Lance Testifies Before Senate on War Against Cancer


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Lance was asked to talk about the state of America’s war on cancer and make recommendations on ways to renew our commitment to beating this disease before the Senate today. If you’d like to read his testimony, please follow this link.

Lance spent six years on the President’s Cancer Panel and has heard first-hand from thousands of survivors, experts, researchers and policy makers. Today, he shared his experiences and personal insights with the Senate HELP committee who are examining challenges and opportunities to winning the war against the number one killer of Americans under 85.

Video footage of the hearing.


  1. AJs Dad says:

    thanks for all you do. Help us fight Childhood Cancer too. It took my 14 yr. old son AJ, my best friend. Please share the website with others.

  2. Maria Warnicki says:

    I read the testimony. Fantastic! Please continue the effort. Thank you.

  3. John Honig says:

    Thank you, Lance, for keeping attention on the fight against cancer. We win when we can master the 3 D’s, detection, discrimination, and destruction. We have destruction down and we’re getting better at detection. The key now is to really work on discriminating the cancer cells from the good cells. Don’t let Washington forget about us.

  4. paul herman says:

    thanks, for your continued dedication to this monsterest problem! hey Lance do you think green living my lower the % of cancer patients in the future? car emmisions=cancer??? i think we all can be better to work for a solution!

  5. Don Gehrig says:

    Very good testimony, Lance Armstrong is always very well spoken and correct in his thoughts of finding a cure. I believe it will be possible after a nation then the world listens.
    Keep up the effort Lance, you have my support.
    11 year survivor,

  6. Mike says:

    I also had testicular cancer back in 1970. They didn’t have chemo back then, so I just received 6 weeks of radiation to my chest and signed a sheet of paper that stated there was internal scarring in all my tissues. About the year 2000, I started limping at work after 22 years of a very physical job. After seeing numerous Drs and ruling everything else out, they said the radiation probably is affecting me now. The over 100 sheets of MRIs show a lot of little things inside my spinal column that arent supposed to be there according to a neurosurgeon. But they seem to say I am going to have to learn to live with this limping around. I sure hope you Lance do not suffer this as it is terrible after being so physical all these years.

  7. Kevin Brumett says:

    My name is Kevin Brumett. In August of 2007, I was diagnosed with stage IIIb Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer at the age of 29. I am a lifelong non-smoker and athlete. I live in Brighton, Massachusetts. We need to do more to bring awareness to lung cancer as it is the #1 killer of cancer patients in the world. We need to end the stigmatization and stereotype that surrounds this disease. The amount of funding for research and early detection screeening is a fraction of what is spent on breast, colon and prostate cancer and yet it kills more individuals than all of those diseases combined. Lung Cancer kills five times more women a year than breast cancer. We need to combat the tobacco companies that manufacture a product that consists of over 100 different types of chemicals that are known carcinogens. The statistics are appauling and yet our nation and individual states do not want to even go near trying to combat this disease because of the economic investment they have with the tobacco industry. Without the tobacco tax money, many states would not be able to fund their budgets or help fund their local communities budgets. I say increase the tax to no less than $10 a pack for cigarettes and then establish a trust fund that would fund early detection screening and lung cancer research. We will be saving thousands of lives and detering individuals from smoking, at least younger individuals who may not be able to afford them. The tobacco tax revenue is being misapprorpiated in our states. For instance, in the state of New York, the legislature decided to use the tobacco tax money to fix the sprinkler system on a public golf course. Absolutely absurd. People are dying and our collective legislative body doesn’t give a damn. None of them have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to tobacco companies or spend the money to help individuals who are already suffering from lung cancer or other lung diseases. Our legislators need to remember, they work for us. Now we need to be in their face about this and demand funding for lung cancer prevention and research.

  8. Ingrid Campbell says:

    My Name is Ingrid Campbell and I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Pancreatic Cancer. Stage 1 Pancreatic Cancer is just about unheard of because this type of cancer is known as the “silent killer”. It is very hard to detect at an early stage because it is so aggressive, but what do I have to say about that? But God! I was having problems digesting food a little over a year ago and my new primary care physician decided to run some tests. These tests discovered a mass on my lung, so then of course, I am thinking “lung cancer”, so then a PET scan was performed to check the activity of the mass on the lung. The results of that scan came back that the mass on the lung was inactive, but it also showed that there was a mass on the pancreas, which was active. If doctors had not done the PET scan checking on the lung mass, they would have never discovered the mass on the pancreas. BUT GOD! Of course the first priority was to have surgery on the pancreas to see if the mass was indeed cancerous. The mass was Benign, but the surrounding tissue around the mass had the cancer in it! I was out of work for a year and under-went chemotherapy and radiation. Through Faith and Prayer, I stand before you a survivor of one of the most deadliest cancers around. Toward the end of all of this, I had to have lung surgery to remove the mass the doctors originally found. It was benign. PRAISE BE TO GOD. I am cancer free. God saved my life, so I can continue to raise my daughter and do His Will. He made sure my job was in tact when I returned and he took care of my finances while I was out as well. My faith has never been stronger than it is today. I pray that this message helps many who are in the fight of their lives. GOD IS THE ULTIMATE HEALER. There is nothing you can’t get through with Christ by your side. Have Faith and Believe. AMEN!

  9. Junko Mitani says:

    I am writing in collaboration with Mr. Brumett’s comments, as well as to add my own comment. I am an overseas sales rep, and my clients in Singapore tells me that in Singapore each packet of cigarettes are INDEED sold at around $10, AND have each packet carry photographs of dead elderies, diseased lungs, and ailing babies. Try doing this all over the world, and I’ll say we’ll cut the death rate by half.

    To Mr. Lance Armstrong, and all LAF staff and fellow Livestrong Army troopers: Please let it be known that what Mr. Armstrong and LAF are doing for the cancer community does not just end its influence within the U.S., but they are also influencing cancer communities of all over the globe. Please know that every step you take, every victory you enjoy, and every loss you suffer are felt around the world. Cancer is personal to me, because I lost a majority of my father’s relatives to cancer, and I have lost close neighbors, collage classmates and various other friends to cancer. Also, I am a Japanese who lives in Japan, and our royal family members had been (mostly) taken by cancer, as well. So, this disease is very personal to every Japanese national. Please continue to fight. I have other friends, colleagues and clients who are survivors (either directly or indirectly) of cancer, and they mostly live overseas: in Europe, South Eastern Asia, Oceania, and in the United States. It does not matter where we are. We all suffer from heartache, and we all carry on living with the exact same fears, and hopes. Please also know that, although we cannot easily come to the U.S. to support you in person, we are behind you, 100%, doing what we can to offer you support you need.

    Most sincerely,

    Junko MITANI

  10. JORGE GUILLEN says:


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