Congratulations Jon Lester


I know how hard it is to come back after cancer. I also now know how hard it is to throw a pitch. One pitch. That is why I am awed and inspired by Jon Lester. Congratulations from one cancer survivor to another.





  1. When I read about cancer survivor Jon Lester’s no-hitter this morning, I thought of two other cancer survivors: my crazed ‘Red Sox fan’ friend Henrike, and the guy pictured above who fulfilled my childhood dream of throwing a pitch in a major league ballpark.

    Congrats Mr. Lester, just don’t pitch that well against my Chicago White Sox. Please save it for games against the Yankees. 🙂

  2. Jon Lester often said that whatever happens to him from here on out, whatever challenges he?¢?Ǩ?Ñ¢s given, he can persevere. Doesn’t get much more inspiring than seeing this kid!

    Congratulations, Jon, you’re “Un-(bleeping)-believable” 😉

  3. Brian Dowd says:

    A true inspiration to all survivors.

  4. Heather Hussey says:

    Congratulations Jon – You continue to amaze and inspire! Your perseverence and dedication to your sport leave me awestruck …

  5. Jennifer says:

    You are one classy guy. I stood at the end of the Boston Marathon to see you for 5 minutes ; I will never forget that. Boston welcomes you anytime !!!!


  6. Scott Aitkens says:

    I will never pitch a no hitter in the majors…but in a way got my own kind of no hitter. An avid cyclist, at 42 I was told I had CML. Thanks to Novartis, now at 45, I leave for a 10 day cycling vacation in Colorado on a route that will take me over the Vail Pass at 11,000 above sea level. We have to keep the government focused on research and beating this damn thing !!

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