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su2c_1_onblack.jpgToday a new effort was launched to help facilitate the goal of making cancer a national priority. This is the first of its kind event in the cancer community where all the major television networks have come together to provide a show that will air in primetime on September 5, 2008. The show is called Stand Up to Cancer and it will have an enormous impact on focusing our attention on this disease which ultimately will lead to better outcomes.

Close friend, acclaimed movie producer, and cancer survivor Laura Ziskin is producing this show with many partners involved. Laura is a hero to me and many others and her will and determination are in full force on this effort. Special thanks to Laura, Noreen Fraser (cancer survivor who was instrumental in this effort from the beginning), the television networks and everyone else who is helping to make this a reality.

More details will be coming soon but Lance and the LAF are proud and honored to be partnering on this effort.



  1. Brian Dowd says:

    This is great news! September 5th will certainly help raise awareness and hopefully help people understand what we cancer survivors, caregivers, family and friends already know. We need to make cancer a national priority!


  2. Scott Joy says:

    I loved reading the “Stand Up To Cancer” mission!

  3. I just wanna thank you for everything you guys have done. As a 11 months Ovarian Cancer Survivor, also a long distance runner, I would love to start running with a shirt with that title. My first road race after cancer is gonna be on te 21 of june. I always ran to raise money for the Children’s Hospital where I work as a volunteer and also American Cancer Society. Now, my efforts are biger than before and I know there is a lot more that I Can Do.
    Rick and Dick Hoyt and Lance are my true heroes. I will always follow their footsteps.

    I loved yhe blogger.


    Lu Ribeiro – Boston

  4. This initiative is great but it is publicly disregarding the entire segment of the population with cancer who are under the age of 40. There is no clear indication that any of these research dollars will go to support pediatrics, adolescence or young adults, who would be best served seeing as how their 5-year survival rates have not improved in 30 years as compared to boomers and seniors. It’s time the young adult movement got some recognition otherwise it doesn’t make sense to support it.

  5. Penny Waller says:

    I am so happy they are doing stand up for cancer. I will be doing something. I have been a NHL survivor for 6 years. I feel the momentum growing so big this year with the LAF. It CANNOT be ignored. Cancer is on the frontlines. WE will no be ignored. LiveSTRONG!!!!

  6. The StandUp2Cancer initiative, is just another awesome source of power, to add to the already strong punch, that the other Cancer fighting initiatives are providing.
    In founding the Joyce L. Maul Memorial Foundation, to honor my mother whom was taken due to Cancer, I hope to add our voice and presence to the international Cancer fighting community. We already have the honor of being a member organization in the LAF LiveSTRONGArmy. Our specific mission is to raise the funds necessary for me to climb Mt. Everest and then to raise funds per each foot of that climb, which we will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, and the American Cancer Society. My prayer is that those of you, whom are already members of our Cancer fighting efforts, will be able to support us. You can visit us at the following:

    We appreciate the support of everyone involved with this fight.

    “See you at the Summit”,

    Mekael L. Shane
    The Joyce L. Maul Memorial Foundation
    1211 Charleston Place
    Dunwoody, GA 30338

  7. claudia castelan says:

    I think is great!! finally consciusness is taking place in the world.
    Create love and solutions not war!!!!

  8. Hello LiveSTRONG Army members,

    I want to share an awesome update with you all. As I shared with you back in January of 2008, we at the LiveSTRONG Army-Dunwoody made it our mission to focus on raising the awareness of the importance of the early detection and screening of Cancer. Our planned event is me climbing Mt. Everest.

    Well, after a year of pushing and perseverance, we have now secured my Expedition Team Position, and I leave for Nepal on March 29th. If it were not for the support and prayers of so many, this event would not be taking place. I also have some great people attached to the LiveSTRONG Army-Dunwoody, namely Melanie Wilson, Rose Wilson and Nichelle Parker, who have supported this mission tremendously, and selflessly. I look forward to standing atop Everest with my LiveSTRONG wristband on, as well as my other LiveSTRONG gear, helping to spread the message of the LAF’s manifesto.


  9. michael birdsong says:


    How much money is being raised for trip costs vs. how much money is being raised for the Lance Armstrong Foundation?

    I only ask this because a few years ago, in my hometown, a group of climbers wanted to raise $100,000 to pay their expenses to climb Everest with the goal of raising a mere $10,000 for the charity they were supporting.

    That is not a very efficient fund raising project in my opinion.

    Sure, I’ve done at least one crazy athletic endurance event for “non-profits” with which I’m involved; but I footed 100% of the cost for the event and 100% of all donations went DIRECTLY to the causes I was supporting.



  10. Evette Jeffries says:

    @ Michael Birdsong

    Some would say that bake sales are aren’t greatly efficient fund raisers, but the power in their purpose is equally as impactful as is the winning of a grant awardship. If someone raises one dollar for the fight against cancer, which might not directly flow through the Lance Armstrong Foundation but say it’s directed toward research or prevention, then that person has done a wonderful thing.

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