Lance Oh-So-Close at Leadville 100 race


We get the word from our man (and LAF Endowment Board Member) Larry O’Reilly: Lance took a very respectful 2nd place Saturday at Leadville as 42 year old Dave Wiens continued his amazing streak, beating Lance by two minutes to take his 6th consecutive title.

The Leadville Trail 100 begins at the old mining town of Leadville with 1,000 participants setting out at 10,500 feet and climbing to a maximum elevation of 12,600 feet. En route, racers tackle 14,000 feet of climbing in total. (

Lance’s strategy was to stay on the wheel of Wiens and see how things would play out. On the 50 mile out route the duo were in a 7-man chase group with 2 other riders off the front. By the second checkpoint all 9 riders were together, but on the 10 mile climb up Columbine to the halfway mark and the return down, Wiens and Lance had distanced themselves and held a 5 minute gap that would never be brought back.

On the last climb of the day, a 5 mile paved climb up to Turquoise Lake the 2 men on the front traded places to the summit. But it was the final 10 miles and the descent down St Kevins that would determine the day. “At the end I realized I was totally cooked … I haven’t done a 7-hour ride in four and half years,” Lance said afterwards, telling Weins he was done and to go on. Then there’s a saying in mountain biking, “It’s not a party until somebody bleeds,” and it was Lance unfortunately that got the party going, crashing on the final descent as Wiens got away for good.

Wiens would go on to hold his lead and come in first, shattering his own race record by nearly 13 minutes, with Lance soon after (also besting the previous course record). An amazing accomplishment for both athletes indeed! And now you know…


  1. Brian Dowd says:

    Congratulations to Lance & Dave!

  2. Chas #880 and Kathy #879 says:


    Great race agains Dave! Next year his streak is definitely in jeopardy.

    My sister and I are grateful for the autographs behind the gym on Sunday so one good turn deserves another–I just made a donation to your foundation.

    See you on the trails.

    Chas Ryan

  3. Angela Gilchrist says:

    Congratulations Lance on a fine showing! You are still our HERO and inspiration and we are just proud you accomplished another goal. Kudos to Dave for a great win. You guys are amazing.

  4. Dana says:


    We saw you in Aspen last week (at the park) and then later found out you were in town for the Leadville race. You very nearly won the thing! Impressive as ever! Great race and keep up the good work in everything you do.

    Best Wishes,
    Fort Worth, TX

  5. In Balad, Iraq my husband asked if you are doing the Leadville 100 and you affirmative response brought a smile to our faces.

    I was out of town and sorry I missed you. Next time hang out here and enjoy. Leadville strong can’t be beat.

  6. beth says:

    thanks for coming to our town and giving us and the other riders respect. next year, stick around and have some fun! no offense, but hopefully dave will kick your butt again next year! lol.

  7. beth says:

    and by the way, love this website. as a person who has dealt with tons of cancer, keep up the good work.

  8. john says:

    Congrtats Lance you are the best…this from one of the posers you and Dave cheered on on your way down Columbine as you descended we climbed….More important you continue the good fight against cancer with your foundation….you walk the walk and talk the talk….I admire your work….John Perna md

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