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We were riding a mile high as we arrived in Denver, Colorado. Man, its cold here. But the University of Denver pulled out all the stops today. While we had originally planned on an outside event, mother nature changed things a little bit for us. Kerrie Rueda organized everything for us,  thanks Kerrie!

Every single election year we hear about how the youth are going to turn out and make a difference in the election. I think this might be the year that it actually happens. Campuses like Denver University are where this election will be decided. I was glad to be able to talk to the DU (not to be confused with Doug Ulman!!!) crowd about the importance of voting and casting their ballots with healthcare and cancer in mind.

One more city – on to Las Vegas! but this time, we’ll tell you about everything that happens in las vegas…










  1. Greetings from Kansas!
    Here at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, LIVESTRONG Day was met with beautiful weather. Our first annual Campus Walk was attended by KU students (taking a break from finals), faculty, staff and families from the community.

    Several greek houses also purchased LIVESTRONG wrist bands for members to wear today, and the campus bookstore had a LIVESTRONG Day sale!

    The KU Cancer Center contributed materials for our info table, and we raised lots of money and awareness for the LAF. Great to see all those Jayhawks wearing yellow! (Photos at flickr under LIVESTRONG DAY.)

  2. Grace says:

    Lance, thanks for stopping by DU and a huge “thank you” for your foundation and for all you’ve done to raise cancer awareness.

  3. Kerrie Rueda says:

    Thank you so much to Lance and everyone at the LAF for coming to our event. And thank you to everyone who braved the weather and then stood in our “cozy” ballroom to support the LIVESTRONG cause.
    It was a day I (and my co-workers and all our volunteers) will NEVER forget.

  4. Brian says:

    I was in attendance today and was amazed at the turnout. Great job Kerrie and huge thanks to Lance. We all appreciated your time and willingness to stop in on your whirlwind tour today (Luke to DU, huh?). Very cool to also see legend Davis Phinney in attendance (keep up the fight Davis. CO is pulling for you!)
    LIVESTRONG seems to carry more and more clout every year, but of course no one says it like Lance. People do listen more intently when THE MAN is in front of you reiterating his story and message. Speaking of stories, great personal messages from all the speakers today.
    Thanks for your time and courage. Keep the cause in your minds and show it with your votes.

  5. Mike DeGroot says:

    Thank you Lance ,for making Denver one of your stops, I was very moved by the survivor stories and of course to hear you speak in person.

    We are proud to support the LAF and help you spread awareness.


  6. Mike Benjamin says:

    I just want to thank you for this website. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer yesterday, which ironically, as I just found out, was Livestrong Day. I know it is a long road ahead, but I plan on living strong!

  7. Carly says:

    Thank you for visiting DU! It was wonderful to hear you speak and I know it gave hope to everyone in attendance.

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