Boulder, CO


While there’s one more vigil this evening downtown and a dinner I’m attending in Boulder at Sobo restaurant with Michael and Patricia Birdsong, the main attraction had to be Lance’s appearance at the University of Denver. Once again bad weather forced a quick change of plans to get everything indoors, but that didn’t deter the hundreds of people that came out to the rally at the student union. The day started out several very inspirational talks from cancer survivors Frank Coyne, Nancy Thibert, Kerry McCaig, Sylvester Houston, and Sheila Gannon. They really got the crowd going with their personal stories and calls to action to make cancer a national priority and what personal things those in the crowd could do themselves: don’t smoke cigarettes, register and vote, and challenge yourself daily to live life to the fullest.

Lance was up next and didn’t disappoint, thanking the folks for coming out despite the weather. His message was that we need to unite, we need to make our political leaders take the fight against cancer seriously, and that there’s a part everyone can play in this very real war against cancer. Afterwards he met with cancer survivors, the event volunteers, and the University’s cycling team. Then it was off to Vegas for Lance, and I’m heading to dinner in Boulder. It’s all good in Colorado, LIVESTRONG!








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