Corpus Christi, TX


So far, Corpus Christi LIVESTRONG© Day Corpus Christi has been wonderful and completely inspiring. We started out our day at City Hall where Mayor Henry Garrett proclaimed May 13th LIVESTRONG© Day in the city of Corpus. Army leaders, Rebecca and Robert accepted the proclamation and thanked the mayor and the council for their support of the local LIVESTRONG© Army, as well as their support of the over 12 million people affected by cancer.

We then joined Rebecca and Robert for lunch where they shared with us not only what they’ve been up to today (which includes- being up since 5:00 a.m. doing interviews on almost every radio station in the city, tying up last minute details with their evening event, and working with the local media to secure a live feed), but also the journey that led them to becoming involved in the fight against cancer-which was nothing short of remarkable. Now, Rebecca, a 5 year ovarian cancer survivor, was told, in the midst of planning for their LIVESTRONG© Day event, that she had a reoccurrence of cancer.

From the little time we’ve spent with Rebecca, we see that she has already been an inspiration to those around her, and will continue to do so in this battle. We’re looking forward to an amazing event this evening which Robert and Rebecca have worked on so diligently. We are truly fortunate to have the support of such dedicated advocates. I can’t wait to share more pictures!

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