Lance Armstrong on Cancer Diagnosis of Senator Kennedy


The following statement was released to media today in regards to Senator Kennedy. Lance and the LAF send our full support to the Senator and his family. If you would like to send a note to the Senator and his team, please visit his website at

The Lance Armstrong Foundation today released the following statement by its founder and chairman regarding Senator Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer diagnosis:

“We learned today that Senator Kennedy, a champion for healthcare and a tireless warrior in the battle against cancer, is himself facing this disease. I have no doubt that Senator Kennedy will fight his battle with the same dignity and strength that have shaped his lifelong service to this nation and the health of its citizens.

“I am fortunate that my mission in life and that of the Lance Armstrong Foundation is shared by one of America’s great leaders and I am proud to be working with Chairman Kennedy to renew the war against cancer.

“The timing of this news comes just as Senator Kennedy is leading the creation of bipartisan legislation to renew the fight against a killer that claims more than 560,000 American lives every year. And in honor of Senator Kennedy, the time for a national call to action in the war against cancer is now.

“During my recent testimony to the Senate HELP committee, I recalled that Senator Kennedy spoke to me years ago with great feeling about his son Teddy Jr.’s childhood battle with bone cancer. I will never forget the Senator’s deep pride in his son’s courage as he overcame the obstacles of living with this disease.

“I am certain that his family feels the same pride in Senator Kennedy’s courage and dedicated service to the 12 million Americans who also live with cancer. Senator Kennedy embodies the LIVESTRONG philosophy and has my and my family’s full support as he begins his battle.”

Lance will be a guest of Wolf Blitzer’s on the Situation Room this afternoon at 4pm eastern.



  1. lesley says:

    Cancer really stinks. It is totally universal one in three of us. Wishing Senator Kennedy strength and health.

  2. Tina says:

    Wishing Senator Kennedy the best of strength and determination… this family has fought tough battles before – this is yet another to add to the list – but I am strong in my belief that if fight has anything to do with it – cancer is in for a tough one!

  3. Scott Joy says:

    I just read in the Boston Globe that Ted Kennedy is undergoing brain surgery at Duke University Medical Center this morning starting at 9 a.m., and a radiation and chemotherapy at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is planned afterward.

    Best wishes to Senator!

  4. Rajiv says:

    it i a mission where one should not look back, strng will power can definitely defeat the disease in the war against cancer.

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