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Last week the LAF launched, the Spanish-language version of Already, the site has proven to be an incredible resource for educational information, materials and support services to those who have been affected by cancer within the Hispanic/Latino population. If you haven’t yet checked out the site, please take a look and drop us a comment to let us know what you think.

Our efforts to speak more directly with and serve the needs of the Latino community doesn’t end with the new Web site, though. This weekend marks the start of a nationwide series of radio call-in programs that will provide an opportunity for listeners to ask questions about cancer, cancer survivorship and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. These call-in shows will feature a panel of cancer experts and will air on Spanish radio stations in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Antonio, New York City and Miami during the following dates and times:

Chicago: Saturday, June 14th from 3-4 pm CST on WRTO-AM

San Antonio: Sunday, June 15th from 12:30 -1:30 pm CST on KCOR-AM

New York City: Monday, June 16th from 10 – 11 am EST on WADO-AM

Miami: Tuesday, June 17th from 5 -6 pm EST on WQBA-AM

Los Angeles: Saturday, June 21st from 4- 5 PST on KTNQ-AM

If you speak Spanish and live in one of these cities or know someone who does, we invite you to tune in, call-in and ask questions to the expert panel. If you don’t live in one of these 5 cities, we’ve got you covered-archived versions of the shows will be placed on soon after they air.

In either case, the radio shows will be a fantastic way to get answers to some of your most important questions regarding cancer and cancer survivorship. And don’t forget… LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare, which is also available in Spanish at or by calling toll-free at 1-866-927-7205, is always available to provide free professional support to help you face the challenges of cancer.

Thanks and LIVESTRONG!


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