What a Few Weeks it has Been…


Just back from the San Jose LIVESTRONG Challenge and it was awesome. The community in Northern California was so supportive of our movement and I was blown away by their generosity. Now our attention turns to the LIVESTRONG Summit in Columbus. The entire Columbus community has been so supportive and The Ohio State University team led by President Gordon Gee and Cancer Center Director and CEO of the James Cancer Hospital Mike Caligiuri have been incredible hosts during our planning of the summit.

The Summit is going to be a huge success due to the passion, energy, and determination of the delegates who will be attending the event. I can’t wait to meet everyone there. I also can’t wait to hear from Senator McCain about his plans to address the burden of cancer in our country. We are honored to have him joining us. The grassroots cancer movement is as strong as ever, and growing in size and strength every day. I can’t wait to see what will happen after the summit and into the future. Huge opportunity awaits as we strive to eradicate this disease in our lifetime. We can do it working together.

Each and every day I am honored to hear stories of amazing individuals who battle this terrible disease with strength and dignity. To all those who have survived, and all those whom we have lost, we owe this movement and we must not stop until we succeed.

Let’s continue to be ruthless and relentless.



  1. Brian Dowd says:


    I am looking forward to next week and helping with setup & registration process for the Summit. I really look forward to hear Senator McCains plans. Then the work beggins with the training programs and the amazing guest speakers!

    See you next week!

    Brian Dowd

  2. The LIVESTRONG Challenge, San Jose was an awesome event. Very well planned and a good time was had by all. Thanks LAF! Looking foward to the Summit next week. I’m sure it will be an equally well planned event and I’m looking forward to learning alot!

    See you at the Summit!

    Lisa =)

  3. Both LIVESTRONG Challenges to date have been great events!

    As a LIVESTRONG Challenge Mentor, meeting participants in the Village and on course has been an amazing experience – and I am repeatedly humbled by the courage and tenacity shown by everyone in the face of cancer – survivors, friends and family alike.

    These truly are unique and inspiring events, that are supported by a great staff! Let’s keep the momentum rolling through the Challenge season this year, and for years to come.

    I applaud you all –

    (Region 11 Livestrong Challenge Mentor)

  4. Rachel Hubbell(in tx) says:

    i’m so excited this will be my firat summit looking forward to meeting people and hearingSenator McCain’s views on cancer policies and issues. can’t wait.

  5. Angela Gilchrist from NE says:

    Wow! Only four more days until the Summit. I am so excited and looking forward to meeting many new people and reuniting with old friends. United, we will be heard!! I pray you all have safe travels. Ang.

  6. Dave B says:

    Great to hear Livestrong San Jose went so well. I participated in the Livestrong century in Denver in 2006. We’d love to have the Livestrong event come back to visit Colorado!

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