.

  12. Lance,

    All I can say is Breckenridge 100, 13,000+ feet of climbing, 3 exits and entries to th estart finish giving plenty of media coverage and viewer participation. Need I say more about Breckenridge, a great little town with big money sponsorship. Its a no brainer, look into it instead of the Leadville 100 and you may be pleased to find a more challenging event.

  13. Hey Lance , Penny here in Tucson. Ever think about coming here and riding in the El Tour De Tucson with Dr. Carmona in November. I am the Tucson Army Leader here. Would love to See you. Also how about the LiveSTONG Challenge here in Tucon? We have Bike friendly roads, Chris Carmichaels Training camp here.It would be awesome! Just a thought. 🙂

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