Rest in Peace, My Friend


I can’t say this any better or more eloquently than Doug did so I won’t try.

Hamilton was a special man. He was a passionate man. He was a tough man. He was a smart and wise man. In the 10 years that I knew him, and the 11 that I’ve known this damn disease, I never met someone who shed as many tears of frustration over this issue. Tears of political frustration, tears that lack of progress bring, tears that knowing that these two roadblocks would likely take his very own life someday. So I shed my own in his honor today. And as Hamilton would have said, “damn this disease”. We gotta keep plugging away.

Hamilton, we’ll miss you and your passion. We need to elevate, and when we wonder how, we need to remember that Hamilton rarely missed a chance to combat this illness. He was always there in some way to debate how we’d do it even when he was surely too ill to get out of bed. Heroic.

We’ll miss you, Hamilton. Rest in peace, my friend. And just know, we won’t let you down.



  1. Mike says:

    Lance….I’m not sure if you know this or not, but your photo wishes to Susan (his wife) really made an imopact on The Fat Cyclist. My site has raised over $12K to date, much of it with his help!

  2. L. Rogers says:

    My heart goes out to Hamiltons Family and closest friends.

  3. michelle madden says:

    # michelle madden

    July 9th, 2008 at 6:42 am

    I am so glad to hear that your son is doing well. My son Chris is 22 in his 4 year of college he was diagnosed with cancer in oct. when he was 21. It has been such a battle he has had two surgeries to remove both testicles. We tried to bank sperm to no avail what a devastated child. The cancer from the testicles had spread to both lungs and his abdomen so we went through the harsh chemotheraphy process. This I would not wish on anyone. I have had such a hard time understanding this, My son has always been such a great kid just amazing I raised him as a divorced mom when he was a year old and he has always been such a blessing. He has faced so much and is still just such a good person going to U.G.A being accepted to any college never being in any kind of trouble. Now cancer has taken his ability to be a father and is destroying his credit which we started building right on his 18 birthday so he would never have to struggle like I did. We can not seem to get help from anyone. I told Chris from the day he was born that if you live right and treat others with respect then you will lead a great life now all the pressure Chemo is very expensive. I feel as though once more I have failed my son who honestly deserves so much.

  4. Nicole D says:

    i’m not sure if you read these, but i couldent help shead a tear over what you just wrote. You are my idol, and to see someone that famous that cares so much about other people really makes you the man to look up to. you have truly tuched my heart… and you have tried to make this world a better place and no one has the strength and passion that you do. for my favorite picture of you is one while your on the drug testing machine and both your hands are holding up the peace sign. i feel overly sorry for your loss. if you took the time to read this i truly thank you. and if there is anyway you can get back to me.. it could not make me any happier.

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