Happy LIVESTRONG Day everyone. Thanks for all the comments so far…keep them coming. We are starting to get posts from the road so make sure you check back often throughout the day to hear from LAF Staff and Lance. Also make sure you check out the comments sections to see what other members of the LIVESTRONG Army are up to today. Like I said yesterday this day is about YOU and how you are showing support for the millions of people fighting this disease…so keep the comments coming.

I’ve also noticed a few comments from our friends overseas. If you missed the post last week we are actually in the process of looking into how we may best serve the international community as well. Check out this post and you can read about where we are in that process.



  1. Henrike says:

    Happy Livestrong Day! Just a note to everyone in Europe:

    We received a lot of feedback from people interesting in supporting the LAF, so there’s now a brand new Livestrong Army group in Europe.

    We’re trying to unite the collective voices of Europeans affected by cancer, try to influence the way politics deals with cancer, and discuss new ideas to support the mission of the LAF in Europe and raise money.

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