New Hampshire


Last night, I got to hear a beautiful poem. Scott Joy, my host for LIVESTRONG Day in New Hampshire, read something his friend Steve wrote as he under goes treatment for testicular cancer. Scott told me Steve is engaged to a lovely woman named Sabrina, who agreed via email to let me share Steve’s words:


Don’t ask me how I feel

just remind me how much I am loved.

Don?’t pity me

Pray for me.

Laugh with me, cry with me

Be with me

in mind, heart and soul.

If you carry positive energy, please, bring it in, all of it!

If you carry negativity

Leave it outside it’s not needed, wanted, appreciated, allowed.

Remember this, ìmeis also we

Sabrina, my angel, my heart, my love, my life?

my voice when I can’t speak,

my strength when I am weak,

my light in the darkness,

my future wife.

Talk to us about all the good things that await us

sunny days, the river, golf, bar-b-ques, swimming

Drop the sadness, the pain, the procedures

We are reminded more than you know.

Share with us the good news of the day.

If you just don’t know what to say,

it’s ok

just pray.

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